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  1. God luck jenga and the lads lets get stuck in too flash the cash tigers mmmmm tasty
  2. sory june its bandit time to shine mmmm very nice
  3. wel is scot cumin or no
  4. mmmm well scotty pboro bound
  5. coolcol


    always preferred bottom heavy
  6. coolcol


    hopefully more exciting than the last four lolol
  7. coolcol

    Thomas Jorgensen

    wel berwick bound
  8. coolcol

    A Very Short Season

    mmm less time to get behind the boys
  9. coolcol


    mmmm glasgow splashin the cash again lolololol
  10. coolcol


    is mr hav alock still gaffer
  11. coolcol


    wel agm over time to sign some riders plz
  12. coolcol

    Glasgow 2018

    mmmmmm tink hes berwick bound
  13. coolcol


    wot about eddi kenett
  14. coolcol

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    thats nice
  15. mmm wel wel its the last chance to get behind the boys in 2017 lets get a good win to see us thru the winter time

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