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  1. Well the one thing I don’t get Lewis Rose quit a few weeks into the season and what do we do considering the on going problems with using Danish rider and racing on Wednesday night the same night as the Danish what do we do ?. - we sign Palm Toft not only do Denmark have priority but also Pboro you honestly couldn’t make it up - whoever made the decision to sign Palm Toft should be shown the exit door - I agree he’s done well for the club but he isn’t much use when he’s racing elsewhere.
  2. I’d guess the main criteria was he’s cheap and just maybe he will be half decent rider given the chance and was worth a punt . Must admit I’d never heard of him prior him signing for KL .
  3. Ok thanks for that was just a thought
  4. I guess running against England in the World Cup won’t help attendance that’s for sure -running on a Monday won’t either probably the worst night of the week to run speedway being bottom of the league won’t help either. Sadly speedway never learns and at Kings Lynn we definitely don’t on a different note I see Somerset have dropped Charles Wright - could the Stars fit him in in Andersen place maybe ? not sure on averages
  5. 7 points off a play off place with 2 meetings in hand - long way to go yet but not in a good position that’s for sure . The reception Poole put on for Lambert seems to me he will be on his way to Dorset come 2019 .
  6. That’s the way it’s heading if action isn’t taken
  7. Well at least the cricket club is trying to attract fans - speedway is doing bugger all - won’t be long before OAPs will be the most expensive admission price .
  8. Poor meeting on poor race track only Lambert kept me awake - nothing to get the fans flowing through the turnstiles again .
  9. @£21 including program plus travel costs plus getting home late with work the next morning or stay home watch it on BT mmmm money saved will more than cover BT costs for the month so really a no brainier not going .
  10. Looking at the moment the weather could be the only winner
  11. Not many is my guess - was a time we’d have gone along to Rye tonight but not no more .
  12. Different sport obviously but Sunday Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club had a family fun day Notts v Warwickshire one day game all tickets £1 over 14,000 turned up many children with mum and Dad and just maybe some will return and become fans it’s the next generation speedway needs to get hooked . But what a great idea ? To get people along to watch cricket my guess what they lost on full price admission they will gain in the long run .
  13. At the end of the day we all want a successfully run club on and off track with fans customers whatever you want to call them put first and foremost they forgotten how to make customers feel special and wanted - why I’ve walked away mainly I felt we was being totally taken for granted that we would turn up hand over our cash and be totally happy with what’s on offer no questions asked . Last season was the final straw for me - i might return at some point this season I might not I’ve found other things to do on a Wednesday and I’m enjoying doing them . Negative or positive all views are equally important - the one thing the club just might learn something from if they was to listen is why so many long term fans have turned there back and walked away .
  14. And racing on a Wednesday rather than Saturday night that is the main difference
  15. Congratulations on a Stars win . As it turned out Campos wasn’t in for Auty all I did was repeat a post on Twitter I certainly didn’t start it and as far as I no I’ve never started fake news thank you . you are wrong on me wanting KL speedway closed - totally 100% wrong but guess that your opinion and I respect your views . if anyone didn’t attend that’s there choice not mine that’s entirely up to them if they went or not . Pleased Auty had a good night and by the sound of it so did the rest of the team and progressed to the semi finals . Well done to the Stars

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