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  1. 38 minutes ago, 1 valve said:

    Is there a rule which, on the grounds of safety prohibits track lighting stanchions  being positions as close to the safety fence as those shown in the picture? 

    Looking at the photos my impression is that there isn't a speedway safety fence in place at present, & when there is the lighting will be far enough back to be OK . 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Trackerman48 said:

    Does not mean that speedway will return.  The way I read it is that the prize money for dog racing is going up and the pay for trainers.  I maybe wrong but it doesn't say anything about building a new stadium.  

    I think you missed my point. The stadium is obviously going to continue to operate , the speedway track is still there & being well maintained from the photos I've seen ,so why shouldn't we expect an announcement regarding the Robins returning in 2022?


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  3. 5 minutes ago, Col said:

    I haven't tried that route, I have got on the M6, got on the M5, got off next junction and Black Country Routed from West Brom it to Willenhall (which is not great but bearable) after that it gets awful!  I don't know Walsall at all, but Sat Nav has tried taking me further along the A34, which is possibly a better option I just don't know the route.

    You shouldn't need to go through Willenhall. Once on the A41 go through Wednesbury & Bilston , that will take past Monmore Green & I bet you will know your way home from there.:D

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  4. 1 hour ago, Col said:

    The A34 is stop & start due to traffic lights, regardless of roadworks, that isn't really the issue especially that late.  If the M6/M54 are clear I can get home in 20 minutes from Perry Barr, the roadworks at M6 junction 10 are the issue, it's taken me nearly 2 hours to get home recently.  I'll deal with it if the meeting ends at 21:15 as normal but any later and the build up of traffic crawling towards junction 10 is far worse, it's been a crawl from just after the M5 junction a couple of times.

    While the traffic issues continue on the M6 J10 why don't you find an alternative route? You can easily avoid the motorway by using the A34 to the Scott Arms Junction , take the A4041 to West Brom & then join the A41 to Wolverhampton, this will take you to the M54 if you need to go that far.:t:

  5. 42 minutes ago, iainb said:

    Sounds like they're being strung along just like whenever magnificent Mick Horton was asked about the search for a new stadium for Coventry!

    We haven't heard anything  from him for such a long time , perhaps he's searching so far away now that there is no form of communication available there.;)

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  6. 1 hour ago, orion said:

    I think Buster will ok once he's calm down , quite clearly he  got upset about last nights events and made a heat of the moment statement ...Kl and Boro like most speedway clubs are worthless and impossible to sell in fact you cant give them away as they  just lose money thou buster might do ok at KL as he's got less overheards etc 

    I expect he will carry on running at  Kl next year and drop Boro putting them at peril of ever running again .


    Yep , just a bit more bluster from Buster, he is a little prone to it.:D


  7. 27 minutes ago, frigbo said:

    Greyhounds re-opening to the public 5 days a week from August 16th.

    The fact that the stadium owners have been spending money on the re-shaping of the greyhound track would suggest that they don't have any immediate plans to knock the place down for housing.

    That doesn't guarantee the speedway will return of course.Time will tell.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Ray Stadia said:

    I've sent something to Erica Buchannan, but it all seemed a bit weird. I had to sign up to be able to leave my objection and the nearest description of who I am is 'neighbour'. Which does make me wonder if only people in the area will be 'listened' to? :unsure:

    You should have just emailed her on the address provided. No logging in or questions asked, just send your comments & add in your own address , job done. Your coments will count.

  9. 30 minutes ago, iainb said:

    Nobody has mentioned that about the merchandise. Why on earth are the club not responsible for their own merchandise? Why would they not be interested in promoting their success?

    I have no vendetta against the club, don't be so melodramatic, I just point things out that I think could and should be done better. Hoping that somebody might take the ideas on board and start promoting the club. But all I get are responses from people on why stuff can't or shouldn't be done. I don't know if you've noticed but there's room for another few thousand people in the stadium but I suppose you enjoy it there being only 25% full?

    What I don't understand is why a certain number of people on here think the club is totally beyond constructive criticism.

    It's something that has been prevalent at many clubs in this sport for years I'm afraid. If you continue to ask pertinent questions you will very likely get the next  old chesnut 

    "Well if you don't like it don't come".Yet they  still can't understand the damage that is caused by their comments.

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  10. 16 minutes ago, iainb said:

    Track was poor for racing last night, Edwin may be having a little death in the box (if you know what I mean) because of the race times but it doesn't make for great Speedway racing.

    And... What on earth is Bomber riding these days? They don't appear to be GM's, I know he's dabbled with GTR's in the past, is he now riding Goddens? Or something else? Is he riding subsidised engines? His e/f in Heat 12 was the turning point in the match, when he came round to the tapes I could see he was on a "new" whatever it is and thought to myself, I hope that doesn't pack up and within yards of leaving the tapes it had.

    I've just been looking a some of Jeff Davies' action  shots  from last night's meeting & there is one of Bomber . He is definitely using G M engines but I can't read who the tuner is I'm afraid.

  11. 24 minutes ago, iainb said:

    Being co-promoter and part custodian of the Coventry name at the point the club closed you have arguably done more to ruin Speedway in this country than any other man with the exception of Mick Horton... so I'll take no lessons on how a club should be run from you. 

    In case you need your memory jogging:


    Just search for "Watson" you actually get a couple of mentions

    I was thinking something along the same lines.

    Although I accept that the only name over the door of Coventry Speedway at this time was that of the infamous M Horton, Neil Watson's long association as his co promoter inevitably means he will be tarred with the same brush.

    I would describe their time as Brandon as at best very poor , at worst abysmal, & if were in Neil Watson's position I would be keeping a very low profile not bulling myself up as someone of importance in British speedway

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  12. 2 hours ago, auntie doris said:

    Bloody companies using Covid as an excuse for crap customer service:nono:

    How true !  I recently purchased a new sim free phone online advertised as next day delivery, after paying the bill  I get a confirmation & a message that delivery would be 5-7 working days due to covid . I replied , explaining that I wasn't happy with that  & it wasn't what they advertised. They just tried to fob me off with more covid jargon so I reminded them that the pandemic had been around for 18 months , plenty of time for them to alter their sales listing, & if they couldn't improve the delivery time I would request a refund . The phone arrived next day!

  13. 2 hours ago, chrismorton said:

    If you was in a pub would you correct a stranger on they're grammar?...no, because you would probably get punched in the face...so don't do it on here unless you want to be hated...no one likes a smart arse..

    After reading this post it's understandable why you are not keen  on having grammar errors highlighted.:)

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  14. 16 minutes ago, TonyE said:

    Given the in initiatives now in place re whiplash claims and the fact that a great many people/drivers have not done the 'miles' in the last year (hence, fewer accidents) - no ones renewal premium should be going up.

    Mine did,  I did 3500 miles in the 12 months prior to my renewal in March. my normal miles are around 11-12 thousand.

    I always check every website for prices & have done so for many years, this time round the only way i could reduce my cost was to either reduce the level of cover or increase my voluntary  excess.so I ended up paying an extra £50 pa for  exactly the same cover yet I had not had any accidents or claims.

  15. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the new year when the insurance companies will be unable to offer new customers better prices than they offer existing customers .

    i expect it will mean an increase for everyone..

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  16. 2 hours ago, lewy said:

    I don't think anyone is interested in how much it would have cost you,of no relevance whatsoever :blink:

    As  with the majority of stuff Shovvy posts it's all about one person. Never been any different & probably never will be, the "ego" is massive.

    I wonder if anyone could  be bothered to scratch the surface what would be found underneath:)

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  17. 12 hours ago, Steve Shovlar said:

    Well It’s groups of 6 on the bends as well on bubbles, so I have a choice. 

    1. Pay £108 to watch the meeting. (Price of 6 tickets)

    2. Stay at home and forget about it.

    3. Buy 6 tickets and tout 4 outside to strangers and sell one to my mate.

    4. Find 4 others who are willing to PayPal me the price of a ticket which will be picked up from me at the gate or posted to them. At least this way singles will get it to the meeting.

    Once again you show total disregard for the rules laid down by the "decision makers" who are doing this in the interests of the safety of the  majority .

    It is just another indication of your selfishness & complete  lack of concern for others, almost as bad as your rants over brexit.

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