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  1. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    The difference with Doyle is he wasn't established in the Ekstraliga. Had Doyle done the Ekstraliga at 21, been poor they would have dropped double quick and never to be seen again. He pretty much hit the ground running in the Ekstraliga and never looked back. Lambert is their earlier and has to perform or he gets left behind. History has shown how ruthless the Pole's are. If Lambert fails in the Ekstraliga in the next 2 seasons that's pretty much a top level career gone for him.
  2. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    For Lambert, he has to cut it in the Ekstraliga or he'll just become another one of those Brits where we end up saying "what a waste of a great talant." At his age, he's better than most other rider's around the world of the same age, except for the Pole's. Some say he has time on his side, thinking about it though, I'd now say the opposite. I think he has 2 years tops or the Ekstraliga won't ever touch him again & being in that league is absolutely critical in being able to finance any hope of cutting it at GP level.
  3. Daniel Smith

    Sheffield 2020

    You say negative, I say being 100% realistic
  4. Daniel Smith

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Spelling police alert!!!! Spelling police alert!!!!  I love you Geoff Don't have an argument so gets offensive. You're such a sexy beast
  5. Daniel Smith

    Sheffield 2020

  6. Daniel Smith

    Will the premiership start on time?

    I'm stund with the amount of Speedway fans in meltdown at the thought of 2020 not even happening. It is very very highly likely Speedway will not resume until 2021 minimum. Get used to it, wind ya necks in & get a sense of reality of what's going on around the world.
  7. Daniel Smith

    Sheffield 2020

    Folk need to get used to the whole idea of 2020 being cancelled.
  8. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Was a massive fan of Lambert. I don't know but something may have happened between those 2 & wasn't to complimentary of Lambert during 2019.
  9. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Ues he can really kick on. In fact, this break in play will do every rider who's had operations & injuries over the winter & also those with long term injuries. I'd say, if this season (year) doesn't start at all which is currently predicted for most sports, we should see the 'fittest' set of rider's the sport has ever seen. This providing UK Speedway survives in it's current format after Covid-19.
  10. Daniel Smith

    Will the premiership start on time?

    I genuinely believe this will kill British Speedway stone cold dead. As said, most attending are over 60 & have been going for their lifetime. Once the habits are broken the majority will not come back to Speedway. This virus may not kill as many of the elderly as first expected but it most certainly will kill this sport.
  11. Daniel Smith

    Will the premiership start on time?

    This could finish Speedway as we know it for good in the UK.
  12. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Reading between the lines, did someone get, or very nearly injured by a BB driver & H&S has called the shots on the BB parking ban? It can surely be the only reasonable explanation for the BB ban inside the perimeter fence. Just maybe a court case is ongoing and an explanation cannot be given to protect the case?
  13. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Well done & good luck to @AlexBrady in his sponsorship of the Stars in 2020
  14. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Absolutely, can see the floating speedway fans that usually go to the AFA swapping over to the Showground too. Fancy this Panthers side to win at the AFA if both team stay injury free.
  15. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Everybody has access to podcast, Facebook, Twitter etc. To be on here you need access to the Internet. It's not the clubs fault but your personal choice to not venture to these other outlets that has information

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