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  1. Daniel Smith

    Football 2020/21

    Thank god VAR didn't end up spoiling our game. Referee was an absolute joke but it does feel good tanking José. He can have his 1-6 but he's out the Champions League again
  2. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Correct Trees, people on the inside hated his aggressive nature to implement change quickly. Look at the state the sport here is in now?? British Speedway won't find anyone like him again
  3. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Correct, but the old men, no foresight brigade got in the way.
  4. Daniel Smith

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    The TV coverage today has been far better that the usual s#!+ on the main channels every day. RIP Prince Philip
  5. There was a mini-resurgence for the sport when Sky Sports came on board. Unfortunately, every promoter wasted the income on rider's instead of future proofing. As I've said before, the National Speedway Stadium had come 20 years to late. Had any club had the foresight back then, I'm convinced other's would have followed. The financial waste has been astronomical. There is a chance again now to try & do something about it. The pandemic has created a reset. It's critical the sport finds someone from outside to help with the rebuild, there are currently no promoter's with the mindset to do it through fear of damaging their immediate pockets.
  6. Daniel Smith

    BLM Uk protest marches

    School's preach that they have to be inclusive but still insist on teaching religion. Religion is the biggest cause of all things evil. All religious subjects should be removed from schools to be inclusive. I don't even allow my kids to participate in the school Christmas panto's as I find it personally offensive
  7. You're talking like they'll be 50,000 at speedway meetings. Yes, anything that has spectators will be expected to require a Covid Passport. Getting people through the turnstiles should be no slower than previous though. Even before you still had the old prats that had nothing prepared to enter until they reached the box office, then fumbled around for 10 minutes finding cash.
  8. Daniel Smith

    BLM Uk protest marches

    Let's be fair here, that cop deserves manslaughter punishment. Floyd didn't fight or resist arrest. 9 minutes of crushing someone's neck is not acceptable. Bystanders were shouting he's stopped breathing and were threatened with arrest themselves. Take away the race situation, if anyone I knew was treated in that manner while not really being disruptive under arrest, I'd want the officer's to spend some prison time too. In terms of a fair trial, the whole world has seen the situation for themselves. There can't be a fairer way to assess a situation than by video evidence from start to finish. If had been just 2 members of public, manslaughter would have been the minimum without question. The fact someone is wearing a police outfit, the only time force can be applied is if the officers genuinely feel threatened. That was never the case in this situation. The verdict in this case can only be manslaughter
  9. No secrecy from me. If?? The people running British Speedway have consistently failed the sport for 20+ years. The fans are not the problem here, footfall through the turnstiles is all the proof needed. There's been no "I told you so" from any of us that no longer go. We want this sport to be the best (which it can be) but the promoter's have zero ambition to do so. Their way to keep the money coming in is simply, as the crowd numbers fall, admission prices go up to make up the shortfall. British Speedway's business model is run in an absolutely appalling way.
  10. Daniel Smith

    Driving After Dark

    I've always thought that from 65 two driving safety assessments should be enforced every 2 years. One in the day, one at night.
  11. Daniel Smith

    F 1 Today's race

    Don't disagree but Redbull made a huge mistake allowing Verstappen to run far to long after Hamilton's first stop. That was absolutely crucial to the whole race.
  12. Daniel Smith

    F 1 Today's race

    Thought so, I'll explain. Turn 4 track limits were there for qualifying & only come in to force during the race if an advantage is gained. Hamilton was warned & to make sure he tried to maintain track limits. The reason he didn't get a time penalty was his race pace variable for going outside & within was no more than 0.005sec gained. The reason Verstappen was asked to relinquish the lead was he made the pass by going around the outside beyond track limits to pass Hamilton, gaining a blatant advantage. Verstappen even said himself, rightly moaning at his pit wall knowing he'd gained the advantage, "why didn't you just let me go, we could have got more than the 5 seconds". The reason Mercedes got that win was purely down to abysmal tactics from Redbull & a smart undercut from Mercedes.
  13. Daniel Smith

    F 1 Today's race

    You didn't watch it did you?
  14. Daniel Smith

    SGB Premiership Confirmed Teams 2021

    Wrong. The age group dates are an estimation of where the vaccination will be complete for age groups. Some areas across England are ahead of others & are vaccinating under 40's now.
  15. Daniel Smith

    The Terror

    Watched the first 3 episodes and it bored me to tears. Just couldn't get into it.

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