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  1. Daniel Smith

    Jason Garrity

    Lets not forget that many many rider's are using Snus / Snuff & blatantly making requests for purchases on social media. Some will say it's only nicotine but it's used to heighten senses & believe it improves performance. An illegal substance in Europe but never ever gets talked about. This is still cheating & as bad as any rider that does class A/B substances imo.
  2. Daniel Smith

    Jason Garrity

    Forget this news story briefly, a side question. What's happened to the supposedly "random drug tests" in British Speedway & how on earth had he avoided one all this time??
  3. Daniel Smith

    The Smell

    Small oil burner. Those little ones with the tin candles in the bottom & oil tray on top. Never tried it but a logical cheap option to try maybe, less of a fire risk? Not sure whether the smell is from just fuel, oil or a bit of both burnt though?
  4. Obviously many will have other options but as Robert Lambert's injury seemed to put a break on his 2019 season, I believe it will mean we will get another year out of him at the AFA. There are suggestions that he may not be asked back by Lublin as they've been disappointed with his performances. Obtaining only a 3.48 average. Potentially now a shoe-in to remain in British Speedway for 2020. For me: 1. 2. 3. E.Riss 6.61 4. M.Palm-Toft 6.30 5. R.Lambert 7.81 6. 7. B.Nicol 3.97 Fill in the gaps for the rest
  5. Daniel Smith

    SON 2020

    3-2-1-0 is perfectly fine in team events. No way should more points be awarded for 2nd-3rd over a guy winning the race. What should be don't is bonus points for team riding in 1st & 2nd only then these are used if count back is required. The aim in Speedway should always be 'win races & look after your team', never 'look after your team & let them win races'. What you could do is make it more of a killer for rider's finishing last with 5-3-2-0. Nobody would want to be 8-2'd
  6. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    And rightly so. His career is moving on & he doesn't need the messed up British Speedway. If he wants to still race every day he has Poland, Sweden, Denmark & Germany to do that
  7. Daniel Smith

    SON 2020

    This has got to be a joke pick for GB hasn't it?? We're f*****
  8. Could the fact Eurosport has the rights to British Speedway tick part of their 'Grassroots' quota.
  9. I have ExpressVPN, is the SGP free on the website?
  10. I'm being proper dumb today, what does this all mean in layman's terms. 1. Are OneSport & BSI totally removed? 2. Have Eurosport become the series organisers? 3. Will Eurosport show the sport on their channels or are they selling to 3rd parties (BT, Sky etc)? 4. Do Eurosport now have some say over each individual countries leagues?
  11. 100%, anywhere else that meeting would have been off. As far as rider's willing to give it a go, the winner, Rory Schlein is one of the biggest complainants regards wet tracks. That tells you the massive compliments Belle Vue deserve. I'd go as far as, any BSPA or world event should be held only at Belle Vue in the UK, it never fails to deliver.
  12. Daniel Smith


    How about building the streaming into season tickets making those better value for money?? When your club is away from home the stream is free. Have independent season tickets available for around 60 meetings for £100. I just feel that having single meetings available it will have a massive detrimental effect on British Speedway, making things far harder than they are now. The biggest thing to think about is our weather, people will most certainly then just sit at home & wait a few minutes to tapes up then purchase. Unfortunately we may think there may be a right way to use things but this pandemic has proven that 9/10 times there's a huge "all about me" selfishness going on.
  13. Daniel Smith


    Think we need some perspective here. Some are saying £12 is to much for streaming, even if it's a Premiership meeting. The thing is, clubs would still have to cover the same costs. With standard entrance at £18 how many would actually stay away from stadiums to save £6?? I'd say A LOT. Once you factor in fuel, programme & food, the opportunity to watch your team on the sofa, £12 is cheap. Meetings online when the fans are allowed to return will not be financially viable unless the cost of a stream matches the admission costs imo.
  14. That's irrelevant. Surely all sports are to be treated the same. You can either have 1>2500 spectators or you can't. Elite or amateur is neither here nor there.
  15. Does say on the Speedworth site that "advanced tickets are suspended". Whatever that means exactly
  16. Although I've no complaints about Jack Holder getting the Wildcard I'm a little disappointed the already qualified SEC winner Robert Lambert hasn't had a shout for any of these rounds.
  17. All smart TV's have an independent web browser, Ifollow works through that & in full screen.
  18. Daniel Smith

    SON 2020

    What exactly are the other options available to the BSI??
  19. I wouldn't say a 3.75 average in the 3rd tier is "doing very well". Fingers crossed he does come good though, we desperately need some quality.
  20. That's the thing, they're getting development opportunities more than ever. The numbers in the Championship is full of youth. But being there they're getting found out quickly and stall. Current crop of 16-18yo is not better than years gone by. In fact, I'd say they're worse, no future GP rider's in the making at all, none of them. After Lambert we really have nothing to look forward to imo.
  21. To be fair to the BSPA, they had put that pathway in place. We'd had NL rider's at reserve for a few years & lets be brutally honest, it was a flop. The racing was more awful than normal & they even tried protected heats. Again, you could only find 1 or 2 good riders out of 14. Another fault with our top league is using it for development, that shouldn't be happening. Yes there are dross foreigners, but quite frankly, many many Brits are far far worse. Just go through the list of Brits in our top league & 2nd tier. 5-10 years ago there was great hope for many & they're now all just also-rans. Many of them too got shots in the Polish 2nd & 3rd tier & couldn't deliver. Opportunities are there & arise for our Brits. In fact Poland have been very open to us over the last 10 years, we've just not had anyone of any 'real' talent stand out. We've now got Woffy & Lambert but our next biggest hope was Bewley but he's struggling to make that next step. We have a big problem over here of over hyping a rider at National League levels.
  22. Daniel Smith

    Tape infringement

    Or we could just have the radical idea of you're only exclude if you touch the tapes?!? Speedway doesn't & has no real need for transponder technology. With regards to Madsen, he just has exceptional gating ability. What needs to be worked on is the slack in the tapes. Noticed many times that riders were accused of jumping when in fact the outside of the tapes are released. Theres a split second where the centre of the tapes are still in a stationery position & if you're on gate 2 or 3 & make a perfect start it looks far worse than on gate 1 & 4.
  23. Daniel Smith

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    It's incredible when you think that possibly the 2 most boring sports in the public eye are the ones that give you the biggest buzz throughout the whole game / meeting. England's T20 & Speedway offer so much. Unfortunately for speedway, especially up & down the UK finding those thrilling race meetings are very few & far between. Would be lucky if it's 1 in 5 meetings of any significant quality I'd say. How that could be improved on though really is the impossible question except for turning every track into Belle Vue, which also is impossible.
  24. A phrase repeated for the last 20 years. We'll be lucky to get 1 or 2 come through & actually be top class.

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