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  1. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    So Cook has officially signed then ? If so I’ve missed it
  2. I take your point but why would anyone carry on going to meetings handing over £18 just to keep a club going - If as a fan you feel your money is better spent on other things that you enjoy more that’s what your going to do - if the club listened to ex fans concerns it would be something but they don’t it’s there way or no way . I still class myself as a speedway fan I watch on tv every meeting I can but I choose to keep my £18 for other things .
  3. So hand over £18 a meeting for something some fans are not happy with ? mmm now let me think what I’d do
  4. Slip the word was into your post - from what I hear it’s all gate and go at KL so if that’s the case little point in signing him -
  5. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Difficult?? Looked like a complete collapse to me .
  6. Can’t think why ? - he’s way past his best as well
  7. Let’s hope not especially not Barker
  8. You’ve said nothing that makes us want to return - we watched Ipswich v Wolves on tv and saved near on £60 - it’s not all about saving money but we all want value for money and from what I hear that clearly isn’t the case for many people .
  9. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I get it also - sadly some wear blinkers that see no wrong in speedway in this country or KL speedway - only in speedway in GB are fans pushed away and basically not wanted and are isolated for having an opinion other than club policy in any other business this wouldn’t happen- so tonight I will be watching Ipswich v Wolves on BT rather than attending a meeting at KL ( I took your advice Trees and looked on the KL website )so I no there is a meeting tonight
  10. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Am I not ? Well your totally wrong there -even if I don’t attend I’m always follow meetings on updates that’s if I no when meetings on - sadly blocking people for having an opinion that’s not club policy ( my way or the highway policy applies for fans as well as riders it seems )does nothing but isolate fans and put fans off even more - but there you go
  11. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    When the club blocks fans you get no tweets from KL and I don’t follow BV so that’s were I’m coming from on that one -and throughout the day I work so if there was some doesn’t mean I see them anyway
  12. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Did they ? must have missed that one - poor from the club on social media unless social media bubble has burst . Perhaps I need to get the Lynn news delivered again or the Speedway Star least I will then no when meetings are on
  13. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Didn’t even no there was a meeting- no comments on social media today

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