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  1. Absolutely appalling. Our home season finishes on 23 August (it finished on 23 OCTOBER in 2017), whereas Workington's home season only got started on 23 June and they've only had 2 home meetings so far. Perhaps the promoters are thinking that if they just phase it out slowly we'll not notice.
  2. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    Appeasement... you missed out "a diversity and inclusion supporting, non-voting leftie, socialist APPEASEMENT Guardian reader."
  3. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    I bet you're a remainer too.
  4. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    Seems like this forum has been taken over by the establishment appeasers. Soon we radicals will have no-one to moan to.
  5. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    As things stand at the moment, our home season will finish on 23 August, with two weeks of the kids' summer holidays still to go! (Just for comparison, the 2017 home season finished on 23 OCTOBER!) At the other end of the spectrum, Workington's home Championship programme didn't get underway until 23 June. The lunatics really have taken over the asylum.
  6. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    Bad decision. On this occasion the speedway was rather better than the footie.
  7. 4thbender

    Sheffield v Ipswich 5/7/18 Championship

    Todd Kurtz is looking like Sheffield's most improved rider of 2018. He's starting to take on that rare quality of looking very hard to beat round Owlerton. I assume he's been taking lessons from Steady because he's started doing that "slingshot" thing out of bend 2 which was a Stead hallmark but which Kyle, Lasse and Charles have all also perfected.
  8. This is the most appalling piece of heavy-handed bullying tactics it is my misfortune to come across in British speedway. The minute we witness team promoters taking action reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany is the time to pack it in. I for one will not be visiting Workington Speedway again and would urge other fans to do likewise. Jenga is a prolific contributor to a popular fans' forum, has amused us on here for years and I hope will continue to do so.
  9. Slick and Dusty sounds like a 60s pop duo.
  10. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    No, I’m just a realist who supports his team and the efforts of the promotion - in what has been at times a difficult season - without expecting the speedway utopia that some fans seemingly demand.
  11. With the number of guest riders increasing by the hour, it's turned into Scunthorpe All Stars v Sheffield All Stars. Still, it's a speedway match helping to fill up the otherwise sparse fixture list. .
  12. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    There aren't any utopia-seekers on here (they'd be in the wrong place if there were). I've only seen fans who dutifully turn up at the turnstiles week after week and pay their £16 and feel (rightly) that their financial contribution to the team's continued success gives them a right to express a view on the rights and wrongs of team performance. The people on this forum may not all agree with each other - or the promoters - all of the time but they all have one thing in common: they're all die-hard fans of speedway.
  13. Tigers website posting on Sunday said: "Tigers skipper Kyle Howarth has been taken to hospital in Newcastle with a dislocated shoulder..... Hopefully the shoulder is back in place and there is nothing longer term to worry about.” Tigers website posting today says: "...they’ve since had the huge setback of losing Kyle Howarth with a broken collarbone." Are things going from bad to worse?
  14. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2018

    Are you on the Owlerton payroll?
  15. Can't understand why they've booked Worrall - we'd be better off doing R/R.

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