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  1. 19/04/18 - Premiership - Swindon v King’s Lynn

    What could have been for the Stars but a point away is an excellent result
  2. 19/04/18 - Premiership - Swindon v King’s Lynn

    There's not many times in the past when you could say Iversen has let us down but tonight is one of those days. Lambert maybe a point or 2 more but no qualms about the rest of the 4. All done their jobs tonight.
  3. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    The Premiership should have gone Monday - Thursday allowed the Championship clubs to also run those night's but they'd have to forego the priority rights to rider's signed up to Premiership clubs. With the Premiership the flagship league they should always hold the priority regardless of assets etc.
  4. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    That I agree with regards to Kildermand over Holder. We shouldn't feel the rebound from Poole as they're at Wolverhampton on Monday. In fact, if Wolves can nail 50+ that would have the Pirates on the back foot from the off on Wednesday.
  5. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    This one should be Holder's return to the Pirates line-up. Will certainly add some interest to the meeting, hopefully plenty of booing too for the +0$$ peice
  6. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Absolutely, if that produces better racing long may the slick continue
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I thought the 'Hot Laps' were a bit of a flop personally. Rider's (apart from R.Lambert) seemed disinterested to be honest. It won't last long before it's knocked on the head. I prefer a proper parade with all 14 bikes on the track at the same time.
  8. 19/04/18 - Premiership - Swindon v King’s Lynn

    What makes you say that?
  9. 19/04/18 - Premiership - Swindon v King’s Lynn

    Picking up a point would be a good night for the Stars.
  10. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Can't add much more to what's already been said. The first 9 races pretty much gate and go, got a lot better after the interval. Robert Lambert different gravy from last season, looking way slimmer and fitter. His gating was brilliant and still had the brilliant passing skills in heat 15. The team looks solid right the way through with the only concern is Kasper. He was miles behind to the same standard as an NL rider. I know some will say give him time but we don't want to go down that road again of 'oh it'll come good next week'. Track was very very slick which brought the track more conductive to racing and less track grading. Fingers crossed that that is how things will be in future. Slick is ideal for the modern bike it seems.
  11. Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Nothing more needs saying other than
  12. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Which has been breed by poor promoting and p!$$ poor meeting management. Up to the promotion to turn things around, nobody else.
  13. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    The place will be just as empty at 7pm surely? Also can see this being scrapped from the home promotion when (and it is when) they have a rider bang into fence from over trying. Imagine if it's Lambert or Iversen, the team then forced into R/R and we then get into the realm of more farce meetings. Personally, for the benefit of the team these things would be better as an after meeting event.
  14. Leicester Lions 2018

    See all these big names banded about as replacement for Vaculik but it won't happen. They're not interested and won't risk their pay cheque from Poland. Vaculik is certain not to return so it really will be another long season of going through the motions for Leicester.
  15. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Thanks for clearing that up. For me the trust in the promotion is very fragile. Hope this meeting is enjoyable for everyone who attends, weather is set to be perfect so no excuses.