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  1. Wasn't sure about paying for this but after such a rubbish year I've enjoyed watching the youngsters tonight. Not sure I'd keep paying £12 + but it could be a way to go but I'd say about £7 - £8
  2. Still all good on mine, watching on an Amazon fire tablet
  3. Mine buffered at start but fine now
  4. Ok thanks for that . Appreciated
  5. Is this still on just seen post on Facebook cancelled because if heavy rain. Just about to book it
  6. Fair enough but how long are real long tracks
  7. How is it long track if it's on a speedway track. Confused
  8. Baggies match on sky atm , no fans. Why can't they have say 5000 . Bonkers
  9. bruno

    SON 2020

    No email yet but likely will apply for refund, too cold for me on October. Getting old
  10. The weather looks ok in Manchester tomorrow
  11. I've just checked the weather it doesn't look that bad
  12. bruno


    Got mine today this week so better than usual

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