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  1. Haza

    Ipswich 2019

    Sadly I think both Ipswich and Peterborough fans will be saying the same - it is all about saving the PL and the tv deal with BT - only in speedway could you have one man effectively owning 3 clubs in a 7 team league .
  2. It absolutely stinks if Harris ends up at either Lynn or Ipswich if he does this is the precise reason why one man shouldn’t effectively own 3 clubs in a 7 team league . If he was was to end up at either club it’s another nail in Speedway’s credibility coffin .
  3. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    15 heats is 15 heats and is basically 16 minutes of track time - so how it’s better value if it’s spread over 2hours 15 rather than 90 mins I’m not too sure .
  4. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I too took mrss advice and I don’t miss going in the slightest - and this comes from someone who used to live for Speedway my whole life revolved around it we now get our weekly fix on tv .
  5. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    and with a comment like that I can understand why speedway is in such a mess . Id have thought trying to get more to attend would be a better idea rather than say stay at home . But there you go
  6. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree about the lack of urgency during meetings - thing is as well 15 heat is 15 heats if it’s over 90 minutes or 120 minutes or on other occasions even longer - doesn’t make the product or value for money better if a meeting is spread over a longer time period . But as you say lack of urgency
  7. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Well I’ve not attended since July 2017 and I seem to remember often it would be near on 8pm before racing started - id have hope a 7-30 start means just that but we shall see
  8. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That would be possibly the best move the club can make to help increase attendance of families and to help fans who start work early the following morning- id definitely welcome a 7-30 start
  9. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Sigh - and internet isn’t faster ? Once it was known it was going to be announced in the Speedway Star - id have thought a press release could have easily beaten a paper version- or is things really that slow in Norfolk? Anyway I’m sure the person with the finger on the media pulse will be spot on with the second signing when it’s announced.
  10. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Yea he maximised media intrest last week when a printed paper magazine announced Lambert had signed - I’d have thought if they are so hot on maximising media intrest a press release would have come out ahead of a paper version in the SS . Just a thought
  11. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    It might well be if the first race was at 7-30 - I’ve no interest what so ever if I was to attend a meeting hanging around till 10 ish as a guess for a press conference my first concern after heat 15 is getting home and doing my pack up for work the next day and then to bed .
  12. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    One man doesn’t make a team but certain riders put bums on seats which makes for an atmosphere in the stadium 2 riders I can think of that would definitely do that is Nicki P and Emil S - the crowd that was at KL the night Emil made his debut for Coventry was one of the biggest seen in recent times - as for after match press conference if I was to attend after heat 15 the only place I’m heading is home ..
  13. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I’m not criticising anyone who enjoys what’s on offer it’s good everyone hasn’t walked away or it just be a stock car stadium, but makes your views so right and mine so wrong I fail to see who’s to say who’s views are right or wrong ? this is a forum were I thought we are entitled to having different views we don’t all live in a world with rose tinted glasses , When we last went to KL there was a group of ten of us that used to meet up each meeting since the Poole walk out by Holder and Batch just 1 of the ten still attends regular now I’d have thought if that’s the case speedway and KL speedway must be doing something wrong to lose long term fans can’t be good for the club - none returned last season despite having a good season we all found other things to do . But you and others enjoy it so that’s equally as good as the ones that don’t I’m not criticising anyone who attends .
  14. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Absolutely spot on post - those who enjoy what’s on offer fantastic good for you , sadly it’s no longer for me

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