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  1. Exactly my point! £13 seems steep but clearly they’ve done some sums to work out that’s enough to cover costs and make a little bit off it. chuck in 7/8 kids and you won’t get half the numbers needed! Yes they should have called it the British Open but jeez... enjoy some speedway! One of possibly 2/3 meetings in the UK with anyone over NL standard and people are kicking off.. sometimes I think the fans are actually the problem!
  2. is it not just simply a case of there not being enough top level riders available to compete? The current champ and Cook withdrawn, Harris looks as though he wont be there, no chance of Lambert or Woffy being over for it! Who's left? I'm one of the biggest knockers of the BSPA, they've done the right thing in getting it on a stream. 3/4 years too late but at least its happening, if they had charged £13 and put in all the kids with the likes of Barker and Schlien (who no ones complaining about) then there would have been even more outrage! The British Open would probably have been a better name in hindsight, I guess there's till time for that to change. Can we not just be happy that there is live Speedway in the UK?
  3. DJC

    Football 2019/20

    Wouldn't take him at United! Big fish and focal point for Villa, that would never happen at United. Think Villa/ West Ham and the likes are his level. reminds me very much of Wilshire (injuries aside), attitude and application only there when things are going well and everyone loves him. He's not the type of player United need at the moment either. CB, RB and defensive midfielder to replace Matic should be top of the list!
  4. Has there been any announcement on the line up for the semi yet?
  5. Ah, thanks! Wasn’t aware
  6. Given his performances in the SEC (which this line up looks loosely based on) KK back in the GPS would be an absolute travesty! (41st in the Ekstraliga averages) Surely the likes of Smektala, Kubera or Prezedpleski would have been better? Presume the Pawlicki’s are still out of favour with PZM?
  7. With Lambert already qualified and Woffy odds on to challenge for the title, Ellis is the only other Brit riding that’s anywhere near the standard needed. If nothing more, great experience for one of the younger Brits. logical and decent decision from the powers that be, for once!
  8. DJC

    Poole Pirates 2020

    That could be an interesting call! Aussies champs could be smoke and mirrors with the American champs this week! Do Americans have to finish top 3/4 of their championships to get a permit? I did think Todd was a cert when the drop down was announced though! Him and a Morley feels the safest option
  9. DJC

    Newcastle 2020

    We had 2/3 good seasons out of 15 at Newport but oh what I'd do to have the side back that had Nick Simmonds at no1!!
  10. DJC

    Newcastle 2020

    Pavlic feels like an odd name to be touting after 10 years away from the UK. That average as well, would have thought Rosco would have been doing everything to have got him in over or for Lawmpart last season. Haven't seen him mentioned in any 'wish lists' for next year in a long time either! Would have thought a top 2 of Hans and Vissing is more realistic if Clegg is starting in the 1-5 Although if you are right it would definitely show up a lot of the Premiership clubs!
  11. DJC

    Somerset 2020

    Ah! Scrap that then
  12. DJC

    Somerset 2020

    Would make sure Rowe is at reserve to start I think they'll go for a young unknown Aussie on a 5 and Stoneman. Doesn't leave much change though, 7.79? wouldn't fit Covatti. Only Nielsen or Mountain fit to retain Covatti and have Rowe starting at reserve.....
  13. DJC

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Could he tempt Kim Nilson back over? What would he come in on?
  14. He was bad all night (again)! His move on Iversen and Zagar? was interesting to say the least! Not a great deal in the move on Lambert for me but there was nothing in the Michelson one in the last GP... Kelvin still thought it apt to call him out as a dirty rider though

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