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  1. Tonight’s call off wonder if it had anything todo with getting the stadium ready for next weekend F1 stock car world final mmmm
  2. I agree there are few alternatives but this is the situation speedway has allowed its self to get into its all self inflicted- wait till the play offs there will be even more conflict of interest and it will be even harder to justify.
  3. And also Ipswich rider Harris in for Lambert a Chapman controlled club these are the exact reasons why one man shouldn’t be allowed to own 3 clubs conflict of interests 110%
  4. Yes I’d agree with what you say the strength of the sport and fan base was much higher than now sadly .
  5. I think probably the David Hawkins era was worse -
  6. Think it’s fairly obvious why Buster bought Pboro and Ipswich it was to save the league and the all important tv contract with BT had the league collapsed the BSPA I’d guess would have been hit with a bill from BT for not for filling the contract my guess it was cheaper to buy two clubs get this season out the way meet the Tv contract and as I’m sure this is the last season of the tv contract then sell the clubs or close them at the end of the season. I totally agree with Pboro fans they’ve had a rough deal and the clubs been used by the BSPA . That’s the way I see it
  7. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Last night great racing on great race track- get the track right that’s what you get - sadly most BT league meetings are one big bore fest - there is absolutely no reason why Kings Lynn couldn’t produce racing like last night given the will that is to use proper shale rather than dirt.
  8. Most definitely Trees should have a more balanced approach even she can’t be so blind to what’s going on at the club and the sport in general and just for once a word of criticism she’d get 100% more respect - as I said she must get in free as I can’t think of any other reason why she defends the club on every angle I apologise for any offence caused on that one if as it seems I was wrong - most definitely can’t fault the work at the supporters club .
  9. From what I’m hearing there is a lot of talk of a boycott at Pboro till Buster is gone - some pboro fans don’t want him there .
  10. And don’t forget free admission for Trees she must get in free lol lol
  11. He she is a Pboro fan not Lynn
  12. Funny how you never see the negatives even if they are right under your nose they just wear the cloak of invisibility lol - you keep wearing those blinkers and don’t forget your rose tinted glasses -
  13. I honestly believe they don’t care if long term fans walk away if they did care they’d at least try to sort the problem out speedway in general make 0% effort in this.
  14. Absolutely right - AFA is now a stock car stadium first and foremost- speedway is secondary and id guess sometimes an inconvenience- Some can kid themselves that isn’t the case but sadly they are wrong .
  15. Maybe it’s a case of the older fans remember when we actually had racing rather than gate and go - as for admission I’d much sooner pay £25 and actually see some top riders rather than the same bunch doubling up in both leagues

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