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  1. Daniel Smith

    Thank u Buster

    Wait till I tell my daddy, he's much bigger than anyone else's.
  2. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    That's not how Buster likes his tracks though. He always prepares them with even amounts of dirt inside and out with regular grading, this killing the racing lines available to only one on the inside = no passing available
  3. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Hopefully no bricks on the track this time too for first meeting back. Good luck to Nicklas
  4. Daniel Smith

    Thank u Buster

    My 7 and they all fit within the averages 1. Lindt Lindor Milk Truffles 2. Lion 3. Yorkie Duo 4. Crunchy 5. Lindt Lindor White Truffles 6. Galaxy (100g or larger only) 7. Twirl An excellent top 2 imo with a competitive middle against many other. Very strong top reserve with a good back up at No7. Bit disappointed to leave Maltesers out but if any of that team gets busted up, may be a space will appear for my old mate Maltesers later in the year.
  5. Daniel Smith

    Thank u Buster

    It's not the flat you're really asking about now is it
  6. Daniel Smith

    Thank u Buster

    Nutella on Crumpets is the best ever
  7. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Where has this Jorgensen sacked come from? For me, it'll be a move that doesn't make sense. It suggests that they're looking to add the points difference in the middle order where we should be looking to replace Simon. Seriously need a back-up for Kerr when he has an off night. Lambert - Cook - Riss should be a solid enough top three with Jorgensen - Palm Toft as decent back up. Reserve should where the improvement has to come from, letting Jorgensen go would be a much of a muchness move.
  8. Heat 15 was shown on BT
  9. I wasn't saying the racing has always been the same, merely that the track base has always been the same. Only over time the top surface has changed for the worse.
  10. The track is naturally clay based. What makes it more grippy now is that Buster buys that cheap crap stuff that is also mixed with clay. Thus when watered it turns to silt with a mix of fine stones to break the silt down.
  11. King's Lynn has never been different from day dot, the track sits on a natural clay base. That cannot be changed. For me, King's Lynn would be better off preparing the track as they did when they were running the National League team. They'd probably benefit too from not ripping the start gate up and being consistent all the way around. How the track is rider's need 2 gearings per heat, one for getting out the grippy starts and another to maintain the higher speeds needed for the rest of the track. Gating has become far to important with the ripped up starts, rider's set up for that. Miss it and you can't get the speed to chase down.
  12. Cook's getting his average down and is almost a shoe in for Belle Vue 2020. They've missed him greatly
  13. All 3 posts absolutely correct. King's Lynn as a Speedway track is still there but it most certainly isn't a Speedway racers track at all. Only big mistakes contributed to any passing. Awful meeting and certainly wouldn't encourage any stay-aways to return. Adrian Flux Arena is all about the gating, it's very very ordinary and lacks any value for money in entertainment.
  14. There may be sponsorship attachments to a certain amount of meetings on TV for King's Lynn. No meetings shown, no financial income?
  15. Daniel Smith

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    I take it when you knock into someone you don't apologise and tell them to watch where they're going. That's a very rude individual that does that

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