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  1. montie

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    a very bold statement considering we dont know the points limit,we dont know who is in the league and we havnt seen other teams a strange one to me that im sure a recall similar statements last year on the predictions thread but it didnt seem to work out that way
  2. Congratulation to Swindon,best team and deserved winners over the season pleased for Rosco too,he cops some unfair flack but is a proper speedway man and is developing a handy knack of building teams good to see a fine crowd also
  3. this year even if you had started play offs in september there would still have been a alot of rain offs for example here in North Lincs,since 1 june 370mm of rain, with september rain fall over 100mm Scunthorpe for example had more mid summer rain offs this year than the 3 previos season added together,its just been a wet year this one Fishing has been shyte too!!
  4. montie

    Stoke closing down

    to be fair with the money involved in development these days far out weighs anything a promotor can do if 5000 folk turned up you still wont match the cash available from developers
  5. yet folk have moan about lack of grading this season proves a point,let a track develop its self,seen way to many tractors this year round and about,last time we were at Owlerton was a classic example,lovely racing line developing,out come the tractor for a few laps and kills it dead!! and massive well done to the Bears yesterday for coming back and grabbing a point Good luck in the playoffs.will pop up and have a look!
  6. its a new illness that seems to recently have appread with some riders,and i say some as that is the case I have no idea where this GrippyTrackitus came from Cook needs to have a long hard look in the mirror this morning
  7. fecking massive away win coming here
  8. my point being that had the rain been `TORRENTIAL`` as described,it wouldnt have been as dry as it was in in that heat 8 video, which was i guess 15 to 20 mins after the described rain,sure it rained,but not as bad as described id say well done to the ref on the night for getting on with it,as what i saw,,not a single rider from either team complained,so well done them
  9. when you watch that video it makes you wonder where the torrential thunder storm described in the match report was!! or maybe the clown writing it didnt know meeting was being filmed.....
  10. the rain made no differnce to the meeting or the score, Shame John Campbell acted the clown and got the ref to inspect the track,what a complete fool he made himself look,even the visiting riders seemed shocked at his actions Josh Pickering is a joy to watch around Scunny,love that kids style
  11. montie

    Sheffield 2019

    indeed, but on what grounds?,the Bates family own both clubs and are free to do what they wish to their teams as long as in withinn the rules of team building,i fail to see what the MC can actually do about it wether team changes are right or wrong,remains to be seen,but changes are the Bates family`s call,if that what they think is in the best interest of the two clubs they own[at considerable personnal cost] then that is their business,not the MC`s and for the record,If i was a Lions fan id be quite happy!!
  12. montie

    Sheffield 2019

    what exactly has the management committe got to do with that? can the actually stop the move when no actual rules have been broken?
  13. Proper track,proper racing and a deserved winner in Charles Wright is it me or does Cookie look quite uncomfortable on the bike,his style doesnt seem as flowing or compact as others some how...motorcross back ground??
  14. montie

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Never mind spreading it around the whole team,its just plain wrong they dont sell it to the other team mid meeting,that simply greedy of the Glasgow riders Paulco hope you had a safe drunken trip home!
  15. montie

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    An enjoyable meeting last night and Congratulations the the Tigers on a fine win,really good team performance by them from 1 to 7,got the job done Reading some excuses on here is amusing,Fuel,track etc,never heard such Rubbish, The tigers did what they had to do and Ayres and Lambert were poor,its a simple as that Id even go as far as saying had the track been grippy we would have got thumped by more than two points on another note,bit of a naughty move by cook in HEAT 15,least he could have done was go check on Auty,i dont think it was as dirty as it looked really,more a simple mistake coming out the corner,least he could have done was checked he was ok Any chance Glasow could leave Jensen at the EWR? Well done Glasgow

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