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  1. bruno

    Ipswich 2019

    He was passing riders all night as well, could easily have won that year. Was it the year after Bomber won?
  2. As good as Phil was not sure you could compare him to Ivan
  3. bruno

    10 favourite women riders

    I think it might have been
  4. bruno

    10 favourite women riders

    Didn't Steve Bastables sister have a race against someone in the 70s at Dudley Wood
  5. I remember going to Scunny for the winter meeting and standing between the tapes and first bend wondering why nobody was standing by me. Heat 1 tapes up and 3 seconds later I could have auditioned for the black and white minstrels
  6. bruno

    Gareth Rogers

    Judges thought with respect that the sentence was too long while anyone with an ounce of commonsense would think the sentence wasn't long enough. With respect of course
  7. bruno


    Sometimes I see threads from yesterday and have forgotten that I have posted on them
  8. bruno

    Letter to Ivan

    Brilliant story
  9. bruno

    Wolves 2019

    I don't post a great deal these days but must admit I'm on the verge of giving up on the forum, I come on here to hear about speedway not the rubbish posted on just about every thread now. Probably get abuse for posting this.
  10. bruno

    New Year Classic

    I went to a couple of these, I remember one at Scunthorpe which I went to to escape the family. It was that cold i left before the end
  11. bruno

    Workington 2019

    I liked Woffy when he started out then went off him when he turned into a brat but thought he'd really matured the last few years but went to see his talk few weeks ago. No problem with his views,most made sense but his language was disgusting. There were woman and youngsters present but a room full of dockers wouldn't have been impressed
  12. bruno

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    How the hell have i any control over what the Heathens pay, I said the riders shouldn't be paid to be professional in the nl. That includes ALL riders including the Heathens
  13. bruno

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    I get why they've done it to make the nl a proper development league. However you can't then have the riders expecting to be full professionals and pay out bonkers money. Similarly you can't expect fans to pay out £12/£13 to watch it. For me next year somethings got to give. After watching the Wolves again this year home and away i reckon I will carry on with that and obviously watch us but give away meetings a miss for both teams. A shame because I enjoy the away days out but the pennies only go so far

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