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  1. i have some racing bibs and a signed pair of andreas jonsson kevlars the one he raced for lakeside in. offers open to them all but kevlars im looking for £400 ono
  2. hi i have racing kevlars for sale 5ft 7 up to 6ft a pair of andreas jonsson signed kevlars his lakeside hammers ones i have a load of spoilers for sale i have bags of cable ties 1000 in a bag daytona 42 and 43 used condition contact me on 07568460599
  3. Hi Laurence you have got the wrong number for dad it is 07765311018 Cheers Rhys
  4. Hi I hope you get your wish because that means another ride for us 250 Riders. Rhys Naylor
  5. Hi Wolfess Thank you for your comments it was a great opppotunity for us we tried our best and enjoyed it but those that stayed saw us ride next time there might be a few more I hope Laurence can get another day as there are more us out here Matty,Lloyd,Marc,Laurence,Brendan,Nathan.may next time there will be a few more of us as well. All the best Rhys
  6. Yes a big thanks to the Wolvehampton staff and promotion it was a great evening never ridden on a track like that before certainly made us all aware of how tracks differ it was a challenge well done to Tom,Joe,Adam,Connor.Thanks to Laurence for getting the match on SeeYa Soon Rhys

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