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  1. speedy bill

    SGB Premiership Confirmed signings 2018.

    Why do you think i am Josh i am not ,but i cant understand why he as not got a Premier club again.He as a better average in the Championship than most of riders who have been fixed up so just what is the reason.Belle Vue could use him he flies round the N S S,IF WE GO BACK TO LAST YEARS riders championship he passed and re passed Cookie in one race ,and was level with Fricke foe three laps until Fricke wiped him out on the first turn off the last lap.He now lives twenty minute drive from N S S ,and sure he would be a good man to have at reserve,but Lemo just does not seem to want to give him a chance,He is British though and that could go against him,seems rather give a place to a foreign rider who nobody as heard off at times .How do i know him he comes into Tesco in Stalybridge were i work and we always have a chat a real nice man .
  2. speedy bill

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    Workngton were killed off by their own success,that had them racing to many meeting at the end of the season crowds just could not be expected to attend two or more meeting in a week some against the same team They lost alot of money because of it Blame it on a bad fixture list thet had two many meetings crammed into the last week of the season ,after some teams had gaps of two or three weeks without a meeting .Very bad fixture planning by b s p a
  3. speedy bill

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    The sooner we forget about the Poles and get back to doing our own thing the better,main thing getting back to our preferred own race nights. Speedway needs to use Friday and Saturday nights to help bring young family's back with no school the next day ect.You all saw the trouble Rye House got in after moving from Saturday nights,Mondays and Wednesday just wont work getting crowds back.Also there must be better entertainment have plenty of info fed to the fans instead of leaving them stood around wondering what the delay is also get the kids involved during the interval get them doing some competition with a couple of riders could be just kicking a ball through a goal or hooler hooping anything just to keep interest going make it more of a show.When i look around at speedway the crowd look miserable you have got to give them more to keep the interest going all night,now we only get fifteen races if the meeting is dragging on the crowd need more things happening to keep them interested.
  4. speedy bill

    SGB Premiership Confirmed signings 2018.

    Would JOsh Auty fitt think he is on 4.68 and rides Lynn pretty well
  5. speedy bill

    Kings Lynn 2019

    See Auty still not got a prem team cant believe he as not been snapped up yet on a average of 4.60 he is a gift at reserve would up that average no dout
  6. speedy bill

    Sheffield 2019

    just spotted Andrew Blackburn playing a nurse in ask the midwife on bbc 1 wondered were he had got to
  7. speedy bill

    Scunthorpe 2019

    would he ride in Josh Autys testimonial be a big draw card and help Josh boost his meeting
  8. speedy bill

    Not rideing

    Just scrolled through all team declarations ,and was both sad and pleased to see that Adam Roynan is not listed on any team sheet.Adam must be one of the bravest riders to ever take to the track.He as suffered some horrific injury's during his career most of witch should have been enough to make most men retire ,if this is the end for Adam i am sure he will be remembered as one brave bloke.
  9. speedy bill

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Islamic faith school that should not be allowed very racist .And yet another mosque dont think they need that in Birmingham keep the speedway its for the british people to enjoy
  10. speedy bill

    riders not signed

    I was meaning signed for Premiership clubs
  11. speedy bill

    riders not signed

    ok clever clogs i was meaning signed by Premier league teams
  12. speedy bill

    riders not signed

    What is the problem with British clubs not signing British riders.Jason Garity Josh Auty still on side lines ,two good riders who give there all every time they take to the track.They both live in Britain,no air fares no vans no hotel bills to pay for them,yet they are still being ignored by promoters who seem to prefer to bring in foreign riders.
  13. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2019

    i was takling about A C E S
  14. speedy bill

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    look who produced or directed the film J ACK L EE of Buxton Birmingham and Sheffield
  15. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2019

    And only two Britts in team

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