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  1. A great night of Academy speedway and a showcase of the young talent out there.


    Here's hoping the awful crash Shane Hazelden had was not as serious as it looked, speedy recovery to him.


    Darcy Ward, one word - stunning. Many congratulations to the Poole team deserved winners. Bad luck to Rye House, just wasn't their night. And of course well done to the Academy Witches.


    Much praise must go to those who promoted this event. It would be great if every promotor in the Elite League put by one evening a season to hold a meeting like this.


    To see the "Men in Black" on their vintage machines, with the 'proper' smell and noise brought back many memories.......!


    An enjoyable evening. :approve:

  2. .......Scott isnt far behind in this and his engines never look fast enough as he looks like being overtaken rather than pull out a lead........

    At the beginning of the season Mark Loram, writing in his column for the Ipswich Evening Star, made this observation about Scott. Unfortunately, I've tried to find the article and can't.


    It was along the lines that Scott would never make it in the GPs as he is heavier (in weight), that the other riders. Mark didn't say he was over-weight or anything, just that he was 'chunkier' than most other riders in the GPs. He said that a speedway bike weighs 60Kg or 68Kg (I cannot remember which), and that a rider closer in weight to his bike will have the advantage over his competitors. A speedway bike carrying less weight will always pull away quicker from the gate. If you don't get away from the gate at a GP you will nearly always struggle to make up for lost ground. He said that Scott could get away with this disadvantage in domestic racing but against the best riders in the world, he would always struggle.


    That was roughly what Mark said and I thought at the time it was interesting. Now, when I watch Scott in the GPs, I think Mark could be right.

  3. I will add my congratulations to Denmark as well, although I'd have liked the Poles to win. :wink:


    A fantastic meeting, and credit should go to the Poles and Swedes who kept the meeting alive right up to the end. Commiserations to Australia, if it hadn't been for Jason withdrawing, well, who knows what the final outcome might have been.


    Pleased to see Hans Andersen do so well after the rubbish week he has had in the UK.


    I hope it's nothing too serious for Jason Crump and he makes a speedy recovery.

  4. So Nicki Pedersen says the British fans are a disgrace. Well, I'm sorry Mr. Pedersen, but the fans that were booing you on Saturday night were not only British, but from every nationality in the stadium (probably not the Danish fans though!) and to single out just the British fans is very unfair, but with the tricks you pull on track, you will be unfamilliar with the word "unfair".


    Oh, and by the way, this British fan was not booing you. Before Saturday I had no opinion on you either way, but when I saw the smug smirk on your face after Bjarne Pedersen was wrongly excluded, you lost my respect. :angry:

  5. Well I thoroughly enjoyed watching the youngsters and thought they all rode really well. What an experience for them, something they will never forget no matter where their speedway careers take them.


    Watching them was a perfect introduction to the evening, just a pity there were not more races for the lads. Who knows we may be cheering them on in the 'main event' in a few years time....good luck to each and every one of them!

  6. For those who do not have access to Sky, you can watch this meeting via this link:-




    Come down the page to the GP section and if you have Windows Media Player you should, by pressing the orange PLAY buttons, be able to get to see the GP. It will have commentary in either Danish or Polish, but what the heck.


    Good luck.

  7. I really enjoyed this GP. The track looked excellent and held up throughout the whole meeting which showed in the racing. Some great chasing and passing, exactly what I expect to see from the best riders in the world!


    What's to say about the two Brits, I just can't see either of them getting into the GPs for 2009. There are better riders than them not racing this year as it is. I'd love to see Hampel, Holder, even Saifudtinov(sp) getting stuck in.


    Roll on Cardiff, if the racing there is as good as tonights was, I'll be happy. :)


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