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  1. tigerowl

    Birmingham 2018

    Really pleased to see Birmingham back at a higher level next season. Best of luck to the Masons and everyone connected with the club. Looking back at some of the posts over the last few days, some people on here don't half make themselves look daft!!
  2. tigerowl

    Sheffield 2019

    It's always difficult when there is a change of race night and it's not going to suit everyone. However, the fact remains that we need to try and attract a new and younger audience somehow. I'm 50 and I often feel like the youngest there. When you used to look at the first bend you could see blue and yellow scarves, now it's grey hair and beige anoraks. If the change of race night starts to attract some kids who can be home before bedtime then all the better. Well done on the team building by the way, it looks a very exciting team and I will be making every effort to be there next season after a bit of a period of apathy.
  3. tigerowl

    Sheffield 2019

    Great start to the team building. Welcome to Sheffield Drew and well done to the promotion for securing the deal.
  4. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    I love watching Chris Harris ride but he is so far off the mark with his opinions it is unreal. So Chris wasn't too good at school and needs to ride for two teams at least to make ends meet. Sorry Chris, but can you explain how this is possible on 500-800 fans paying to get in? It seems a large proportion of everyone else in the sport want the doubling up system to end so that the sport can try and regain a bit of identity and credibility thereby attracting new fans and keeping the few that we have but Chris is happy for the sport to be run into the ground as people keep drifting away. I don't think that doubling up is the only issue as to why speedway is struggling but it's certainly one of the main ones and Chris needs to realise that the sport as a whole has got to come first, not the needs of a few riders who do not have the capability or willingness to do something else.
  5. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    Never mind then. Let's just leave things as they are. Let's have an ever decreasing number of them riding for various teams every night of the week whilst their mates (and I'll mention Joe Jacobs again) having to pack in because he can't get a ride. Let's have fans who want a team to support continue to drift away because they can't take the sport seriously (Chris Harris just missing out on the play off's with Glasgow but winning a league winner's medal with Poole and a cup winners medal with Somerset). Just let things continue as they are and see how many riders can be full time then. The answer will be none, because the sport will cease to exist.
  6. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    We seemed to manage in the 1970s and 1980s when most of the riders were either self employed or had other jobs.
  7. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    There are some differences amongst the fans but I think the core issues about value for money, organisation of fixtures, integrity of the competitions and team identity are a common thread. Just like the politicians tell us that when students go to university, they come out with £50,000 of debt and everyone believes them, the promoters tell us that there aren't enough riders to go round to stop doubling up. Solve this issue and get riders riding every week for one team, rather than pulling on a different race jacket every night of the week and other things may well fall into place. Also, as I said in a previous post, the riders have to realise that they can't all be full time on the crowds we are getting.
  8. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    The problem with the promoters in my opinion is not that they deliberately want to run the sport into the ground, it makes no sense for them to purposely lose their money, but the system that has been created makes it impossible for the sport to function properly. There are too many conflicts of interest and pulling in opposing directions. What the sport needs is for decisions to be made in the best interests of speedway as a whole but unless someone independent is elected to make these decisions things will just carry on as they are, leading to a slow and painful death. The argument that it’s the promoter’s money doesn’t stand up for me. What other sport operates in this way? You wouldn’t get Malcolm Glazer and Roman Abramovic making up the rules of football so why do we have to put up with it. Tsunami clearly had the best interests of Newcastle at heart and anyone who puts their cash into speedway has my respect but the sport needs an independent, honest, respected leader. And to your rival moxey63, get well soon.
  9. tigerowl

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Good luck Blair and the rest of the family. Tragic story and hope everything works out for them all.
  10. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    I like going to the pub and I like going to the speedway. Both of these pastimes have been in serious decline over the past few years and people have stopped going to both in droves. Some of the reasons can be found in both of these pastimes. It's hard to tempt people out of their houses and pay money for beer when they think it's overpriced and the same can apply to speedway. The pubs that just do the same thing that clearly doesn't work time and time again, and just throw their doors open expecting the public to flood in are the one's that die. This is what speedway 'promoters', by and large, tend to do. They offer a product which does not represent value for money and do nothing to keep the fans they have got, never mind attract new ones. Some pubs are thriving because they offer what the customer in their community wants. Some offer live entertainment, some offer food, some offer karaoke nights. My local offers a warm welcome, a nice pint and friendly people and it's busy most nights. The landlord drives around in a Mercedes and has a holiday home in Florida. It works where I live but wouldn't work elsewhere and the promoters have to work hard at getting their product right for the audience they want to keep and attract. To do this they need a product. The product they are offering is potentially one of the most exciting sports in the world and surely, this must be a good starting point. However, what they provide is an overpriced chaotic shambles of a sport with no direction, no identity and no credibility. They need to get back to basics. Offer a full and attractive fixture list with a team of riders that ride for one club. Not the current situation where any seven riders who pull on a race jacket is called a team. It isn't. People will moan on about the 'not enough riders to go round' myth. There are enough riders, they are just riding at the wrong level. Grand Prix riders should not be riding in the second tier, half the third tier riders should be at Championship level and the poor kids stuck in the Development League should be in the National League. If they must charge £17 to get in, at least give the fans £17 worth of entertainment. Unfortunately, 15 races of 55 seconds interspersed with 50 minutes of track grading does not justify parting with £17 in cash. The continual fixture list farce demonstrates absolutely the reasons why the promoters should not be allowed to run things for themselves. I am sure they are all successful businessmen and women in their own right but they have no idea how to work collectively for the benefit of the sport. It is all about vested interests and stabbing each other in the back. I cannot think of any other sport where the owners of the clubs run things themselves. It needs someone with authority and respect to run the sport. There needs to be some way of cutting down on the rained off meetings. Is it any wonder there is hardly any travelling support when riders refuse to turn out if someone spills so much as a cup of tea on the track. I know that if it's tipping it down at start time then there will be little chance of racing but some way of covering tracks cannot beyond the capabilities of the human race. It is also about time we stopped penalising success and rewarding failure. We go on about the lack of riders yet Joe Jacobs, who made massive progress with Belle Vue a couple of seasons ago can't get a team place the following year because his average is too high, whilst another rider who under achieved and threw tantrums was rewarded with two team places the following season because his average fitted!! Finally, the riders have got to come to their senses. If you want to be a full-time rider and are either rich or riding in Poland in front of 15,000 fans, then fair enough and good luck to you. If you are second string in the 'Championship' riding in front of 500 people, surely you cannot expect to be full-time. Look back at the Peter Oakes' Who's Who book in 1974 and the vast majority of the riders had jobs. Now, for some reason, all the riders seem to feel that they are entitled to be full-time, thereby expecting the wages that would enable them to sustain that lifestyle. It cannot continue on current crowd levels. However, having wasted half an hour of my life typing this, I expect that the 2019 season will result in three small leagues, riders riding for multiple clubs, more riders being frozen out of the sport, fixture chaos, declining crowds, arguing promoters and more tractor racing. I'm off to the pub.
  11. The photo of the 'cup winners' on the SGB website sums the sport up for me. Left to right; Starke - guest from Glasgow. Also ridden for Belle Vue and Poole this year. Lawson - rides for Somerset and Lakeside Garcia - guest from Ipswich. Also ridden for Edinburgh this year Doyle - A SOMERSET RIDER!! Harris - Guest from Poole who has also ridden for Rye House Covatti - rides for Somerset and Ipswich No 7th rider. Just a mish-mash of riders from all over the place who pull on a race jacket and call themselves team mates for the night.
  12. tigerowl

    AGM November 2018

    No consensus from the promoters about how to move forward. Mediocre riders already putting out quotes about wanting to ride for more than one team to enable them to be full-time riders, performing in front of crowds of 500-700 people. Fans not listened to. No one in charge. Complete joke of a sport at the moment.
  13. tigerowl

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    Anyone who gets the Star and doesn't subscribe is missing out. It's a reliable way of keeping up to date with the sport and it comes through my letterbox every week on a Thursday. It's a fantastic publication and I would encourage everyone to get their copy this way.
  14. Hammers got the gates sorted out towards the end of the meeting and fully deserved their win. There was no lack of effort from most of the team but one rider in particular didn't look interested if he didn't make the gate.
  15. tigerowl

    Sheffield v Ipswich 5/7/18 Championship

    Witches had a fair bit of bad luck tonight and it could have been much closer. Schlein packed up on the first bend in heat one, Mountain and Smith were on a 5-1 in heat two and, at the very same spot, Smith slid off and Mountain packed up, turning it into a Tigers 5-1. Then there was the big crash with Heeps coming off worst and Nicholls slid of as well. Covatti was great and keep an eye of Jeppesen. He's a real trier, a bit wild, but very exciting to watch.

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