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  1. Daniel Smith

    National Supporters Club Group

    There you go Tree's, your 1st question that means far more to most. Why are all and sundry being blocked from social media, that being Twitter and Facebook? And for those that have been blocked on social media:- Once you get blocked from an account please remember to unfollow. Their statistics that the BSPA were shouting about include blocked members. Not a very accurate report, gives the wrong impression.
  2. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Who owns Toft??
  3. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    What relevance is MTP being a Scunny rider?? He'll be at Peterborough or King's Lynn no doubt. All down to where he wants to be
  4. Daniel Smith

    BSPA Ltd.

    Which costs need reducing to achieve lower admission costs? For me it's just rider's wages the clubs can really look at. The cost to the rider's is irrelevant for lowering admission costs. Lower a rider's wage they have a choice to make, keep up the expense out of their own pocket or find a new supply chain / engine tuner at lower costs. No way should British Speedway clubs and rider's be lining the pockets of engine tuners.
  5. Daniel Smith

    National Supporters Club Group

    100% it will be like this all day long. No doubt that even some of the supporters club members will ignore comments before they even attend the meetings. While good in principle, it will end up being a kiss a$$ process.
  6. Daniel Smith

    Swindon 2019

    And don't forget my nan, she's a excellent trapper and dead cert she won't be taken from behind.
  7. Daniel Smith

    Premiership Play-offs 2019

    I actually quite like that. I would have it as total points scored in the 3 meetings qualify for the final. Really do like that, the team that finishes top doesn't lose out on revenue and can still run the risk of not making the Grand Final. from me
  8. Daniel Smith

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    You're quite right but the Witches and Panthers have always been the understudies to the Stars so no need to change things now
  9. Daniel Smith

    National Supporters Club Group

    Why? Not one person's opinion is of more value than another's. Just because the opinion may not be to your liking, doesn't make theirs wrong. Even the most stupid person can come up with an ingenious idea. If the BSPA wants to be open, every opinion should be shared, zero cherry picking.
  10. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich 2019

    You may well be right but I'm sure there's free rider's out there which are, kind of a BSPA asset and when a club uses said rider a minimal fee is paid to the BSPA. This kind of makes a rider a free agent. Also, I think this is the route the BSPA is going down being a LTD business also. They'll hold the rider's registration. This will also be beneficial with Brexit looming. They will be the rider's sponsor of employment making it easier for visa's to be given. I think with the BSPA being LTD, in 20 years time there will be very few / no club assets at all.
  11. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich 2019

    Becoming an asset is no longer a given just because of the number of rides. Drew can sign as an asset to anyone he likes or not be an asset to any club at all. There have been rider's in the past state in their contracts that they'll ride if they remain a free asset. No end of clubs have signed rider's as assets and they've never ridden for them and gone out on loan, especially top league clubs.
  12. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich 2019

    I'm pretty sure, Louis will still hold the right's to the assets. A commercial owner is exactly that. He will be able to take any finances that come into the club. This will include all loan fees for any of the club's assets etc. What he will not be allowed to do is sell the assets, this will be down to Louis. It isn't just rider's he cannot sell. This will be assets Louis owns like tractors, graders, etc. In simple terms, a commercial owner is in financial control of all things in and out. Existing assets are out of his control. I wouldn't worry as a Witch fan, your club is in safe hands financially and Louis is still there keeping a close eye. Enjoy your 1st year back in the top flight and be prepared to be thrashed home and away by the Stars, just suck it up Joking aside, really, don't worry
  13. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich 2019

    There is a clear miss understanding of the take overs. Keith Chapman would have bought both clubs outright, pay wages to the rider's, promoters and managers etc. Take on the sponsorship funds, and have any profits if there is any etc. The only thing he wouldn't of bought are the rider assets. This is what's meant by a "commercial" take over.
  14. Daniel Smith

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    Promoters could at least try could they not?? Change a supplier etc to try and make tracks conductive. The dirt at King's Lynn is so heavy and full of rocks and stones. This shouldn't be acceptable.
  15. Daniel Smith

    AGM November 2018

    Guaranteed 15 home meetings. Not bad at all 2 meetings in the Premiership Supporters Cup 1 meeting in the KO Cup 12 Premiership league meetings Problem with all these competitions if progressing through all the tournaments we could meet 1-2 teams 5 times at home in a season.

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