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  1. IAN2

    Eastbourne 2018

    And where is Mr Cook going now with no Lakeside and He loves Championship standard racing ?
  2. And why has Iwade turned into Lydd?
  3. No Len Silver is all for it and was trying to resolve the situation as He only stands to gain with more riders coming through for His NL side.
  4. Without doubt it is an insurance issue as the SCB use Doodsons as their approved Brokers and not the MCF as used by Sittingbourne ( Iwade). Little doubt the MCF does not meet approval with the SCB even though cover is equal too that from Doodsons and at a cheaper premium. I believe strings are still being pulled within the SCB to make things not happen at Iwade, this has been proved by Officials licences not being approved at the seminar at the meeting at Paradise park in February and cheque for payment of said Licenses not being cashed by the SCB. Little doubt this will rumble on to the point where Iwade will not be running in the League. Oh yes can anybody remember the Speedway Control Board and why suddenly it became the Bureau, it was a riders Insurance dispute that nearly went legal. I expect the ACU to alter more next winter and hopefully for the better.
  5. Despite the wonderful Speedway Star stating that Iwade will be entering into the Southern Development League ' at a later date' little has happened and without doubt the behind the scenes dispute between the SCB and Mr Arnold continues to the detriment of the sport. This cannot go on with a very well established training track for evermore. I have got a lot of time for Laurence Rogers and applaud his efforts for trying to establish the league in the South but this situation is not helping in any way shape or form. SCB get your act together and fast.
  6. If Hull is the City of Culture in 2017 and attracting large investment into the area where is the Speedway and is anybody interested in bringing it back, seems like it is now or never for the Vikings.
  7. If Hull is the City of Culture in 2017 and attracting large investment into the area where is the Speedway and is anybody interested in bringing it back, seems like it is now or never for the Vikings.
  8. IAN2

    Kent 2016

    Full 1-7 to be announced on Mon 4th Jan. we wait with bated breath.
  9. IAN2

    Kent 2016

    Bowen and Mason me thinks, sadly forget Baseby as feel he is not going to ride. Would have preferred Owen as better away from home than Mason but average does not fit. Danno in as far as I know but not all signed and sealed as a few permutations to change remain with available riders still on the sidelines, expect a domino effect when Eastbourne get sorted.
  10. Think you will find it is more than a possibility that Lakeside's Elite League licence will move to Kent in 2016 even if Lakeside's Promotion do not.
  11. Very sad news indeed to come back from holiday, condolences to all the family, knew shazzy from way back at Canterbury and talked Speedway all the time, loved the Crusaders and looked up to her Uncle Ted. Sleep well and rest in peace.
  12. Sadly Mr Cook is all talk, says all the right things and does nothing, should have been in Politics. The sport is on its knee's and falling away fast, especially the non ' Elite League' which is a total waste of time and the sooner it goes the better. The ' Cook Report' states very little and leaves many more questions than answers and now I fear a total new start for the sport is the only solution.
  13. Well it was me who posted what Len Silver said, not completely out of context and had it confirmed as a possibility by the Lakeside Promotion at the time of me posting it. I don't hide behind a stupid made up name like E I ADDIO as I believe in posting what some supporters would like to know what is going on and should be made available for all to see. I applaud Jon Cook for having the balls to answer questions on Lakeside's future and put the record straight on Lakeside not moving to Kent. This now clearly contradicts Len Silver's answer to my direct question to him of Kent moving race night to a Friday in obvious competition to the Hammers and that question still remains.

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