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  1. I think the Somerset promotion deserve a thumbs up after having issues with the track they seem to have got it sorted quickly unlike many other tracks who just let any issues carry on. Wish I lived closer to the OTA , always enjoy my visits
  2. Give Stoke a ring they can give you loads of reasons for not running a meeting
  3. Bringing jumper coat and hot water bottle
  4. Hope they get this sorted it's got to be in the top 3 of tracks with Belle Vue and Scunny, I get the frustration but no need for the personal insults
  5. That's brilliant well done Lee il look out for the buckets. Does anyone reckon we need coats and jumpers tonight it's always freezing at Swindon even when the suns out
  6. Thanks, let's hope they sort it quick if The fans start moaning about a track like Somerset speedway might as well pack up now
  7. What's happened to Ez Curtis then, whys he not there anymore
  8. When Doyle came off at Monmore on Monday the vast majority cheered,also at our meetings if one of the kids come off a fair few cheer. Very strange
  9. Going to Redcar for the 4s because it's a 2 o'clock start, looking forward to Thursday . I was at Swindon in 2009 for the Wolves meeting I went to all home meetings and most away that year. It was at Swindon when I decided to properly support the Wolves in 2010 but then we came back. I shouted for Rory against Doyle on Monday before I realised what I was doing. Very confusing lol
  10. Instead of going to Redcar on Thursday to complete my tracks a car load of Heathens have decided to go to Swindon to see the Wolves. Scary. What are we turning into. Hoooooowwwwwwl. Oh God no
  11. bruno

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    I shall never enter Stoke speedway again, a shambles of a club. Feel for the fans that track could be a great racetrack . I've been to every track except Redcar which I will get to this year and although some tracks don't give good racing ,rating the overall experience Stoke come bottom by a country mile
  12. bruno

    Ipswich 2018

    Cam looked very good tonight and hopefully can start knocking in the points for you now
  13. bruno

    Newcastle 2018

    I'm a happy chappy again
  14. bruno

    Stoke v Cradley 12th May

    I'm sure I was there, there was a bit of rain in the air but there's no way it was called off because of that. The track was rubbish from the start some grading after heat 5 made it ok not brilliant but better . You did warn me Fubar ,that's about the 4th time I've suffered a shambles at Stoke. Good thing is it won't happen again. Even Will Pottinger is quoted as saying it was called off because of the rain. Can anyone who was there confirm it rained. I must be losing it

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