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  1. That's irrelevant. Surely all sports are to be treated the same. You can either have 1>2500 spectators or you can't. Elite or amateur is neither here nor there.
  2. Does say on the Speedworth site that "advanced tickets are suspended". Whatever that means exactly
  3. Although I've no complaints about Jack Holder getting the Wildcard I'm a little disappointed the already qualified SEC winner Robert Lambert hasn't had a shout for any of these rounds.
  4. All smart TV's have an independent web browser, Ifollow works through that & in full screen.
  5. Daniel Smith

    Speedway's sporting prestige

    The FIM are that fully independent govening body. Unfortunately they leave far to much in the hands of the sports own Bodies (BSPA, SVEMO, PZM etc). We do have the ACU here but they seem to just wash their hands of Speedway. They should be way more involved but just tend to dot the i's & cross the t's of everything + issue a rider's licence. The last biggest involvement from the FIM was the introduction of fixed race nights. Other than that I can't remember anything else they've got involved in with regards to each Countries independent league's.
  6. Daniel Smith

    SON 2020

    What exactly are the other options available to the BSI??
  7. I wouldn't say a 3.75 average in the 3rd tier is "doing very well". Fingers crossed he does come good though, we desperately need some quality.
  8. That's the thing, they're getting development opportunities more than ever. The numbers in the Championship is full of youth. But being there they're getting found out quickly and stall. Current crop of 16-18yo is not better than years gone by. In fact, I'd say they're worse, no future GP rider's in the making at all, none of them. After Lambert we really have nothing to look forward to imo.
  9. To be fair to the BSPA, they had put that pathway in place. We'd had NL rider's at reserve for a few years & lets be brutally honest, it was a flop. The racing was more awful than normal & they even tried protected heats. Again, you could only find 1 or 2 good riders out of 14. Another fault with our top league is using it for development, that shouldn't be happening. Yes there are dross foreigners, but quite frankly, many many Brits are far far worse. Just go through the list of Brits in our top league & 2nd tier. 5-10 years ago there was great hope for many & they're now all just also-rans. Many of them too got shots in the Polish 2nd & 3rd tier & couldn't deliver. Opportunities are there & arise for our Brits. In fact Poland have been very open to us over the last 10 years, we've just not had anyone of any 'real' talent stand out. We've now got Woffy & Lambert but our next biggest hope was Bewley but he's struggling to make that next step. We have a big problem over here of over hyping a rider at National League levels.
  10. Daniel Smith

    Tape infringement

    Or we could just have the radical idea of you're only exclude if you touch the tapes?!? Speedway doesn't & has no real need for transponder technology. With regards to Madsen, he just has exceptional gating ability. What needs to be worked on is the slack in the tapes. Noticed many times that riders were accused of jumping when in fact the outside of the tapes are released. Theres a split second where the centre of the tapes are still in a stationery position & if you're on gate 2 or 3 & make a perfect start it looks far worse than on gate 1 & 4.
  11. Daniel Smith

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    It's incredible when you think that possibly the 2 most boring sports in the public eye are the ones that give you the biggest buzz throughout the whole game / meeting. England's T20 & Speedway offer so much. Unfortunately for speedway, especially up & down the UK finding those thrilling race meetings are very few & far between. Would be lucky if it's 1 in 5 meetings of any significant quality I'd say. How that could be improved on though really is the impossible question except for turning every track into Belle Vue, which also is impossible.
  12. A phrase repeated for the last 20 years. We'll be lucky to get 1 or 2 come through & actually be top class.
  13. This all kicked off a few years ago when nearly the whole line-up withdrew from the meeting over the pay structure. Unfortunately, national pride hasn't existed for this competition for at least 10 years. The big guns don't get paid enough so don't show
  14. Is the weather playing ball in Prague??

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