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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Stead was at his brilliant best but found himself having to settle for the bonus point behind the Frenchman on a good few occasions.
  2. Newcastle 2018

    He was fine at Sheffield in 2016. Riding at no.2 he regularly got the better of Steady (a feat not many were able to achieve at Owlerton!)
  3. Sheffield 2018

    The SS testimonial was promised for the first match of 2018.
  4. Sheffield 2018

    Naaaah! Bjerre and Bates have to be at 3 and 4 respectively - theirs is a talismanic partnership.
  5. Sheffield 2018

    That's not the impression we're getting.
  6. Sheffield 2018

    Injuries aside, this team now has all the appearances of a title -winning side. I can't see any of the declared Championship teams being able to live with us in 2018. My New-Year predictions: 1) In years to come Kyle will join the list of all-time Sheffield greats alongside Wilson, Wyer, Moran, Compton, et al; 2) The Bjerre & Bates partnership will become for speedway what Torville & Dean were to skating, Lillee & Thomson were to cricket, Keegan & Toshack were to footie and salt & vinegar were to chips; 3) Joining Sheffield will do for Charles Wright what it did for Kyle two years ago; 4) Todd will never match the finesse of his younger brother but will become a consistent and reliable 7-point performer; 5) Shanes and Smith will give us a dependable 5 points in every heat two from day one of the season; 6) Simon Stead will be the next Team GB boss.
  7. Sheffield 2018

    Kurtz is a good signing. I reckon this indicates Sheffield are confident of landing Kyle, otherwise they would be keeping their powder dry on the TK signing.
  8. Sheffield 2018

    I agree wholeheartedly.
  9. Sheffield 2018

    Guess they're waiting on announcing Kurtz until they're sure of securing Kyle. If Kyle goes back to Worky they may have to re-think the balance of the team dependent upon who they can find to replace Kyle.
  10. Sheffield 2018

    ...or wanting him back in the Worky team!
  11. Sheffield 2018

    Strikes me the lad has had a fallout with his bird and gone off on a strop. We've all been there and know what it's like to feel broken-hearted and desolate. Give him time - he'll come round. Once the icy blast of winter turns into the thaw of spring he'll start to realize that stacking shelves in Lidl is no way for an all-action Barnsley lad to earn a living. He'll be back on the bike by March.
  12. Official Teams 2018

    James Shanes signed for Sheffield: http://www.speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.33667
  13. Sheffield 2018

    Wood out, Shanes in: http://www.speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.33667
  14. Sheffield 2018

    Wright is a great signing. It leaves 17.66. Howarth + Kurtz + Wood adds up to 16.08; I reckon there might be a further change of personnel still to be announced. I wondered about replacing Kurtz with Kenneth Hansen but that would push us 0.01 over the limit!
  15. Sheffield 2018

    Can't envisage how there can be a balanced side with Smith and Wood at 6 & 7. Being able to call on the experience of Graversen at no.6 is what won matches in 2016. Who will provide the trump card when it matters if we have two 2-pointers at reserve?