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  1. Whoop whoop.....yippeeeee......wayhey! :approve:


    Absolutely chuffed to bits to read this news, now keeping everything crossed that the court case has a good outcome too.


    Very best of luck to all concerned with Mildenhall and those that have put in a LOT of time and effort since last July to get the Tigers back on track :approve:

  2. Getting back to the problems regarding the stadium. I think the problem for the local residents, is the Moto-X section. Moto-X tends to go on for a long while and they will have a mixture of 2 stroke and 4 stroke machines going round and a lot of them. If anything is going to cheese off local residents, that will. The stadium sounds over used. I can understand the owners want a return on their investment, but a thought for people in the area needs to come into the fray. Sadly, Speedway is the least noise polluter of the 3 users.

    Google map


    The link above shows the geography of Mildenhall stadium. In the top left hand corner is the stadium with the Moto-X track below and slightly to the left of the car park (field). On the right hand side of the link is the start of the runway to one of the largest and busiest USAF bases outside of the USA.

  3. Quote from the BSPA statement:-


    "It was quite clear from the start that every single club in the country believes that the fundamentals of our sport are absolutely correct and we didn't need to spend our time tinkering with rule changes, instead we concentrated on taking the sport forward in a positive manner and the appointment of a youthful Management Committee reflected exactly that".


    Words fail me.... :blink:



  4. Line ups taken from the East Anglian this morning (15-10-08):-


    Young Lions and Euros

    1. Tai Woffinden

    2. Leon Madsen (Rides for Wroclaw in Poland and Indianerna, Sweden)

    3. James Wright

    4. Linus Sundstrom (Rides for Bydgoszcz in Poland and Piraterna in Sweden)

    5. Chris Schramm ©

    6. Sonke Petersen (Rides for Brokstedt and Grindsted in Germany)


    Young Eagles and Roos

    1. Krzysztof Stojanowski

    2. Marcin Liberski (Rides for Lodz in Poland)

    3. Travis McGowan ©

    4. Trent Leverington

    5. Gregorz Zengota (Rides for Zielona Gora in Poland and Masarnaavesta in Sweden)

    6. Pawel Miesiac (Rides for Daugavpils and Masarnaavesta in Sweden)



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