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  1. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    That’s awful news - am really sadden to hear this .
  2. Wrong wrong wrong on all accounts .
  3. That comment just about sums speedway up that’s confidence for you that the first meeting doesn’t live up to fans expectations fans will leave after the first meeting. . Dont think your selling this meeting too well do you ?
  4. Can I resist lol most definitely NOT
  5. The ties have well and truly been cut - big difference between Woffinden blocking you is your NOT potential paying customer of his whereas Kings Lynn Speedway you and everyone else is a potential customer paying money to get in - big difference
  6. Yes and if you don’t suck up to them on social media and say what they want to hear your blocked straight away - what awful way to treat paying customers- basically your allowed an opinion as long as it’s the same as the clubs .
  7. Seems Rory crashed last night at Workington for Ipswich some are saying knee injury others ankle injury- id guess he’s a serious doubt for the double up meeting.
  8. Call it bleating moaning being negative and to the other extreme those who wear blinkers and see no wrong call whatever you want but everyone has a right to an opinion including the ones that have walked away - and yes I’m so hopeful of things improving to a point I want to attend again but so far I chose to keep my hard earned cash in my pocket- how can anyone defend a 7team league and struggle to fit fixtures in to a point that we have to run double headers against the same bloody team on the same night how can any one defend that ? To me that total miss management weeks with no racing in the best summer weather for years and now it’s come to this .
  9. That says it all - anyone who lays there hard earned cash out up front to a speedway club for a season ticket should be looked after as a most valued fan the club should be bending over backwards for any season ticket holders not s$$t on them from the highest level . Feel really sad that as a club Kings Lynn treats it season ticket holders in such a way .
  10. You really are the most blinkered KL fan of all time - all well and good supporting the team but wake up and smell the coffee for once .
  11. I think the obvious solution rather than take the risk of losing two meetings change it to just Wolves once and fit Wolves in the following week in a double header when I think Poole are the visitors least it won’t be a farce of the same team twice on the same night and hopefully we will have a full 1-7 - if they stick with the madness of Wolves twice on the same night without Iversen it will be play off and financial suicide.
  12. Think we all no the answer to that one sadly
  13. One big main difference there is footballers don’t play in multiple leagues- whereas speedway riders do ride in multiple leagues .
  14. A very very easy way to clear all uncertainty up on the line up but this is speedway so I’m sure the club will keep everyone guessing as per usual.
  15. One things for certain it will be the very last moment before they will announce the team if we are missing riders Wednesday night .

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