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  1. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    He's definitely Buster's type of rider, especially for King's Lynn. He's cheap and he's s#!te. Perfect match
  2. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Wow, find any excuses possible. It was Riss's 5th ride of the night when he crashed, made no difference what so ever. At most he'd of had 1 other ride to which had he won we'd of still lost the meeting being 12 points up. Trees, admit it, we're rubbish
  3. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2019

    We're are poor poor side. Was always going to be. With Kerr and Andersen replacing Iversen and S.Lambert we were always in trouble. Simon wasn't great away but he certainly could score points at home. Not only is there poor racing at the AFA, we're struggling to get wins. With Nicholls and Bates joining the Panthers Buster has put his main club firm favourites for the wooden spoon.
  4. Daniel Smith

    KL vs Poole Supporters cup Mon 20/05/19

    What a team this King's Lynn side is. Can throw away a 10 point lead with 5 heats left
  5. Daniel Smith

    Belle Vue v King’s Lynn 16/05/19

    Buster listening to others He is the saviour you know, the god of Speedway, the only one who knows the way beyond all others Although I'm a Stars fan, he has single handedly killed my love of racing at the AFA. I'll no longer allow any of my pennies to finance his pocket. He produces the most boring racing, boring atmosphere, the most lengthy tractor racing of any other tracks in the country.
  6. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think it's fair to say, King's Lynn need a new track curator. Having read the Peterborough thread and how Buster has turn that track into a 1 line gathers paradise since he's took over, I think it's fair to conclude what the problem is. It isn't so much the "stockcar friendly shale" as mentioned before. Thankfully for Ipswich fans, Buster hasn't got his hands on your track, YET.
  7. Daniel Smith

    Belle Vue v King’s Lynn 16/05/19

    And they finished the meeting with their own set-ups and it still didn't work. Facts need to be face, we're a s#!+ side, end of
  8. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2019

    This team isn't good enough. Anyone willing to wake up to that fact yet or not or is it a continuing of burying the head in the sand?? This team is delivering to expectations, OK at home and likely to lose some. Away are an absolute abysmal joke.
  9. Daniel Smith

    Wolves v kings Lynn Premiership 13/5

    Depends on his pay structure for 2019. He's more popular and sort after with each season and a certain No1 in the UK right now. If his points wage demand is up by a 3rd he can earn almost the same as last year on a just over 7 average. Thus meaning, use last year's equipment and he'll end 2019 with a bigger profit margin than 2018. It's just standard business.
  10. Daniel Smith

    Wolves v kings Lynn Premiership 13/5

    Again, never said his equipment is substandard as such, just the same as last year as it went so well. He's saved money by cutting investment in UK Speedway. Why wouldn't or shouldn't he? To be a No1 in the UK you don't require anywhere near the investment you need for the likes of Poland, Sweden and the SGP's. People are extremely delusional if you think top rider's spend big bucks in the UK.
  11. Daniel Smith

    Wolves v kings Lynn Premiership 13/5

    Robert Lambert is a business. He has to speculate to accumulate. He has to have a financial agenda for this and future seasons. He spending priority has an order and I could guarantee UK Speedway is bottom. 1. Ekstraliga 2. SGP / SON / Euro Championship 3. Elitserien 4. British Speedway I have no doubt at all his UK equipment has taken a back seat with his eyes firmly on the prize of being able to drop UK totally like Woffinden.
  12. Daniel Smith

    Wolves v kings Lynn Premiership 13/5

    Where have I said Lambert is giving no effort I just believe he's using old equipment IN the Premiership and I wouldn't blame him. Riding Ekstraliga, Elitserien and the expense in being prepared for the SGP, I find it a little delusional that he'd have his best gear in England. Robert Lambert is riding on the cheap in the UK, I have no doubt about it. Doesn't mean though he's making no effort in his races, nobody has even suggested it at all.
  13. Daniel Smith

    Wolves v kings Lynn Premiership 13/5

    The thing is, I think Lambert is riding equipment 'on the cheap' in the Premiership. What we watched in the SON and his scoring in the Premiership just doesn't add up. We'll see this weekend if he's on the pace with Woffinden and Zmarzlik in the GP, if so, King's Lynn surely have to ask questions.
  14. Daniel Smith

    SoN Belle Vue

    There were 1 or 2 good races but not at all to usual Belle Vue standards. The whole thing felt as flat as a pancake on the TV. Lost total concentration and just had it on in the background from about heat 15.
  15. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich v Kings Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    Lambert needs to sack his engine tuner before it's to late. He's not anywhere near the level of last season at all. His last two scores in Poland have been nothing short of embarrassing. We've got the SON coming up and he's got his first GP on foreign soil coming up too. He's going to look worse than Harris and Cook

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