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  1. You've been spending to much time with the CornhillCowboy with that patter
  2. Figureof8heed

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Didn't think you'd have saw that race, Weren't you the old doylem who got thrown out for being p1ssed up?
  3. Figureof8heed


    I'd like to think Lindman will kick on now he's at 7, however if thats not to be, Ellis Perks would be a good shout. Scored a rubbish load for Redcar at Shielfield early last season.
  4. Racing has to improve on that to keep casual fans paying. Sad that a meeting which included Bomber and Morris had no passing what so ever.
  5. Figureof8heed


    Usually these threads are full of Berwick fans arguing wi eachover... this winter we just have this gadgey slavvering twaddle
  6. Figureof8heed


    Think I've asked before but don't remember the answer. Are loan fees for other clubs assets a fixed rate or negotiable between the 2 clubs?
  7. Figureof8heed


    i mind speaking to kennet in walkaboot weeks after he signed for Berwick and he was moaning about the traveling then
  8. Figureof8heed


    Nae jobs at the Cornhill shop?
  9. Figureof8heed


    NBJ name isn't coming up too often with folk I crack to. He a long shot to return?
  10. Figureof8heed


    He's only one of 12 riders who can ride in Rzeszows 1-5 tbf. He's not nailed on to get many meetings in Poland.
  11. Figureof8heed

    One League - Build A Team

    1. Max Fricke 2. Jack Holder 3. Thomas H Jonasson 4. Nicklas Porsing 5. Danny King 6. Jack Parkinson-BBurn 7. Ellis Perks
  12. Figureof8heed


    Are there still tickets for the end of season do still available?
  13. Reading that Drabik WILL be racing tomorrow..unless my google translator is way off the mark...
  14. Crushing old fellas with their program boards would be nasty
  15. Figureof8heed

    Bandits V Monarchs 9-9-17 @7pm

    What was Nick saying on the pitch when interviewed last night?

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