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  1. so,build his private business from scratch to be a successful local based business,takes a unused grass field in a run down area and turns it into a profitable business and a track that is upthere with the best in the country,and has won silver wear at various levels and you call him not intelligent a clueless? now it matters not if you like him or not or if you agree with him or not,but to dish out personnal insults is below the belt,especially when the hard facts prove other wise and id go as far as saying that it isnt the BSPA,the MC,the riders,the tracks thats wrong with British speedway,its clowns like you that continually pull the sport down ,,,,,thats wrong wiith speedway and btw,have you looked on google maps yet to see if your statement that the EWR is a circle is correct?
  2. hardly living proof is it when both chaps mentioned above seem to run successfull business and are self made,kind makes your point incorrect and as regards to the EWR being a circle,may i suggest you visit google maps and look direct at the track from above,i think you will find its along way off a circle
  3. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    thats good news
  4. montie

    Thank you to the BSPA

    taking away bonus points for 3rd would help this i think Plus many times on here to see a rider who actually does all he can to provide a race called a nutcase the more nut cases the better!!
  5. 100% correct in what you say,totally agree,but there is other ways of increasing income streams that can be fixed,not variable like bums on seats Maybe he can bring in other forms of income that will go towards the club being viable,add that to a team build to a budget and sticking to it I once looked at some bugets for Scunny and the fluctuations on gate reciepts,coupled with potential rain offs made doing budgets hard work,so we looked at fixed income streams,sponsorships,shared event payments,loan fees, corporate bookings etc and then went from there
  6. not a question of that,but back to my point that the mighty panthers seem to roll from one crisis to the next which is very say for a club like that,not to mention one of in not the best race tracks in the country Maybe,just maybe Mr Chapman can deliver to Boro what he has delivered to Lynn,and that is a period of stability and relative success i didnt see many others stepping up to save the club again.....so best foot forward and give it a bloody good go in the top flight once again
  7. unless or course that in the completion of the take over,Chapman has realised original budgets agreed has actually not been stuck to,one never knows and reading previous posts it is rummoured than Tungate is Harris`s replacement,well if that is the case then it seems he has actaully strenghtened the team and reduced the budget,which im sure even Chapmans harshest critics will have to agree that is a job well done
  8. i have to beg to differ there,they maybe were doing fine yes but not good enough for there owners to want to keep hold of them, one has to ask why if they were doing fine,would the owners want out?
  9. Of course he will be fixed up already and chances are it will be at one of Busters other clubs,and who cares really as long as it fits in with their budget and Harris is happy then all is good when you look at it on paper one has to say that The witches look a slighly cheaper team on paper than the Panthers do,so maybe room to pay a little more for Harris [If say Buster has build all 3 of his teams to the same Budget per meeting and at a level that makes it vaiable to all 3 clubs then possibly that is a good thing for the league]
  10. i cant see anywhere mentioned [but i havnt read it all] that the Panthers are ``Dual owned``,is that the truth? as i read it Buster had bought the club himself outright from the outside looking in,seems the take over has only just gone through and that team was over budget and Chapman has reacted to this my letting the unlucky Harris go If this is the case then respect to the new owner/owners for making difficult decisions promptly to enusre the Panthers run to a budget and remain in business,thats basic ecconomics which sadly is missing from many promotions brains,both past and present and you mention that the current set up won`t deliver what you wish for,may i ask why? as when it comes to viable speedway tracks then i cant see anyone better that Chapam,like him or not,it matters not,he does things his way and that seems to keep things on the right track,after all its his money invested and he has right to act or react when situations need changeing Harris will get fixed up elsewhere,Boro will make a more cost effective signing and all will come to the tapes in March for what im sure is a competative season
  11. reading this thread gives off the impression that most Panthers supporters actually want their fine club to actually fail and drop out of the league Peterborough are a great club with a decent a supporter base,but sadly seems to drift from one crisis to another,main due to previous owners,now you have an owner who seems to make speedway sustainable,stick to budgets and has a history of producing competative teams without a sniff of financial troubles or threats of closing maybe you should embrace it and be greatfull that Mr Chapman stepped in,i know of alot of folk up Workington way who would be glad someone like him would take over Dont think ive ever come across of bunch of miserable,negative folk as most speedway fans,ffs,cheer up,you may just enjoy the sport again if you opened your mind [Chris Harris`s replacement might just be a great signing,you never know]
  12. montie

    Workington 2019

    one could argue if you have invested over £40k in last 13 months you are either brave or crazy [that figure is totally unsustainable at this level of speedway]
  13. montie

    Visa criteria

    just because his sponsoring emplyer are not coming to the tapes this season doesnt mean they are not trading, The compnay hasnt gone broke and is still actively trading as far as im aware or can tell
  14. montie

    Workington 2019

    what total and utter crap you speak,seems to be looking from the outside that all involved have done all they can to keep the club going,but it was missing one vital thing.... MONEY
  15. montie

    Workington 2019

    not sure there is no money about at all,go to most places on a weekend and they are rammed with folk spending folk just dont go to speedway these days,why? ,im not sure

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