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  1. bruno

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Still tickets left in grandstand tho, I'd have thought that would have sold out quick
  2. bruno

    Les Owen

    I remember Bob at Cradley, maybe his last season? 76? Think he spent it mainly at reserve
  3. bruno

    SON 2020

    I've just ordered 2 tickets and got the email to print them at home no problem but when I select view and print the ticket comes up ok but when I press the 3 dots there's no print option. Anyone any ideas, wish I'd had them posted now I've sussed it, stress or what. Lol
  4. bruno

    SON 2020

    Maybe, didn't it more or less sell out both days last time and that was with the temporary stands as well
  5. bruno

    SON 2020

    Booking 2 tickets tomorrow, still plenty available. Thought the main stand would sell out straight away. Strange. No chance of temporary stands on 3rd 4th bend I'd have thought. Didn't it sell out out straight away the last time a few years ago
  6. bruno

    SON 2020

    Hoping to book tickets soon, am surprised how many are left. Can't see temporary stands going in at this rate. Early days I suppose
  7. bruno

    Left Handed Rider... Does Anybody Know ?

    I'm right handed but play golf and cricket left handed. No idea why
  8. bruno

    SON 2020

    I can't book my tickets yet but keep checking to see how quick there selling but surprisingly still seems plenty left and don't seem to be going that quick. I wonder if fans are waiting to see if there will be the temporary stands again and they'll be cheaper
  9. bruno

    SON 2020

    Must be temporary stands going up on 3rd 4th bends surely
  10. bruno


    Are they still used
  11. bruno

    SON 2020

    Any hotel recommendations
  12. bruno

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I think we had that at Dudley Wood for a bit as well. Paying extra to stand the tapes side that is not the toilets. Then again Dudley Wood wasn't the poshest.
  13. bruno

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Just a thought Steve I've been going up the Wolves since the late 90s not so much since we've been back except for the last couple of years when I've been a regular again but with us now finished Wolves will unbelievably be my team again. Btw I've no problem with that , in my eyes there's been no rivalry for 20 years. My thought is tho I wonder how much the Wolves fan base will increase next year with Heathens fans still after there speedway fix. There's a fair few who turn up anyway but maybe there will be more next year. It took me about 10 years before I starting wanting Wolves to win instead of the opposition .lol . It was when Billy had a couple of seasons with you and you told me to come over to the dark side lol

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