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  1. Just a thought & not sure it's so ridiculous of an idea in the current climate. With 6 Prem teams & 12 Champ teams, 2 Champ teams are allocated to 1 Prem team. Then the top 3 in the 2 Champ teams make up the Prem team 6 man teams. Then the graded reserve comes from the allocated Champ team. The remaining 7 rider's can then come in as injury replacements / guests at any time. Just like a squad system. Is that so daft?? A few tweaks needed obviously for rider's not doubling up but the vast majority will be. There must be a workable system along these lines.
  2. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Things could swing either way for Speedway if it gets to start. With what's been near 12 months of restrictions the idea of open air sports may appeal, even to those that's never been before. British Speedway need to be prepared & push local area marketing.
  3. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Can see Cook going back to Belle Vue to be honest. Him & Bewley being their top plus both Worrall's. Belle Vue the team to beat. 1. Ellis 2. Kerr 3. Jorgensen 4. Lambert 5. Proctor 6.??
  4. Daniel Smith

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    One of the best returns I've ever witnessed was Andrew Silver. A retirement of 15-16 years & still averaged over 5 in the 2nd tier. Don't know if that gap can be beaten?? As for Lewis Bridger, as long as the average is sensible neither rider or club have anything to lose. Good luck to him
  5. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Most likely outcome will be Lynn re-signing Batchelor
  6. Daniel Smith


    You are having a fookin' laugh blaming fans
  7. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Don't get things twisted though. He's not riding the UK 'for' Swindon. He's doing it for his family. He admitted he hated all his time away.
  8. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Good for him, the only decision he could make.
  9. Daniel Smith

    British 'Dream Team' 2021

    With Manchester United though, that people fail to see with the class of 92 was that the spine of the team was very very experienced that our youth could learn from. Way to much inexperience in your 8 to progress the better youngsters
  10. This is all well & good but who's covering the costs of an engine strip & potential damage, to inspect that rider's ain't cheating?? The only option has to be sealed engines doesn't it??
  11. Daniel Smith

    Philip Rising

    Happy birthday to Phil But bloody hell @Mimmo never start a thread like that again
  12. Daniel Smith

    What a difference in stadiums

    Lets put this out there too. The lack of popularity in Speedway GLOBALLY is because it's (here we go) RACIST. The argument cannot be denied
  13. Daniel Smith


    PZM ruling or clause in the contract, both are a rider's choice. Contracts are not just about how much money you'll get etc. These contracts are also agreements that you'll abide by the governing bodies regulations. You seem to be confusing yourself that it has to be one way or the other when in fact it's both.
  14. Daniel Smith


    It can be both. The PZM make the rules & that rule has to be in the rider's contract to protect the league.
  15. Daniel Smith

    Armando Castagna article in SS.

    This is pretty much every sport that exists. It's now all about how much money can be made rather than the interests of sport as a whole. Speedway is no longer about rider's just having fun, it's a living, that in itself means searching for the best. Frames, engines, tuners, tyres, etc etc. Speedway is in such a position it can't now turn the clock back & reset. In the UK we're finding it hard enough to find rider availability hence doubling up & guest riders. To go back & start from scratch I can see a single club surviving. With industry as it is up & down the UK there's not really a 'working mans' class as it once was anymore. There is no substantial jobs today that are down & dirty for little money. Predominantly if you have a full time job your comfortably in the 'then' middle class equivalent. Society today quite simply just don't want to spend a night out getting covered in dirt & dust, it's really just as simple as that.

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