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  1. bruno


    Must admit has much as I've missed my speedway fix spending £18+ every week has got me thinking is it worth it. Certainly not vfm for the standard were getting
  2. bruno


    Received thanks Phil, looking forward to it
  3. bruno


    No star this week, I've sent for a digital copy at about 1 o'clock but nothing back yet. Is the email address manned over the weekend anyone know
  4. bruno


    I've just watched that, first neutral match I've watched in ages. Won't be bothering again anytime soon
  5. bruno


    Still waiting, got the online version which I wasn't too keen on at first but must admit I'm getting used to it. Very tempted to change over especially with the way the post is
  6. I got tested yesterday after coughing a bit over the weekend and I'm positive. 10 days stuck in the house now. Luckily I'm fairly fit and not overweight but if I'm not posting in a few days you know covids a bugger. I keep away from people and also at work so no idea how I got it. Tesco I'm guessing
  7. bruno


    I'm in the posh part of DY4
  8. bruno


    Not received mine in the DY4 area but not getting much post at all anyway. Probably come Monday
  9. bruno

    Football 2020/21

    Some of the players are more athletes than footballers
  10. bruno

    Football 2020/21

    Just watching motd for the first time in ages, the speed of the play is incredible
  11. Do Poland have an independent body or do clubs have a say
  12. bruno

    Football 2020/21

    I remember when I was a big football fan before all seated stadiums sometimes it was like being herded like sheep especially for away matches. Scary thinking back. I watched that documentary the other night, I was 10 at the time very sad
  13. bruno

    IQ Test

    You'll probably get messages now Steve for more tests but can you supply credit card details lol
  14. My son went in hospital about a month ago for a shoulder op, he said am I safe to come in cuz of covid. Yes we have a slot. Gets op done and is told will be called back to have stitches out. He catches covid from hospital and self isolates. Gets call from hospital to have stitches out but explains he's got a day left of isolating. Hospital say come straight in because stitches should have been taken out a week earlier. He goes in and is refused to be seen by consultant because he should be isolating. Son goes barmy at them so someone takes stitches out and bandage him up. He asks for exercise advice but they can't give him any because they have lost his papers. Few days later he takes bandage off and a stitch has been left in so he takes it out himself. Nice little story. There are other bits like trying to understand staff who can't speak English but I'd get shot down on that
  15. bruno


    I've enjoyed NL racing for 10 years or so but I would say the amount of riders who progress is fairly low ish. Also I understand some make a living at that level which I've never understood

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