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  1. Cloggy

    berwick bandits 2019

    Couldn’t get out the gate at Scunthorpe, boxed in on gate one in his first two and that was that unlike at Belle Vue where his gating was exceptional.
  2. Cloggy

    berwick bandits 2019

    Last time Berwick were at Peterborough, Jye 9 from number 3. Danny 2 from number 6.
  3. Absolutely, I already know plenty lapsed and priced out fans who are going a week on sat
  4. Agreed, Not the right time to make changes, had Gapp scored his average in our last 2 home meetings we wouldn’t have won either of them. Jye before snapping his collarbone and first meeting back getting his back smashed into had scored a respectable 19pts from 11. Just a night to forget about for Busk.
  5. Cloggy

    berwick bandits 2019

    Berwick Speedway have an opportunity next Saturday. Berwick Rangers will more than likely get a big crowd again on the 18th, as shown by the game against Albion, people cant stop staring at car crashes. Surely this is a great chance to promote rather than being "Jealous, green eyed and annoyed", consult with John Bell or Walla Parkin from the supporters club or any other directors who haven't resigned by then, get a bike and a flat screen monitor showing a highlight reel of some races and promote the meeting later on in the evening, hand out vouchers for reduced entry to the Sheffield meeting. If the BRFC board continue to be short sighted and don't comply, do it in the car park by the turnstiles?!
  6. Hopefully Pickering is as loose as last night for a bit entertainment
  7. Bates at armadump?
  8. Fairly comfortable Home win I reckon, would have be a close run affair had Busk n Jye been available
  9. I prefer that he didnt shake hands to continue the narrative of him being a bit of a doylem.
  10. What a ladgin.. get dickie juul back
  11. Think at Shielfield that’ll be fine, hopefully they make that change for away meetings.
  12. Cloggy

    Tony Pulis supported the Newport Wasps

    Was he a supporter or a fan, though?
  13. Cloggy

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Lawlor rode at Berwicks stars of tomorrow a few month back; was certainly the most exciting rider on show.

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