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  1. Riders wages have to be reduced. I'd go as much as a quarter off. If rider's want the best equipment it's up to them to find those funds. It shouldn't be clubs responsibility to fund the rider's having the best of the best. All rider's should be paid the same from 1-7. Premiership £150 per point. Championship £70 per point and National League £20 per point.
  2. Even if King's Lynn won by 10 or 12 tonight, I still wouldn't write Belle Vue off at King's Lynn. Play-Offs can often lead to an upset.
  3. Would people go for different competitions?? Regular season, a pairs and fours competition and the Premiership rider's championship GP style where teams race every track? With the current Premiership you'd have 12 home fixtures. Every club rides on the same day in a pairs and fours competition at every track. That's an extra 2 meetings for all clubs in the season. Top 2 in the averages in the pairs plus the No7 as reserve. 3rd-6th in the averages race in the 4's, No7 as reserve. After the first 6 home fixtures completed top 2 in the averages go into the GP style Premiership Rider's Championship riding every track in the league. 3rd and 4th in a teams average has the wild cards at their home meetings. Top scorer overall wins. Something a little bit different there and adds extra fixtures for every track. Sure it'll all be a bit more complicated than that but it's a start
  4. So, David Bellego for Bewley, R/R for Cook. Even bigger advantage for the Stars imo
  5. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Best wishes to all the Stars fans hitting the road to Belle Vue Fingers crossed the Stars can deliver and and take a huge step towards the Play-Off final.
  6. Would be a shame if Lambert isn't given the chance for Lublin in the main team, not a No8. He's been loyal to the club going from the bottom league to the Ekstraliga.
  7. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I don't think you understand the term troll. Whatever Steve has said I may or may not agree with but he's making reference to posts made. Whereas you are following him around the threads to attack him, making no reference to the conversation. That my friend, is trolling. If you don't agree with him that's fine, doesn't give you the right to personally attack the poster.
  8. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Stevebrum hasn't said anything out of turn. You are the only one trolling
  9. Why can't Cook bring that toughness to the GP's?!? He's always backing out of wheel to wheel racing in the GP's, shutting off in the corners but he's proved in that race he's got it in him to push a rider hard. Bring that form to the GP's please Craig
  10. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Don't disagree but the biggest issue that everyone (including myself) had with Batchelor was, if you that injured to withdraw from a meeting, how can you be fit the next day. Whether it's guesting or for your own team is irrelevant.
  11. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I wonder if Stars fans are gonna boo Iversen next time like they do Batchelor. Pulled put of a crucial cup meeting through injury, almost costing the team the meeting but managed to take 5 rides and 9 points in Sweden the next day. Pretty much the reason Batch got sacks that fateful July 2017.
  12. What's the crowd like. Must be a tough gig going up against both Manchester clubs playing Champion's League??
  13. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    If meetings were a bit more raucous I'd be there week in week out again. Unfortunately those that still do attend say meetings themselves are still pretty boring, from the gate with lots of tractor racing. Only saving grace Monday was heat 15, so no, will be watching on TV as a far better value for money option.
  14. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I say man up. Not necessarily football fans, more likely all the not so regular Belle Vue fans. With everyone a bit more pumped up for a more important meeting than the regular season. For me, just how it should be.
  15. Daniel Smith

    Where is SCB

    Personally hope he gets out of prison and lives on the street flat broke. His snot nosed opinions on society will now come back to haunt him hopefully.

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