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  1. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    therefore it is ones choice to enter the stadium when the weather is a bit iffy
  2. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    is that not the same policy adopted at all tracks though?
  3. fantastic that it came down to the final bend after 30 races,what drama and excitemnt the playoffs can produce -- great to see Congrats to Worky-- a deserved final
  4. montie

    Scunthorpe 2019

    is there any other way for anyone to say their thoughts on a Forum without a keyboard tho?
  5. Wettest month of 2017...August... Almost impossible to call what time of year is dry sadly.. Only real difference is takes longer to dry out at this time of year
  6. I'm not sure you can totally blama him.. It was a hell of a lot of points to make up after the first leg thrashing.. But it was a fine effort by the Panthers early in the meeting Seems the Panthers just ran out of steam in the last half of the meeting Shame injuries caught both teams as two full teams on two of the fairest race tracks in the league would have made a proper semi final shootout Hope Boro can salvage something today against Lakeside.. The club deserves a final this season
  7. But to be fair teams can also bring in guests and get hammered on the strength of it
  8. from a simple selfish point of view i hope 2019 is the same as 2018 as ive seen some outstanding speedway this year at many tracks,and for 15 or 16 quid ive been very well entertained the racing at Scunny has been top draw this year,seen excellent meetings on well prepped tracks at Boro,Redcar ,Workington,Sheffield etc, plus the BT sports presentation of the League and the GPs have been tip top,Also enjoyed the unfancied teams emerging this year such and Worky and Berwick [ ill even confess to become a secret Bandits fan toward the end] only bad meeting ive seen all year was the Swindon dust bowl on TV i hope the clubs with an uncertain future manage to find solutions and arrive at the tapes next season and entertain me as much as they have this year
  9. My forcast is for temps of 20 plus and a bit of a wind on is that classed as poor these days?
  10. as a neutral a thought the meeting over two legs was good and kept me well entertained shame that injuries etc had an influence on the outcome but that is how speedway is Congrats to Poole and bad luck on the Stars shame the thread is full of negativity tho --i thought it was good..... and great to see such a Big crowd in at Lynn
  11. I wasn't aware Rob was riding this evening.. As far as I'm aware you lost to 6 riders representing Scunthorpe
  12. although you maybe are correct one could argue its excellent promotion everyone loves a bit a niddle and Speedway is sadly lack that these days
  13. unbelievable really that dispite what seems a fanstatic effort by the Boro promotion to get the meeting completed there are folk moaning about being cold and delays sometimes there is feck all you can do about things going wrong and delays what a bloody world we live in,, Man up ffs and buy a bloody good coat Well done to Rathbone and all for not giving,finding a solution and completing the meeting
  14. Wow.. What a come back that has been.. Incredible result. Well done Worky
  15. montie

    Play offs

    because it keeps the season alive This season was a really good nail biting race to gain a top 4 spot with a few teams in the mix right up to the cut off point even with a month to go the teams at the bottom had a outside chance which must be a good thing i think

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