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  1. MrBeanti

    UK speedway betting 2021

    BV -10 KL +12 Wolves - 10 Betting is so difficult as form and teams are all over the place.
  2. MrBeanti

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Haha brilliant - one happy chappy
  3. MrBeanti

    Somerset 2020

    I assume he means by quitting the league before any roadmap was given by Boris.
  4. MrBeanti

    Somerset 2020

    Anyone think Somerset may have pulled the trigger too early on this season? Was it a deadline set by the BSPA?
  5. MrBeanti

    SON 2020

    I feel you may be a bit of a fantasist when it comes to the logistics and planning for such an event
  6. It’s very odd... only thing I can think of is that the events this weekend have been given special dispensation on crowd limits?
  7. Just under 2000 cases reported this morning from Poland... now way above the gov threshold of 20 per 100,000. I would be amazed if they weren’t added today
  8. With the decision on Poland being added to the quarantine list due to be announced on the same day as most UK flights to Poland leave (tomorrow), and the added restrictions announced by the Polish government, this is becoming increasingly difficult trip to justify. Has anyone else heard anything about crowds etc being limited further?
  9. So now we know what the cost of the stream is, but we do not yet know the quality of the product. Only after the fact will we know whether or not this is too expensive or not, and this will depend on camera quality, audio quality, commentary etc. I am happy to pay more for a quality product but time will tell...
  10. MrBeanti

    Rest of the GP series

    I presume a lot more than 7277 tickets have already been sold for the 3rd? Any ideas what the outcome will be there?
  11. MrBeanti

    Somerset 2018

    What an incredibly unprofessional press release. Another reason why people don't take this sport seriously. Can you imagine a professional rugby/football club releasing a statement like that? Not a chance. Someone get in and advise these people.
  12. MrBeanti

    Cardiff 2017

    From where I was sat the crowd definitely seemed up on previous years. But Its such a shame that the Brits were disappointing as it makes such a difference to the all round atmosphere. I'm not sure if it was a directive from the FIM but that referee was really holding the tapes throughout the meeting. As long as no one is moving just let them go. He must of been around 3 seconds for some of them. Anyway some good races and always a highlight of my sporting calendar. Look forward to 2018..
  13. MrBeanti

    Betting For Whole Season

    Ok ill keep an eye out. Chris Holder over 7 looks so very tempting after watching him on the continent... but he just hasn't shown it yet at Lynn
  14. MrBeanti

    Betting For Whole Season

    Have Ladbrokes decided to not open a market for League Speedway after the cock up last week?
  15. MrBeanti

    Betting For Whole Season

    Fair play to Ladbrokes. I was limited to £45 stake also but happy with a return like that even if accidental.

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