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  1. Hi Jenkie :)


    We've sat in all three tiers and can honestly say we've never had a bad view. The very first year we sat in about row 14 on the lower tier and we only had one row of people sat in front of us, so I guess that roughly the first 12 rows are cordoned off unless its changed over the years.


    Thanks for that London Witch, we are in L31, Row 16 so it should be fine. :)


    We're at the PL pairs the night before, so it's fun, fun, fun all the way!!!


    Hope everyone has a great time!


  2. My tickets arrived by Recorded Delivery this morning. Yippeeeeee!!


    When I booked them I didn't know what L (Lower) M (Middle) and U (Upper) meant! My tickets are for Lower tier, start of back straight - should I still get a decent view from there and does anyone know how many rows are cordoned off at the front of the lower tier?


    Not long now.....!

  3. I use this site all the time, you can get live updates on it as well:- http://www.sportowefakty.pl/zuzel/ unfortunately there is not an English version!! :wink:


    If you click on the League you want you can get the tables (Tabela), fixtures (Terminarz) and a whole load of statistics (Statystyki).


    On the left hand side the Relacje Live button gives you live updates.


    In the top right hand corner, click on the camera and go to Zuzel, some fab photographs as well.


    It's a really good site, I've not found a better one yet. (Only problem I have is the number of popup adverts, really annoying!!)


    Hope this is of use to you :)


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