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  1. villiers210

    Cradley Heathens 2017

    I think his crystal ball must be due for a service
  2. villiers210

    Cradley Heathens 2017

    Oh dear. How stupid do you look now?
  3. Wonder if someone can help. There's a few of us coming over from the Midlands tomorrow (Monday). However 2 of them can't get there til late afternoon due to work commitments. Is there reduced admission for the MDL match only?
  4. villiers210

    Mildenhall -v- Cradley Off

    Seems to me from today's 2nd statement, that Mildenhall have accepted full responsibility. And so they should. You may not like the rules, they may indeed be stupid, but Mildenhalls actions were just plain wrong.
  5. villiers210

    Buxton Vs Cradley (nlkoc) 29/05/2016 @ 3pm

    Must say how much I enjoyed yesterday. Was gutted for Bradley after a fantastic 3 1/2 laps in his first race where he really looked on the gas and comfortable. Crying shame that he had to revert to his no 2 bike for his remaining rides. Think we were a tad lucky to come away with a draw, but should be no problem at Monmore. Some good racing and a really good day out. Well done to both teams!!
  6. This was my first thought when I read the statement put out last night. Words put out like they "understand people frustration", but no apology. I was reading about a family that travelled over from Sweden to see this - an apology is more than deserved!!
  7. Can't answer your questions personally - perhaps a someone from Northside could help. I do know that CCTV was being muted yesterday.What a good idea with regard to bucket collections at UK tracks. I know that there is always a collection going on for "something or other" but Northside is just too important to lose.
  8. Can I start by just saying that apart from recognising that Northside Speedway is one of the best things that has happened in our sport here in the UK, I have no involvement with them whatsoever. However, I was sickened to hear the news yesterday that mindless vandals had trashed the place and threatened its future. The cost to reopen it is apparently sizeable. I have seen first hand the work these volunteers do. Northside is no ordinary speedway track. It is for youngsters starting out in the sport from aged 8 years. Not only is it a first class facility for training would-be UK future champions, but it also gives youngsters much needed focus and an interest in an activity that is far better than them roaming the streets with nothing to do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a donation no matter how small. If its only a couple of quid it doesnt matter. Speedway promoters - a donation is an investment in your business!! Supporters - these kids are the starts of the future and every supporter of UK speedway has an interest in keeping Northside open. Nobody is asking for huge individual amounts, but collectively we CAN make a difference. Donations can be made anonymously. Every £1 counts. I have no idea who set this fund up, but let's all do our bit to help out here. Make a difference now by visiting: http://www.gofundme.com/7s2wrh9w Thank you
  9. villiers210

    Polish Promotion/relegation Sunday 4th October

    I'll send you a PM tonight
  10. villiers210

    Polish Promotion/relegation Sunday 4th October

    Bought a satellite system as cheap as chips to watch Polish league speedway live on TV. Really impressed with their TV presentation. Why didn't I get this year's ago?
  11. villiers210

    Torun Gp Tickets

    Hope this helps some of you. Firstly register, then when you enter your passport number, be sure to enter the letters GB before the number on your passport. Hope this helps, and I'll see you in the Liga bar for a Tyskie!!!
  12. villiers210

    Torun 2015

    Tickets are now on sale for the Torun GP. I must confess that the SGP people are a complete joke - I asked them on 3 occasions when they would be going on sale with no reply. Thanks to the nice people at the stadium in Torun, they let me know on Saturday that they would be going on sale today. Tyskie in the Liga bar anybody???
  13. villiers210

    Torun 2015

    I stand corrected, but would still love to know the answer if anyone knows.

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