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  1. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2019

    Tunners to hit and miss for me
  2. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2019

    I think one big league with a max two riders over eight points ave , if a track cant afford to run then drop down to National League,riders in top league with average under four allowed to ride National league hey me and Phol the Ace thinking same for once about Lingren well done fellow
  3. speedy bill

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Think you need a new manager but who is around who could do a good job under ROBS thumb
  4. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2019

    You lot make me laugh ,Lindley whoever he is to much of a chance Bickley not ready yet Tongate not good away and dodgy at home same with Berge ,Cook i think will go to Glasgow.Fricke a nailed on number one,Worrel might stay at Scunny if one league Bewley dont know if he will be fitt for start of season.Lingren would be my target then biuld round him and Fricke.
  5. speedy bill

    the maugers

    Belle Vue end of season do,people have asked how the night was ,good night great people, but meal was crap beer disgusting price daylight robbery not be going next year if things not changed
  6. must be a adjustment to riders pay more meetings will cover the cost of riders pay being lowered if they dont like it to bad go ride abroad if they will find a team place
  7. One league any team who cant afford to run in it drops into the National League, Teams go back to their normal race nights only British riders allowed at reserve in the top league.Allow a 45 points limit scrap the one eight point rule , guest riders only allowed for missing any top two in averages ,others replaced by R/r or rider from own asset base. RIDERS WONT LIKE THIS BUT STRiCKED PAY RATE rule to be thrashed out before season ,limited time allowed for rider digging green light mounted by start line once it goes out riders allowed only 15 seconds to line up,any rider falling off at back when other team on a 5/1 and not clearing track when obviously he can to be deducted one point from his score but not the teams score at referees discretion .Team changes only allowed up to the end of August,starting rules unless obvious jump but if no tapes touched let go .No big gaps between meetings get back to speedway every week or at lest every two week at all tracks. What do you think about that lot folks
  8. speedy bill

    Leicester Lions 2018

    replace him with Jack Lee stil involved with SHEFFIELD and a good experienced manager
  9. speedy bill


    N L R C was a great meeting years ago but to put it on at gaters paradise was always going to be a mistake.Shame on who ever prepared the track cant see it being the regular guy
  10. speedy bill


    Think Brummies should look at bringing in Jack L EE he got a bad team running properly untill the promoter was pushed out by Mole and Durys under arm tack ticks
  11. speedy bill

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    National league is a great product,B S P A but out leave it alone ,A pay scale must be worked out to suit all clubs from Birmingham to Buxton say a top payment of £20 A POINT and 20p travel.Any team paying over the rate to be fined ,if riders cant make it pay then sorry try to get a champion ship place. Or put up with it
  12. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2018

    Now now Phillip i have not seen that about his average unlike you i have other things to do than read the forum all day you p...k
  13. speedy bill

    Belle Vue 2018

    now is the time for Lemo to cast his Aussie mind adrift and get Josh Auty in he will score well at N N S and Kings Lynn
  14. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Get real mate Josh would not waste his time on here
  15. speedy bill

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    Your reserves he could have been brought in before them but missed your chance Leicester got in before you blame Phil the Ace for that whoever he is

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