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  1. Interesting because it's close but not one pass unless I missed it. Hope Berwick get a point
  2. Can anyone confirm you can watch from start on Discovery + after it's already started, pretty sure you can
  3. Have to agree I thought there were a few boring races at the nss last week but the good ones were really good. Barely a decent race tonight
  4. Can you remind him, doing ok atm
  5. bruno

    Start line shenanigans...

    Asking for the green light to be put on so they know where it is
  6. bruno

    Killing the sport

    Only been to 4 aways this year and everytime the journey home turned into a nightmare, with petrol prices etc it certainly makes you wonder if it's worth it. Monmore Green is only up the road for me, don't think I'd travel great distances for home meetings
  7. bruno

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Thanks for that
  8. bruno

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Just noticed the GP is on itv4 tomorrow between 9.30 - 12.30 but just seems to be Moto 3 and Moto 2
  9. bruno

    Premiership Pairs

    Just had a reply from BSN and you can only join in at the live stage
  10. bruno

    Premiership Pairs

    I won't be in till 8.30 tomorrow anyone notice if there's a play from the start option on BSN
  11. bruno

    Gemini - Another Red Letter Day

    Happy birthday Gemini
  12. I'd have thought this would be a good meeting to stream, BSN?
  13. I was actually hoping he would , lol. Tbh I think I was a little disappointed with the racing because it's been much better on previous visits, I think I was expecting to much. Looking back not a bad meeting and as I said the good heats were very good. If we had won I'm sure I'd have thought the racing was much better

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