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  1. DJC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    That could be an interesting call! Aussies champs could be smoke and mirrors with the American champs this week! Do Americans have to finish top 3/4 of their championships to get a permit? I did think Todd was a cert when the drop down was announced though! Him and a Morley feels the safest option
  2. DJC

    Newcastle 2020

    We had 2/3 good seasons out of 15 at Newport but oh what I'd do to have the side back that had Nick Simmonds at no1!!
  3. DJC

    Newcastle 2020

    Pavlic feels like an odd name to be touting after 10 years away from the UK. That average as well, would have thought Rosco would have been doing everything to have got him in over or for Lawmpart last season. Haven't seen him mentioned in any 'wish lists' for next year in a long time either! Would have thought a top 2 of Hans and Vissing is more realistic if Clegg is starting in the 1-5 Although if you are right it would definitely show up a lot of the Premiership clubs!
  4. DJC

    Somerset 2020

    Ah! Scrap that then
  5. DJC

    Somerset 2020

    Would make sure Rowe is at reserve to start I think they'll go for a young unknown Aussie on a 5 and Stoneman. Doesn't leave much change though, 7.79? wouldn't fit Covatti. Only Nielsen or Mountain fit to retain Covatti and have Rowe starting at reserve.....
  6. DJC

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Could he tempt Kim Nilson back over? What would he come in on?
  7. He was bad all night (again)! His move on Iversen and Zagar? was interesting to say the least! Not a great deal in the move on Lambert for me but there was nothing in the Michelson one in the last GP... Kelvin still thought it apt to call him out as a dirty rider though
  8. Clearly the SON debacle has been erased from the memories of the 'powers that be'.
  9. Just to be clear - if they'd crossed the finish line with Fricke's foot peg in (or in line) with Harris' front wheel - who would have won the race?
  10. Hope that’s tongue in cheek! we spent a year with Marek Mroz, had Nick Simmonds at no1 and years at the bottom end of the table. The money came in, one decent season and now the stadium is a truck park. Would love my Sunday afternoons of getting hammered at home every week back be careful what you wish for, once it’s gone it very rarely comes back
  11. DJC

    Betting in 2019

    Wouldn't bother betting on the SON, had £10 on Zmarzlik at 2/1 on sky bet for heat 15 and evens in heat 20 and because there was a replacement to the opposing pair the bet got void due to replacements in the race! apparently in their terms which is convenient in an event that has to have at least 8 replacements
  12. 100%, their comments about sponsorship during the SON last year were embarrassing to say the least!
  13. DJC

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Seems a good craic Clegg 8.63 Jenkins 7.04 Edwards 6.73 Priest 4.99 Brooks 4.53 Gilkes 2 Palin 2 35.92
  14. DJC

    Eastbourne 2019

    So a new major sponsor comes on board and the press release has the disclaimer, 2 months before the seasons due to start that the team running in the second tier is still subject to approval! Must have big names flocking to have their brands represented with such an organised governing body!! Should be shocked but it is the BSPA we’re dealing with!

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