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  1. bruno

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Ivan Mauger not even Olsen or Collins got my attention compared to Ivan , of the modern era id have to say Crump or Nikki. Of the current crop there's really no one cause no one rides over here
  2. bruno

    Swindon v Poole. Prem. 22/8/19

    I would go the shorter way and leave 10 minutes earlier, your 2 minutes up then
  3. Have you seen the Berwick mascot, scary
  4. bruno

    Medical Cover

    I wouldn't not go to a meeting because of medical cover but I won't go to a double header if my team is in the second meeting. Very rarely does the second meeting get finished.
  5. No ,they were actually leaving and cars driving off the car park. It took us about 10 minutes to get off the car park. I can understand some making a run for it but to miss a last heat decider seems bonkers to me
  6. Sorry to bring this meeting up again but I meant to comment on this at the time. After watching a couple of heats from the back straight I made my way back to my mates round by the start for heat 15 .Walking around the first bends I noticed people leaving. Obviously to get off the car park. Why would you do that tho? Last heat decider which is usually the best race. Very odd
  7. bruno

    Medical Cover

    Crazy, gutted for Tom hope he's ok. I'm still into my speedway but starting at 9 isn't going to get me to turn up. Likewise tomorrow at Monmore I've got the chance to spend the day walking in the lake district so it's a no brainer what I'm doing likewise the week after Wolves are starting at 8 so I'm off up the pub instead. In the past nothing got in the way of a meeting but if something else turns up on a race night know there's a chance I'm give the speedway a miss because it's not a must not miss night out anymore for vfm
  8. bruno

    Medical Cover

    It's not that at all obviously but last night was never going to get finished, I think the first race started at 8.45 . As a Cradley fan who wants to come and watch that. If I was a home fan I'd have been there. All the best to the riders OBVIOUSLY
  9. bruno

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Was it more expensive than normal to get in?
  10. bruno

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Would have come to this normally but when it became part of a double header there was no chance ,knowing there was no chance it would get finished and even if it did who wants to stand around at half ten
  11. bruno

    Medical Cover

    It was the reason none of us bothered we knew it wouldn't get to the end, never a doubt
  12. Just given the practice a watch after not bothering since the first round and quite enjoyed it surprisingly
  13. So if the BSPA try to introduce something ridiculous in theory the SCB can stop it?
  14. Who are the bspa and who are the scb? What's the difference
  15. I know folk say use it or lose it but speedways no different to anything else, if it's rubbish your not going to keep paying. Maybe slightly different but used to have loads of pubs round by me but they were all rubbish with rubbish beer and atmosphere and some still in the 50s never mind 70s. Should I have kept using them to keep them open. No chance. On the other hand my local of 20 years is a 50 minute walk and although dated in appearance (speedway?) with no tv's , food or entertainment serves cracking beer so worth supporting. Point of my drivel? Speedway may be dated and can't do a lot to modernise itself but if the basics are rubbish ie the racing then it's doomed

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