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  1. 4thbender

    Jason Crump

    Nah. He just said "I'll be back." And now he is.
  2. 4thbender

    Adam Roynon

    I recall his brief spell with Sheffield when he won loads of credit for his sheer guts and can-do attitude. Considering his seemingly endless run of bad luck I'd like to see him having some part to play in the sport. If he's fit and willing to go, someone should give him a place. If nothing else, he could have a role in team management. One of speedway's unsung heroes in my book.
  3. 4thbender

    Championship Team of the Decade

    …. and I don't even mind fans of NL teams having a go if they fancy it. Meanwhile, Sheffield still remain favourites to be crowned "Team of the Decade," unless someone steps up to beat the Tigers' total (and only Glasgow have come close so far).
  4. 4thbender

    Championship Team of the Decade

    Okay, I know I intended this competition for second-tier teams but I'd be quite happy for first tier teams to engage with this bit of fun provided they use first-tier averages.
  5. 4thbender

    Championship Team of the Decade

    No, the only homework I did was working out the Sheffield team average. I would be quite pleasantly surprised if Sheffield's total were to remain unbeaten. I half expected that Glasgow and Kings Lynn would better us, but Glasgow has fallen short by a fraction and we've yet to hear from Kings Lynn.
  6. 4thbender

    Championship Team of the Decade

    As Andrew has pointed out, you cheated by using Travis McGowan's converted figure of 11.72 when his actual 2010 average was 9.09. With this adjustment, Glasgow's total drops to 64.60, which is still 0.24 below Sheffield's team total. It never pays to cheat. So Sheffield is still in the lead
  7. Well folks, it's New Year's Day and time to wish all members of the dirt track family everywhere a happy, safe and prosperous 2020. Here's looking forward to a new year (and a new decade) of shale-shifting and hoping for another season of exciting, close-fought, injury-free speedway for all riders, fans and officials. As we look back at the past ten years I thought it might be a good idea to nominate the stand-out riders who have represented your team in the years 2010 - 2019 and identify the Championship "Team of the Decade." The aim of the game is to nominate seven riders who have represented your team for at least one full season in the past decade (minimum 15 matches, so no guests!) and list their season average (including bonus points), then tot up the averages to arrive at a team total. The team with the biggest total wins the Speedway Forum Team of the Decade accolade. Here's my entry on behalf of Sheffield, whose Team Total is 64.84. Can anyone beat that? (NO CHEATING!) Rider Year Avg. matches Simon Stead 2014 9.90 29 Josh Grajczonek 2017 9.77 28 Shane Parker 2011 9.25 38 Jason Garrity 2016 9.22 18 Kyle Howarth 2016 9.00 32 Ricky Ashworth 2011 8.88 32 Danny King 2019 8.82 26 Team Total 64.84
  8. 4thbender

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Josh McDonald is a good signing. I'm sure if Sheffield had not been going up he'd have been one of the first on our teamsheet. Glad that the lad's got fixed up. Kennedy would be a hot tip for Poole's no.7 .
  9. This thread is all about the debate concerning Sheffield's No. 7 Todd Kurtz. I am confused as to why someone would interrupt the debate by comparing Wolverhampton's Nick Morris with Belle Vue's Brady Kurtz. Is this a complete irrelevance to this thread or am I missing something?
  10. It's Kurtz. The deals done, terms agreed, contracts signed, job done.
  11. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    That's a point well made. When Dimitri rode as no.2 to Stead he had the habit of beating him quite consistently at Sheffield, making Stead the one claiming the bonus point (and not many riders can claim to have achieved that feat!)
  12. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Me too. I think they cherry-picked the wrong one there.
  13. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    Not a fan of holder: has a habit of going missing at crucial times.
  14. 4thbender

    Sheffield 2020

    JB gone to Somerset.

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