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  1. Haza

    Cardiff 2020

    Well I think in all honesty it’s already cancelled the stadium going to be a COVID Hospital till well into 2021 by all accounts - it may not be officially cancelled but we may no a little more on Sunday on what restrictions are going to be lifted .
  2. Haza

    Cardiff 2020

    If that’s the case they might as well cancel it - maybe a switch to the National speedway stadium in the Autumn is on the cards ?
  3. Haza

    Cardiff 2020

    That’s a very good point - but the moaning was why are tickets still on sale for sale I can’t see anywhere near 40,000 attending Cardiff this year if by the slimmest of chance it even happens - as a city would they want that sort of attendance people traveling form all over the country potentially with some carrying the virus into the city then there is hotels restaurants bars another breeding ground for the virus and they are looking like they will be the last to reopen - 40,000 ? I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near Cardiff Gp be lucky if 20,000 attend in my opinion many will take a view that attending isn’t a risk worth taking .
  4. Haza

    Cardiff 2020

    Not being funny but who’d purchase a stadium ticket for any sporting event for this year at the moment? Yes BSI shouldn’t be still making tickets available I agree but I don’t think anyone would be crazy enough to still buy a ticket - would they ??
  5. Are you seriously saying going to Prague to watch a SGP sitting on a plane for two hours eating drinking in Prague using public transport sitting in the stadium- it’s worth the risk of getting COVID ??
  6. It’s could but it have little credibility in my eyes and would have be a loss maker without a major sponsors .
  7. Haza

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    To be honest that’s the least of our worries there is people are dying of this virus up and down our country- if speedway season starts all well and good we will be on top of beating the virus - until then in the big picture speedway doesn’t matter.
  8. Can I ask a question- would you feel comfortable traveling to Prague sat on a plane for 2 hours travelling from the airport to hotel eat and drinking in Prague and sitting in the stadium with many others I for one wouldn’t feel comfortable with this even if the Gp is on and flights are not cancelled as things stand I wouldn’t be attending.
  9. I really can’t see Cardiff happening this year 40.000 people normally I’d guess some will decide it’s not worth the risk going so say 30.000 decide to go you then got hotels that need to open bars restaurants shops all will you’d think be busy all this to me = a hot bed for the virus . Then there is the locals in Cardiff would they want people from all over the UK in there city ? Just can’t see how it will happen this year and July 18 is way to soon
  10. It isn’t often I comment on this forum anymore but I feel I want to about the current situation regarding the virus -I really can see this season not starting can see this only getting worse sadly with Pubs and other public places closing Friday and possible lock down coming in the next few days or even today best possible I think we’ve got this for 6 months which takes us to the end of September so I think whatever sport we love think we have accept it could be a blank summer - sorry for doom and gloom just being realistic .
  11. Haza

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    This team all at there prime would win this league by a mile sadly most are well past there peak and on the downward slope - but the standard of British speedway now should still make the play offs
  12. Haza

    Zlata Prilba/Stuha

    Shame - opportunity missed I think by Uk based sports channels
  13. Absolutely spot on like Nicki or not he brought something to the series that is sadly missing now - the sad career ending injury to Darcy Ward is another that brought something special to the series . I just feel the whole thing needs a shake up it is becoming boring .
  14. Thanks for your response- I didn’t go this year or last season to Cardiff after not missing a Cardiff Gp but I became bored stiff with it poor racing year after year expensive to stay overnight yes the occasion is great the atmosphere is great In the Stadium and in the city but the biggest let down was the gp itself and that’s the main reason we went to Cardiff in the first place - for me I watch on BT and from what I’ve seen the series has become stale and needs freshening up in some way - maybe too many rounds as well

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