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  1. John Leslie

    Kent Kings 2017

    Hopwood, Stoneman and Purchase
  2. John Leslie

    Belle Vue 2017

    I remember asking the same question about a dodgy-looking hairdresser in 1998.
  3. John Leslie

    Belle Vue 2017

    That suggests he is a director of that particular limited company. I could get a job as managing director of Tesco, but it doesn't mean I own Tesco. i could even pay £25ish quid to companies house and set up a company called "My own Tesco Ltd" and be the sole shareholder and appoint myself managing director... but unless my own tesco owns a few thousand shops I'm not going to be voted retailer of the year.
  4. John Leslie

    Belle Vue 2017

    Chris Morton never owned Belle Vue. He was only a co-promoter. His fellow co-promoter David Gordon was the 100% shareholder. But anyway their speedway licence was annulled at the AGM, as were both their promoters licences. So neither can be a promoter, although I suppose they could be employed in an unlicenced role.
  5. John Leslie

    Belle Vue 2017

    Thought Shovvy would be too busy breathing a sign of relief rather than trolling this thread. After all it's good news for both Belle Vue and Poole. From a Poole point of view this has to be good news. If Pairman had bought BV, how much time would he still want to devote to Poole? If you've been driving a Fiat Punto and suddenly get to buy a Ferrari, you're not going to be too bothered about still taking the Punto to the car wash every week when you can be driving your new Ferrari instead. From the BV point of view, the Pairman/Morton bid was apparently always 3rd choice out of the 4 bidders (and the 4th bidder was just a pipe-dream for someone who hadn't really got the money). With them out of the running the other two consortium bidders, which I believe are almost the same people, can get on with forming a consortium and finalise the deal and move forward.
  6. John Leslie

    Buxton 2017

    Sounds like some eye-watering sponsorship deals at Eastbourne. I would imagine the lubricant is for their Pipe!
  7. John Leslie

    Lakeside 2017

    Not looking good at Lakeside. After plummeting 2 divisions, I'd have expected Lakeside to build an exciting young team to challenge for the play-offs, not the wooden spoon.
  8. John Leslie

    Lakeside 2017

    If they just name one of the 3.00ers, or nab Nathan Stoneman, this is going to be the worst game of hangman ever
  9. John Leslie

    Lakeside 2017

    Sure it's not _ _ V_ _ _ _ S_ _ ?
  10. John Leslie

    Buxton 2017

    Not knocking Lee in any way. I do most of my watching around the Midland tracks so I've seen a lot of Lee over the years and he's a good lad. He's one that will always help out team-mates. The NL can't all be full of promising 15-year-old newbies. The league needs its share of Lees. (He's no older than Pipe's first choice David Wallinger anyway)
  11. John Leslie

    Leicester Lions 2017

    Thought it was pretty well known that Buster Chapman is the new owner of Leicester? It was made clear that he would have to put someone else in as promoter to run the club for him to avoid being seen as having a conflict of interests with his other club King's Lynn. Strange though that the promoter is someone who was a promoter under the failed Hemsley regime, Aren't the Belle Vue promoters banned from doing the same?
  12. John Leslie

    Buxton 2017

    To be fair, as a 34-year-old who has been riding 13 years, Lee is more one of the "elder statesmen" than a raw novice. Notice the comments on the press release are all from Jayne Moss. Looks like this signing was made by Jayne after bossman Pipe went off on his hiatus when his choice of reserves Burton & Wallinger were poached elsewhere.
  13. Bradford Bulls Rugby team have been liquidated. It's the 3rd time the club has gone bust in five years, but this time no one wanted to save them. What's the future for Odsal? Has it been developed too far for Speedway to ever return? http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2017-01-03/bradford-bulls-rugby-league-club-liquidated/
  14. John Leslie

    Whos Left?

    Kyle Bickley is of course another promising 15-year-old who will come in to help cover the shortage of riders, and hopefully Sam Bebee will be back soon.
  15. John Leslie

    Which Riders Will Miss Out?

    See existing thread already running on this topic http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=83350&p=2903375 The question has been answered there. This duplicate needs locking by a moderator

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