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  1. Absolutely spot on - time for some KL fans to move on we was beaten by the better side over the two legs end of - we was the best team over the regular season that’s for sure as our league position shows we all signed up for the same set of rule ie the play offs so time for certain people to congratulate the Pirates on there win and put there sour grapes away .
  2. If I was Buster I’d be getting the riders together today with a view of preparing a very dodgy track
  3. Absolutely spot on - the same person will be moaning when top riders don’t ride in the Ben fund meeting.
  4. Think you are going way way over the top whilst it’s a shame he crashed yesterday and is now suffering the effects - he could just as easily hurt himself doing say diy at home we can’t wrap riders up in cotton wool - riders are free to earn a living Iversen is not just contracted to ride for Kings Lynn - personally I think Iversen has served the Stars well over the years and I’m certainly not going to criticise him for riding in Gollobs meeting - so if he’d crashed in the GP what you have said then ? Shouldn’t have raced in it ?
  5. Congratulations to everyone involved at the club on making the final as others have said job done can’t ask for more than that though as other have said as a spectacle the racing was dross poor racing on what was once the best race track in the country, as for the final will depend on the 1st leg scorline if I make a speedway comeback for the 2nd leg or watch on tv .
  6. £20 minimum is my guess could even be as high as £25
  7. Big performance last night well done the Stars - might just come out of speedway supporters retirement for the final
  8. Sadly been caught out so many times - just not worth the risk even with a track walk video as u say though a good idea
  9. Was planning on going tonight for the first time this season but rain has put me off sadly it’s just not worth the risk
  10. Oh dear did wonder if it would even start
  11. Does anyone no the result from yesterday’s meeting? Or was it rained off
  12. We are on holiday all next week and thought it’s Poole so we are aiming to be there though it will be subject to weather conditions. So fingers crossed for a dry day and evening
  13. Bit late - but some say I only do negative comments- so a big well done and a big 6 points - on to the next one - ps I might just make an appearance Wednesday night .
  14. Bloody hell Trees you agree with me I’m in a state of shock lol
  15. They could even hand out a voucher on the way out £9 off the next meeting you attend as long as you leave the stadium prior to heat one of the second meeting I’d have thought that wouldn’t be too difficult for the club - So the club lose £36 because they are unable or un willing to help customers.

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