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  1. bruno

    Workington 2018 .

    Got breakfast included at the hotel just hoping they can do it for 8 so we can leave by half 8, shouldn't be a problem but being a Bank Holiday they might start serving later. Should be ok i d have thought tho
  2. bruno

    Workington 2018 .

    Been before and enjoyed our visit last time ,only stress is getting to Belle Vue next day and not missing out on breakfast
  3. bruno

    Workington 2018 .

    4 heathens coming up for this hope it's full strength teams and doesn't become a farce. Even staying over in sunny Worky then onto Belle vue next day before either Leicester or Monmore on Monday evening
  4. Getting older a right pain,got a brick in my shoe today absolute nightmare bending down to sort it out. 57 going on 97
  5. I know this might sound bonkers but I was tempted to travel down for this until it became a double header at 27 pound. The chances are it will descend into a farce and go on till God knows when and still not get completed. If you go for a carvery and after your finished they say do you want the same again for half price chances are you will have had enough after the first one
  6. Water and oil don't mix,sorry couldn't resist. Apologies already
  7. My wife's 3rd meeting and she wasn't overly impressed again with the racing although she enjoyed the experience of Cardiff last year,a very gate and go meeting tonight.shame Pijper packed up in heat 15 he was looking good. Only 3 real passes of note. Berwick deserving winners pity Riss took his time to get going but it was lost at reserve. Shame Max seems to have lost he's way he looked like he had a decent future in his younger days riding for us. Big plus is 15 pound to get in,well run meeting just a shame about the lack of passing
  8. Up in the area so may drag the wife along for her 3rd meeting
  9. How many times has that been posted!!!!!! Gonna come true one day
  10. The track looks perfect in that picture
  11. Was coming down Wednesday September 5th, won't bother now
  12. Just seen a picture in our local paper of the crowd at The Hawthorns and while it may have looked younger than a speedway crowd there wasn't many youngsters, teenagers or even 20 year olds in it. Maybe it's not just a speedway problem. Even the crowds at darts are mainly middle aged and over
  13. bruno

    Poole 2018

    Or April ☺
  14. bruno

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Coming down for this ,says rain all day on BBC weather. Can't be in doubt surely?

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