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  1. bruno


    My brother still works for them and says it's a shambles. I had 19 years as a postie glad I'm not there now
  2. bruno


    My star always comes on Thursday, expected today this week but it's not arrived and with no Saturday deliveries anymore it's going to be Monday now. Typical. Normally no problems with Royal Mail round here
  3. bruno

    Your best speedway year

    Just spotted this Sid I was there only 15 but I remember it, I think we were riding Swindon that night which makes sense but I'd have to check it out. Strange isn't it the golden helmet meant so much back then but today wouldn't mean a thing today
  4. I've got 4 theatre shows booked with atg, 2 of which have been cancelled and atg sent me voucher codes. I got in touch and said I wanted cash refunds and TBF they said no problem. However they said it could take 10-14 to get it to my bank then another 10-14 days to get back to me. Obviously there just holding onto it to get more interest in whatever it's invested it. Poor service tho but as long as I get the money back eventually
  5. bruno

    Two Legends World Final records. Fundin v Briggs.

    Bernie has always been my favourite rider however he should have gone for that move, I've watched it time and time again and altho there might have been a small gap it was out of order. Briggo could well have gone on then to be world champ
  6. bruno

    Wimbledon Memories

  7. bruno

    Newcastle 2020

    When lockdown kicked in my local starting selling pints at £2.50 to take home usually £3.00 in the pub but as much as I wanted it to taste the same it didn't. They stopped the take away service pretty quick
  8. bruno


    Good read again this week
  9. Looking back to the glory days the answer is simple. All the top riders were here then but that's never going to happen again. Without being a defeatist I can't see how we can change things around over here especially with the current situation as well. Would love to be proved wrong tho
  10. I remember walking round the park about 5 in the morning with people asleep on the grass because indoors was too warm, i lived on an estate of flats back then. I had a radio with me and Stevie Wonder's You are the Sunshine of my Life came on. Strange what you remember
  11. bruno


    Phil, why wouldn't monthly or maybe fortnightly work? Surely better than shutting down for a few months
  12. Anyone who thinks what was working 30 - 40 years ago is the way forward is deluded. However, the way things are now is definitely not working. The answer? No idea.
  13. bruno

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I know, not scum
  14. bruno

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Two of my son's have no income at the minute but wouldn't sink to this
  15. bruno

    SON 2020

    Yeh I would, may still go on the Sunday. There's more going on at the minute to get worked up about it I suppose. Had a mate die today, focuses the mind a bit

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