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  1. tigerowl

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    Anyone who gets the Star and doesn't subscribe is missing out. It's a reliable way of keeping up to date with the sport and it comes through my letterbox every week on a Thursday. It's a fantastic publication and I would encourage everyone to get their copy this way.
  2. Hammers got the gates sorted out towards the end of the meeting and fully deserved their win. There was no lack of effort from most of the team but one rider in particular didn't look interested if he didn't make the gate.
  3. tigerowl

    Sheffield v Ipswich 5/7/18 Championship

    Witches had a fair bit of bad luck tonight and it could have been much closer. Schlein packed up on the first bend in heat one, Mountain and Smith were on a 5-1 in heat two and, at the very same spot, Smith slid off and Mountain packed up, turning it into a Tigers 5-1. Then there was the big crash with Heeps coming off worst and Nicholls slid of as well. Covatti was great and keep an eye of Jeppesen. He's a real trier, a bit wild, but very exciting to watch.
  4. tigerowl

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    It's just too expensive to attract and keep new fans and particularly families. My speedway experience is to pay £16, enter a stadium which is dilapidated and, (unless I want to watch from behind the glass, which I don't), is in a worse condition now than it was in 1974 when I started going. There are no seats, just dusty steps. The pre-meeting entertainment is to listen to Now That's What I Call Music number 124 and watch a pathetic introduction of the riders by a half-hearted announcer. There is then about 13 minutes of action over the next hour and a half to two hours with a raffle akin to the ones people used to have for a tray of meat in the Working Men's Clubs of years gone by. There is no second half, nothing to entertain the kids or anyone else - nothing. The riders all seem to manage to ride around in vans as big as a starter home and even the reserves at 'Championship' level appear to be full-time. So, the equipment costs a fortune and riders want paying a fair return for the expenditure and the risks they take. I have no problem with that, but the situation cannot continue. The sport has to find a way of reducing costs of equipment and riders have to realise that it is not sustainable to be full time when they are riding in front of crowds of 500-1500 people. Promoters have to promote. All they do is to open the gates, expect people to come and pay their money and come back again the next week when many of them do absolutely nothing to encourage a return. Times are hard for a lot of people and there is better entertainment to be had elsewhere. I've been to the ice-hockey a couple of times recently and it's not my cup of tea to be honest. But there were thousands there, many in replica kits, games and entertainment for the kids, a brilliant arena and cheaper than the speedway. I prefer the speedway because I've been brought up with it but in terms of value for money there was no comparison. Speedway, on its's day, can be the best sport in the world but it needs someone in charge who has a vision and some radical ideas. The promoters have to promote and the riders have to be more realistic and realise that they can't all be full time.
  5. tigerowl

    Newcastle 2018

    It looks like a team that wants to ride for the Diamonds and has an affinity with the club. That means a lot. I really hope you do well this year. I don't think it's a league winning side but it seems like an honest bunch of riders who will give 100% rather then a team of mercenaries who don't give a monkeys who they ride for. There's more to the sport than winning the league.
  6. tigerowl

    Newcastle 2018

    Having and out and out number one is over rated in my opinion. It's nice to have one, but if the Diamonds can share the first heat, they should be 8-4 up after two heats against most of the teams in the league. It looks a solid side to me. Some of the teams are a bit top heavy but have inexperienced reserve pairings and it should make for some exciting contests at Brough Park. Just hope the fans get out and get behind them.
  7. tigerowl

    Oldest Surviving Team

    I think the Halifax championship winning team of 1966 may all still be alive - Boocock, Younghusband, Boothroyd, Roper, Gavros, Jameson and Kingston.
  8. Sorry if someone has mentioned this before but I haven't read the whole thread. I think that a sign that things are radically wrong with the sport is when James Sarjeant (and I mean this with no disrespect to him whatsoever), has a poor season to say the least in 2017 and sees his average drop drastically. His reward for this is team places in two leagues in 2018. Joe Jacobs has a great 2016 and increases his average beyond all expectations. His punishment for this is to be frozen out of the start of the 2017 season and have to wait for someone to get injured and face the possibility of having to do the same in 2018. Surely this can't be right.
  9. tigerowl

    Kelly Moran How Good.?

    I would sum Kelly up as Natural Ability 10/10 Entertainment 10/10 Teamwork 10/10 Commitment 5/10 If he more committed he could have been the best rider in the world but I go to speedway to be entertained and in that respect he is one of my favourite riders of all time. I wish Kelly was still with us but as far has his speedway career goes I would have changed him for anything.
  10. tigerowl

    Workington 2018 .

    Delighted to hear the Comets will be back. Hope you have a better season and the club flourishes again.
  11. tigerowl

    Promoter's Agm!

    What about 'em? Stuff Denmark (no offence). Riders choose to ride here or ride over there if necessary. If it had been Thursdays the cries of what about Ipswich, Redcar and Sheffield would be more valid.
  12. tigerowl

    Promoter's Agm!

    I know I have been one of the biggest critics of the way speedway is going but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. A big thing for me is the double points rule being abolished. The doubling up situation hasn't been fully resolved but I hope that it will be a bit better. If there were any seats left at Owlerton I might put my bum on one of them, but I may well put my bum on a dusty step.
  13. tigerowl


    I hope Joe has a sponsor for thermal long johns as he'll be involved in a double header on October 31 as Stoke try and finish their hectic 10 home matches in 7 months schedule.
  14. tigerowl

    Promoter's Agm!

    In reality, all that happened was that some teams moved up a league, some teams moved down a league. The top league was renamed and the middle league was renamed but nothing really changed. Promotion and relegation was introduced and led to the most farcical and ill supported meetings where Leicester used guests for two riders who were riding for the opposition. Speedway teams lost their identity and when a team has to use a guest for their number one because he is riding for another team somewhere else then things have gone drastically wrong. At least Rob Godfrey admitted in the Star this week that the best AGM had been the worst but these guys are still in charge and we have to trust them to come up with something better this weekend. There is so much negativity on this site but there are people on here have been fans of the sport for most of their lives and care about what is happening to the sport they love. Fans need to be listened to and the promoters have to make some real changes if the sport is to survive. Many fans hate the double points rule, hate the excessive use of guests, hate the liberal use of the doubling up system but are routinely ignored.
  15. tigerowl

    Promoter's Agm!

    Just a quick reminder to what was said after last year's AGM... Promoters feel this dramatic revamp was necessary in a financially challenging climate – and whilst chairman Keith Chapman admits there is an element of cost cutting there is plenty for fans and sponsors to be excited about. He said: “This was probably the best AGM I’ve been to in all my time in the sport. There was a genuine desire to try and change things and secure the future of league racing in the UK. I certainly think we have done that and I’m very excited about the months ahead. Every promoter acknowledged something had to be done after some very difficult times for the sport – now we’ve done something and I’m looking forward to a bright future.” Vice Chairman Rob Godfrey said: “I believe we have achieved a total restructuring of British Speedway. We have created leagues which are sustainable and have a structure with promotion and relegation and the same rules. Now we have rebranded the sport, it’s time to deliver.”

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