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  1. googlehead

    Somerset 2018

    What an incredibly unprofessional press release. Another reason why people don't take this sport seriously. Can you imagine a professional rugby/football club releasing a statement like that? Not a chance. Someone get in and advise these people.
  2. googlehead

    Cardiff 2017

    From where I was sat the crowd definitely seemed up on previous years. But Its such a shame that the Brits were disappointing as it makes such a difference to the all round atmosphere. I'm not sure if it was a directive from the FIM but that referee was really holding the tapes throughout the meeting. As long as no one is moving just let them go. He must of been around 3 seconds for some of them. Anyway some good races and always a highlight of my sporting calendar. Look forward to 2018..
  3. googlehead

    Betting For Whole Season

    Ok ill keep an eye out. Chris Holder over 7 looks so very tempting after watching him on the continent... but he just hasn't shown it yet at Lynn
  4. googlehead

    Betting For Whole Season

    Have Ladbrokes decided to not open a market for League Speedway after the cock up last week?
  5. googlehead

    Betting For Whole Season

    Fair play to Ladbrokes. I was limited to £45 stake also but happy with a return like that even if accidental.
  6. googlehead

    Betting For Whole Season

    Doyle with 5 rides and a likely TR makes the 10+ points very tempting. Not so confident on the meeting handicap though.. Swindon are so up and down.
  7. googlehead

    Swindon V Poole 16/4/17 5 Pm

    Have to agree there were a few delays but the need to water the track always slows things down and there wasn't much anyone could do about that I suppose, and the meeting started 20 minutes late. A good meeting and a bumper crowd hopefully made up for that for any newbies around.
  8. googlehead

    Betting For Whole Season

    Rye +17 Poole +4 Paying 3/1
  9. googlehead

    Betting For Whole Season

    Is it only Bet365 offering SGB Premiership meetings now? Cant seen to find any others. I will stick with King +8 tonight as unsure on the handicap as I haven't seen enough of Leicester yet to see how capable a side they will become.
  10. googlehead

    Speedway Star

    Have to agree with this point on the front cover. It does look a bit amateurish and it made me laugh when my wife commented that the SS cover resembles a 90s Porn Magazine.
  11. googlehead

    Speedway Star

    You must be one of the few that have never had an issue with the Royal Mail. The only difference between 1st & 2nd class these days is the price. Must add I've never had a problem with my Star delivery.
  12. googlehead

    Sky To Pull Out.

    This is fantastic news. It will be a blessing in disguise to get out of the grips of Sky and onto the new innovative BT Sport. Sky have obviously wiped their hands of the sport within the last few years and were doing it no justice at all. I think Speedway in GB need to treat this as a fresh start and really buy into the televised meetings like was said in the press release. Lets make Speedway look exciting on the tele at least, otherwise we have no chance.
  13. googlehead

    Coventry 2017

    Sounds like some people on here would rather the plug be pulled on the Bees last Friday rather than they be saved a week later? Just so they can carry on their lives without the burden of doubt on their shoulders? If it was my team id be happy to wait until the day before the season started if it meant they were to compete that year.
  14. googlehead

    Warsaw Gp 13th May 2017

    Has anyone else had any problems with selecting seats on the ticket website?
  15. googlehead

    Speedway Referee Numbers In Decline

    It does make me wonder why people choose to become speedway referees.. as well as not being appreciated by a number of fans its like the SCB don't appreciate them either if they are barely covering their costs. I'm guessing theres not a queue of people waiting to step into the box?

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