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  1. bruno

    Belle Vue 2022

    Same with me on the taxi back to the hotel, knew the dogs were at Kirky Lane before it went but had no idea speedway was there or at the new stadium and he lived local to the stadium
  2. bruno

    Highlights of the the season

    And Bomber
  3. Agree with your points but still seemed a bit of time wasting watching on the stream. Obviously I didn't know about the fan so maybe justified
  4. They knew rain was coming why the messing about. Could have got this run easily. Hope the riders are ok
  5. Anyone know what time the gates open, just spotted it 14.00
  6. Anyone know if parking will be available at the Etihad on the Sunday
  7. Pleased for Bjarne always looked on him as a gating tart, maybe not tho
  8. Tbh riding Edinburgh with broken fingers isn't the same as riding Peterborough with broken fingers
  9. Abysmal by the starting Marshall then
  10. Hoping the Diamond Lodge let me leave the car on sunday
  11. You know we go on about British speedway being Mickey Mouse but I'm sitting here tonight with no real bias to any team but this means something. Hoping for some cracking racing. Let the best team win
  12. Thanks for that , yeh I noticed trains are every hour. Probably get an Uber

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