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  1. bruno

    Speedway on TV

    I'm with bt broadband but cancelled the sport because it went up from £6 to £10. I watched it thru the sky platform but I've also cancelled sky now. However, I'm still with bt for my broadband so can I watch it on my Amazon fire or a lap top thru an app?
  2. bruno

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    Obviously sad and R.I.P to him but the coverage is crackers. It doesn't have to be on all channels and radio stations. Even Planet Rock are playing depressing tracks, what Prince Phillip had to do with heavy rock il never know
  3. bruno


    4 out of 4 delivered by 7.30 again. Excellent
  4. My ex neighbour who drove one of these things once said to me she likes having one because it makes her feel like she's married to a footballer. I just said to her there's something wrong with you. There divorced and moved away now. No shock
  5. bruno

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    If riders can ride for 2 teams and guest for every team can't see the difference back room staff working for 2 teams. Just highlights the farce of the sports rules
  6. bruno

    Driving After Dark

    Same here , I passed a few exams and advanced driving test but then my teacher took me out where he pretended to be my pupil. He was an excellent driver and at one point pretended to mow down some pedestrians and children. They were totally oblivious to what he was doing and he was quite a distance from them but I should have reacted but froze. When we finished the lesson I got out the car and thanked him from saving me from a stressful profession. Never regretted my decision
  7. bruno


    Just to defend News Team , last 3 weeks all delivered by 7am on the Thursday and in good condition and pushed thru letterbox whereas Royal Mail used to arrive whenever they felt like delivering. I suppose luck of the draw with the delivery person
  8. bruno

    Swindon Stadium

    I had me a jawa in the 70s and despite riding road bikes most of my life and still love it as I approach 60 the sheer terror of riding a speedway bike has never left me lol , they are all absolute madmen
  9. bruno


    Same here, arrived 7 o'clock just having a glance thru before work. Excellent service and that's coming from an ex postie
  10. bruno

    Car Insurance

    The last time I phoned I got a friendly elderly lady and she let slip she was allowed to drop the price 3 times if you phone up to haggle. So don't take the first new quote they give you
  11. bruno


    My mate reckons I'm obsessed with Black Sabbath but I think he's Paranoid
  12. bruno


    Mine came before 7, excellent service
  13. bruno

    Confirmed Signings for 2021

    I just hope none of these kids get hurt on these rocket ships. Riding and training on one is one thing but competitive racing I'm not sure
  14. bruno

    Return of "Frasier"

  15. bruno

    Scam Warning

    Had one from tax office today, looks like I'm in big trouble. Don't usually answer phone but answered automatically without thinking.doh

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