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  1. What a load of rubbish, I'm off out
  2. On right wouldn't surprise me
  3. Someone could miss out on 12 in Glasgow
  4. I reckon cookies thru as well because of his race wins
  5. If Bomber has 11 I reckon his thru because of his 3 race wins
  6. I could nearly pay my credit card off
  7. bruno

    Cradley v Belle Vue - 3 June

    I reckon the crowd has dropped by a good couple hundred, there was a time when it was said our crowd matched the Wolves but I'm not sure about that but there's no denying its dropped this season. I still enjoy supporting the lads home and away when I can get there but the National League standard has dropped but maybe it's more what it should be now but at £13 not really sure if everyone thinks it's value for money. I'l be at Mildenhall Sunday but there was no where near as many Heathens on our last visit. Saying all that there's still a fair few teams who would be happy with our level of support
  8. How come Madsen wasn't riding
  9. I know this has been answered before but how come Rory Schlein's in
  10. Who are the 10 seeds to the final?
  11. Shouldn't the fastest in practice get first pick in the qualifying laps from first down to sixteen or whatever
  12. bruno

    Ivan Mauger. Belle Vue. 1969/72

    Didn't Ivan have a fantastic league average in 1975 for Exeter? Or is my memory playing tricks
  13. bruno

    Warsaw 2019

    Didn't Ivan Mauger say one year he purposely finished in a certain qualifying place to get the number he wanted in the World final. Can't remember if it worked out for him

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