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  1. With regards to holding the meeting up if there's a queue I don't think they should unless maybe there's been an incident of some kind. I tend to get to the Wolves about 7.25 and if there was a queue and I missed a race then tough on me I should have got there earlier
  2. bruno

    The Sheriffs Are Coming

    I have a terrible feeling it could be the circus, hope I'm wrong and it's a cracking night of racing
  3. It says Ellis fell on bend 4, is it just bends 1 and 2 that's been altered or all the track
  4. Tbh it's tough times for promoters at the minute and id be happy enough to pay £5 at the next meeting
  5. There was 13 heats not completed so shouldnt I get in the next meeting for a fiver
  6. So I've paid £10 for 2 heats tonight
  7. Anyone know the policy on rain offs as when I can use my ticket from tonight,I can't get to next week's meeting
  8. Is the police station easy to spot,I've been a few times so can picture the shops on the way in . Thanks
  9. Bit controversial this but I was a big fan of PC in the 70s although I actually preferred Mort's style. I didn't follow speedway quite as closely around the mid 80s just going now and again . I've been checking PC's record after his win and then incredible 2nd place the year after. What I'm shocked at is he didn't really seem to be a serious contender after that. Am I talking rubbish?
  10. Anyone know the figure for the first Golden Hammer
  11. bruno

    Swindon Stadium

    Or the same jobsworth who had the parking off me and told me where to park then has I passed him said the meeting was off
  12. bruno

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    I remember that race Steve but I don't think I went to the meeting so I'm guessing it must have been on tv
  13. If Sheffields in the Midlands I must be a Cockney
  14. Fantastic well done Ricky

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