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  1. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2018

    Now now Phillip i have not seen that about his average unlike you i have other things to do than read the forum all day you p...k
  2. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2018

    now is the time for Lemo to cast his Aussie mind adrift and get Josh Auty in he will score well at N N S and Kings Lynn
  3. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Get real mate Josh would not waste his time on here
  4. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Your reserves he could have been brought in before them but missed your chance Leicester got in before you blame Phil the Ace for that whoever he is
  5. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Think you need to check his scores at n s s before opening your mout you dont like Auty but if you met him you would change your opinion he is a nice lad,he does not push himself forward enough but at least you have agreed he rode well he beat Cook Worrall Berge R iss and finnished close second to Tungate and Bewley a top night. Phill if you cant say nothing nice better saying nothing at all
  6. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Phill you are so one sided about a rider who always gives value for money a real racer did you not see Nichols take him wide on first turn iif Nichols was the faster rider how come he only scored one point all night and he was not upset by Auty he never said a word ,Auty is a racer most are just riders so glad he rode so well might shut you up now
  7. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Great meeting tonight score does not reflect how good the racing was And how about Auty rode well for 11 points should be a Belle V ue rider but they bring in foreign riders so what can we do
  8. Bring Steady back riding and Jack Lee back as manager ,lets get out of this habit of loosing
  9. speedy bill

    Scorpions v Berwick 17.08.18 7.30pm

    Well done Josh A UTY paid max first time back from injury still mister Sunthorpe
  10. Ha Ha Ha very good Fred no he would be to professional for B V
  11. speedy bill

    Sheffield 2018

    Would not ride for Steady
  12. Cook not as good as he thinks, Lemo not as good as he thinks,need to release Cook and Tungate only good at B v Get a new manager lemo just be speedway directer someone with more experience
  13. speedy bill

    Sheffield 2018

    Two ex Sheffield managers both said Steady was hard work to manage so he as got his comeuppance with Bjerre
  14. Steady was a great rider for Tigers.but that does not mean he will be a good team manager.Also managing two teams is not ideal,time for a change at Sheffield perhaps bringing Booie or Jack Lee back would help both are their every week.And both good tactical men just a thought.
  15. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    i agree Etheridge good round nss and yes i penciled in Fricke and Bewley for 15 big clanger Mr Lemon Cook very poor for a number one

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