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  1. you are 100% correct in what you say but the lad needs to learn to adapt to track conditions,flailing around the outside on Friday was a waste of time,The lad needs to learn to use other parts of a race trace and he will become a tidy rider in this league on the whole hes had a decent start to the season though to be be fair,hes down what is expected
  2. it can`t have held it up that much,i was home with my feet up by 9pm
  3. he was very good,done alot of laps around scunny to be fair but made it count when he needed to,made some of the home riders look poor to to be honest
  4. First, congratulations on a fine team performance from the Rebels,rode very inteligent lines to either keep in front or make the passes,a fine performance and never looked like loosing the meeting from heat 2 onwards Auty again a class act for Scumthorpe,the rest were simply not good or smart enough--simple as that on the ref,never have i seen a more shocking performace in speedway,some absolute howlers all night,i can understand the odd mistake by a ref,that happen,s but to make shocking decisions all night ,that i can`t accept more concerning from a club point of view was folk leaving early,never a good sign
  5. maybe he got the `wolberts`` from a fast food place,who knows
  6. sometimes though dragging the dirt back has the reverse affect and you end up with marbles on a hard surface which gains nothing at all The EWR is wide enough i think to let lines develop,sometimes track grading grades the life out of a track
  7. sad thing is if your wish of Chapman getting his fingers burnt comes true,then its highly likely that the Mighty panthers will be gone forever sometimes you have to be becarefull what you wish for
  8. montie

    Leicester v Newcastle 27.04.19

    sad to say that is what speedway seems to be about these days Seems this year the Lions will be there or thereabouts come end of the season,will take some beating over two legs in a playoff situation if they can all stay fit
  9. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    looking at that kid and his lap times its a year to late never mind early
  10. Decent meeting and a fair result.the home win was never really in doubt the the visitors battled away to keep the meeting close,and have to be favourites to progress through to the next round some entertaining racing and good effort from both sides,again track prepped smoth and consistant done and dusted quickly ,which was good as that dam east wind had a bite to it big bonus-------never saw a tractor all night Perfect!
  11. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    which is the same with any family whos kids start out in motorsport,with a 10year old who loves Motorcross i have first had experience of this££££££££££££££ and more££££££££££
  12. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    he has some form of patrality i believe so it doesnt matter
  13. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    yet reading the press release it was done after discusions with his father,hes still staying around Scunthorpe,will travel with the team to gain experience etc seems to me to be a amicable situation that all are happy with,and thats how it should be
  14. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    one could argue we dropped one rider,your lot dropped 7 riders,
  15. i dont ride the bike,but talking to alot of riders they all seemed to say it was smoth and consistant other than that im wrong to comment,i just watch

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