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  1. 100%, their comments about sponsorship during the SON last year were embarrassing to say the least!
  2. DJC

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Seems a good craic Clegg 8.63 Jenkins 7.04 Edwards 6.73 Priest 4.99 Brooks 4.53 Gilkes 2 Palin 2 35.92
  3. DJC

    Eastbourne 2019

    So a new major sponsor comes on board and the press release has the disclaimer, 2 months before the seasons due to start that the team running in the second tier is still subject to approval! Must have big names flocking to have their brands represented with such an organised governing body!! Should be shocked but it is the BSPA we’re dealing with!
  4. DJC

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That's the one! No sleep with a 2 week old is clouding my judgement though!
  5. DJC

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That's the top piece of paper, the bottom one if you freeze it has the Kings Lynn wording. Cant share the screen grab though, its too large
  6. DJC

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Looks like Lambert is back, going from his Instagram post showing his Kings Lynn speedway bike cover design 2019 sheet!
  7. DJC

    Somerset 2019

    Imagine a new 4 point Aussie, if so he would fit
  8. David Kujawa was a Newport legend! Turned up with just the shirt on his back I think! I have been an advocate of this since it moved to a mini GP format, shows consistency across a range of tracks.
  9. Should have been Ellis and Lambert as the final rider
  10. Think the lad at Kent is Welsh? Nathan Stoneman? Born here in Cardiff I believe
  11. Whilst I agree that the additional pull they would hopefully have in increasing sponsorship and funding would be a job well done, in my mind test matches are a necessity to progress. Top riders do race in major leagues - Woffy and Lambert, how will others get experience. Cook doesn't look as though he will be getting too many chances based on his performance yesterday and the comments about it. The Worralls have struggled as well. The importance will be who would fill the reserve births, getting the likes of Bewley/Clegg/Wajtknecht out there on 'proper tracks' that would be used on the world stage to aid their progression. Just having 1 or 2 decent riders wont get GB anywhere as we've seen in the last 15 seasons! Poland could pick any combination of around 12/13 riders for this new world cup thing and still be favourites, Denmark could pick from 5/6 and Russia the same. Gb have got 2 and only 1 of those is really world class.
  12. DJC

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    I remember the Tim Stone days at Newport where he used to come into the bar after the meeting to give the riders a brown envelope. He always looked even angrier than usual after a big home win... which wasn't often in fairness!
  13. DJC

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    The early season meeting against Somerset, his first time there when he absolutely flew around the place...then it got fogged off. From that point on it was evident he was going to take some stopping that season. Moved a year too early and probably slowed his development
  14. DJC

    Poole 2018

    If Chris is back, Hans or Lambert with Shane’s would fit around him!

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