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  1. From what I saw on Tv last week Buster done exactly the same at KL though there is stock cars at Lynn is that the plan for the show ground ?
  2. First of all I hope those who crashed last night are ok - BUTLost the will to live and turned over to watch the paint drying channel- Buster may have saved the league and Pboro speedway and the BT contract but with a track like last night he’s doing his best to kill the sport .
  3. I will be watching tonight be good to see a KL home meeting it’s the clubs chance to inspire me to attend the next home meeting.
  4. In a 7 team mini league when one man own 3 clubs the rider merry go round carries on between all 3 clubs only one conclusion =farce
  5. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Dissenters ??? Do you not mean paying customers? What a disrespectful way to call paying customers - Most people have work the next morning and want to get home some people have children with them and want to get home maybe you have neither and can take your time after the meeting but for most people that isn’t the case .
  6. you obviously have nothing better to do than hang around watching tractors going round - -15 heats is 15 heats if it’s done and dusted in 90 mins or 120 mins or longer on a Monday night I’d have thought most fans have better things to do than wait for heats to start - but each to there own
  7. More likely was concerned about the weather
  8. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Well there wouldn’t be as bigger gap between the haves and the have nots as there was in 1995 as most of the top riders have turned there back on the UK - Lambert could well do that next season if he gains a permanent GP place and take Doyle away as well it’s the championship in all but name any way - the downside to one big league will be not enough meetings for some riders - Buster with out doubt saved the PL this season and saved the TV contract with BT but from what I’ve witnessed it’s more likely to put fans off going other than meetings from the NSS the meetings have been poor .
  9. Haza

    Sheffield 2019

    Thank you for that reply to my original question
  10. Haza

    Sheffield 2019

    Without knowing all the facts can I asked is it down to fixed race nights in the PL why the Tigers had to switch to Sunday’s? I
  11. There you go - I was replying to Bagpuss post he bought the subject up not me
  12. And that’s the exact reason we stopped going not the only reason admittedly but the main reason- the late finishing of meetings and lack of urgency to complete the meetings was the main reason - as I’ve said before for us 7-30 start would be far better sorry if I’ve said all this before and I’m not wishing to be accused of being negative
  13. Lynn fans must be a different breed to Panthers fans then as some seem to have a mega hump over Cook
  14. Wonder how SOME Lynn fans would react if Panthers had signed Iversen ? Or still do sign Iversen - that would be interesting
  15. Haza

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thanks - just hadn’t heard him mentioned recently

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