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  1. berniev123


    Mine not delivered so far this week. Have to admit that's the 1st time it has ever been delayed until the following week. I hope it is here Monday! Have to say that the post in the DY2 area this week started to peter out towards the end of the week as I have yet to get other things that I was expecting Thurs., Fri., Sat. this week!
  2. Thanks for the answer Aceslider but the SGB/SGP site have this: Bartosz Zmarzlik 20, Fredrik Lindgren 18, Jason Doyle 16, Tai Woffinden 14 and that is why I asked.
  3. I was going to ask this question as I do not understand how you can get 16 pts in the meeting and 2nd in the Final and end up with Tai's total! Should he have got 18 WC points not 14 WC points as he was second?
  4. berniev123


    Philip that's a problem then as I normally get mine on Thursday and it has not shown up today!
  5. berniev123


    Is this Thursdays late as I have not had my copy for the first time in ages?
  6. Bernie should have won that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was probably a better night than when Bruce won as Bernie was our real hero of the terraces back in the day!!!!!!!
  7. berniev123

    Speedway since 1928

    I would have thought that 200 Speedway Clubs have shut since 1928 but that amounts to about 180 tracks during the same period due to second teams running at the same venue then shutting.
  8. berniev123

    NL Pairs August 25th

    Our top 5 are either required elsewhere or crocked!
  9. berniev123

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Bernt (Bernie) Persson!!!!!!! The best that Cradley ever had in it's entire history. He carried them through the lean times in the BL and managed to get to World #2 in '72 to boot! As we sang many a night that Indianerna wants him but he can't go back there in the good old days at Dudley Wood! World Class before Cradley fans knew what that was in a Cradley bib and then had the Dan McCormick years even until today!!!!!!!!!!
  10. berniev123

    Coventry v Cradley 29-4-18

    Thanks for the details re parking. I had wondered if I could park on the shopping centre as I do when I go to Perry Barr. Do you have to put something in the car window or just park?
  11. berniev123

    Coventry v Cradley 29-4-18

    What is the parking like at Leicester?
  12. berniev123

    Lakeside 2018

    If Will clicks he should give you a great ride. Check what he did with NL Cradley over 8 years and what some of his ex riders are up to now. Great guy to boot. You can't keep him to yourselves tho' as we Midland 'Ommers need him too in the Trophy!
  13. Superb meeting. Great between the top 4......................... Well worth the costs of the meeting to be honest if you came from Buxton or Cradley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. berniev123

    King's Lynn Young Stars 2017

    Perhaps the time has come for the NL to become a semi pro 3rd Tier League and the teams (unknown to me) who cannot afford to be in it make a 4th Tier in the manner of the original Amateur League/Conference League was designed to do way back (1995ish) when teams like Buxton, etc were formed, around 23 years ago. Perhaps they could run 5 man teams and do double headers like the Plymouth/Kent model that were used for their Development League meetings so far this year with a mini Rider of the Night to end with (15 or so Heats). I am not saying anything against Jayne as I have great faith that the Buxton/Moss family tradition will prevail for a long time to come!

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