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  1. Anyone able to provide details after heat 8 please?
  2. Can anyone help with this please?
  3. Do you think the fact that there are no home meetings left and money may be a factor?
  4. Full strength side apart from Matej Kus according to website!!!
  5. So why are Lindgren and Wethers missing?
  6. JoeW

    Sheffield 2018

    They’ll probably be obliged to stage twenty but if not they’ll be obliterated.☹️
  7. Just sums up what is crap about speedway these days. Four weeks without a meeting and Aarnio & Kus absent because they are abroad. I despair.
  8. Anyone able to supply this information please?
  9. Can anyone supply the full teams and heat one details for this abandoned meeting please?
  10. The question was How many future GP riders have PL teams had. Surely Kus and Franc dont count as they had already ridden in a GP before joining Newcastle. Same for Ferjan who in addition did not ride one after joining. Jirout and Larsen dont apply either but how about Lubos Tomicek and Robert Lambert?
  11. There was an interview some years ago on the Speedway Plus website in which he said he signed for Newcastle for the rest of the season but there was a clause that if a higher league came after him he would be released. Ill try and find it over the weekend as Im away from home at the moment.
  12. But Belle Vue were in the EL not the PL. He first rode in PL for Newcastle in 2011.
  13. Matej Ferjan was a past GP rider who subsequently rode in the PL - not the other way round. Crump, Ryan Sullivan and Scott Nicholls were all PL riders with Peterborough who went on to become regular GP riders.

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