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  1. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2022

    What does Dale do, that's the question??
  2. To be fair, Janowski is a bottle job. This is not the first time he's let his country down hence why he always gets left out usually. This may well have been his last chance as a Polish International
  3. It does, get the trophy, you are the best team blud.
  4. Absolutely brilliant from Lambert & Bewley. Never ever thought we'd see gold again as a nation, even more so with Woffinden's huge bang yesterday. Lambert & Bewley rode absolutely superbly. GREAT BRITIAN are the SPEEDWAY WORLD CHAMPIONS
  5. Doyle's powers have gone. On the way down now
  6. Daniel Smith

    Football 2021/22

    Ole has us playing Tony Pulis football. Longball FC, Counter-Attack FC, Moments FC. It has to be #OleOut. In terms of players, just let Pogba go. He doesn't work in the Premier League, Sir Alex was right. I can't see Bruno renewing his deal at this moment. The treatment of Van de Beek, Matic & Sancho is abysmal. Really don't get why fans & Ole love Wan Bissaka so much either, an awful footballer. Greenwood is a No9, not at winger. He hits a banger but was dreadful for the whole game. You know when things are going bad when so far this season, David De Gea is Manchester United PotY. If you're challenging for honours, goalkeeper's get nowhere near being best player. That alone shows how bad thing's are. Solskjær, Phelan, Carrick, McKenna are learning on the job. From top to bottom of this football club there is no accountability. For as long s this club turn a profit for the Glazer’s, they do not care about what's happening on the pitch
  7. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2022

    We should be looking at & trying to sign both. At the end of the day Sweden & Poland will be priority for both of them.
  8. Couldn't get him back from Brazil in time. We have a better midfield without him though
  9. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2022

    ........ and ripping it up in Sweden too. Absolutely no chance of him coming back any time soon, for as long as he remains in the GP's at least
  10. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2022

    The season has been really bad but I'm not convinced the team for 2022 will be much better. They're talking about 2 'Rising Stars' next year (wrong imo), this most likely to be Mountain & Kinsley. Jorgensen, Lawson & Kerr already in for 2022. Peterborough are losing Pedersen, Wolves losing Schlein, will Crump continue, Sheffield could lose Holder as may look to stay abroad, also who really wants Batchelor now? Rider's will be at a premium next year unless more foreign rider's become available to the UK, this I don't see, especially the higher quality ones. You just look at the rider's at other Prem clubs & you just don't see them wanting to move, especially to King's Lynn. We will be the last pickings for them. We've also got the possibility of Oxford joining the league. I seriously do not hold out much hope for improvement at all.
  11. Ain't most passing in Speedway down to rider error?? A quicker rider behind always makes the rider in front pull defensive moves. This has to be the most nonsense post on here. The racing was terrific. Belle Vue v Peterborough I hope is the final for the next 30yrs until others get better tracks in all honesty
  12. Get what you're saying but it's down to value for money. The only value comes at playoff time & then it's still only certain tracks that offer it at that point, in terms of producing quality racing. Peterborough & Belle Vue are the top draw tracks in the uk, cannot be doubted. I couldn't justify paying to watch this sport week in week out on titchy tracks, ftg tracks etc.

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