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  1. 2ndBender

    Cyril Francis

    Yes, I'm pretty sure Cyril identified Somerton Park as a potential Speedway venue, and recommended it when he was with Wolves. Good solid team man whose best period with the Wasps was probably when he partnered Toby Harrysson. RIP Cyril.
  2. 2ndBender

    Belle Vue Abroad

    Many thanks to you both. Always pleased to plug a hole in my database, however small!
  3. 2ndBender

    Belle Vue Abroad

    No worries Moxey, always on the look-out for obscure results myself. Unfortunately, I can't track down the Hungarian Czaki's christian name, which annoys me greatly1
  4. 2ndBender

    Belle Vue Abroad

  5. 2ndBender

    Belle Vue Abroad

    Nyiregyhaza 29.04.91 Hungary 68 (Zoltan Adorjan 18, Joszef Petrikovics 15, Zoltan Hajdu 12, Robert Nagy 8, Sandor Tihanyi 7, Laszlo Bodi 6, Zsolt Kovacs 2) Belle Vue 40 (Carl Stonehewer 11, Chris Morton 11, Kelly Moran 10, David Blackburn 3, Nigel Leaver 2, David Walsh 2, Paul Smith 1) Miskolc 30.04.91 (rained off after 11 heats) Hungary 43 (Zoltan Adorjan 11, Zoltan Hajdu 9, Joszef Petrikovics 9, Robert Nagy 7, Laszlo Bodi 4, Sandor Tihanyi 3, L.Czaki dnr) Belle Vue 22 (David Blackburn 7, Chris Morton 6, Nigel Leaver 3, David Walsh 2, Paul Smith 2, Kelly Moran 2, Carl Stonehewer dnr) Warsaw 23.10.55 Warsaw 42 (Wlodzimierz Szwendrowski 16, Florian Kapala 8, Marian Kaiser 8, Mieczyslaw Polukard 6, Alojzy Frach (r) 3, Andrzej Krzesinski 1, Zibigniew Ranisewski (r) 0, Edward Kupczynski 0) Belle Vue 66 (Peter Craven 16, Ron Johnston 14, Ken Sharples 11, Arthur Wright 10, Peter Williams 9, Bob Duckworth 6, Dick Fisher (r) 0, Fred Rogers (r) 0)
  6. Fully agree with the comments about the lack of team affinity and club loyalty. One of the reasons I've stopped going is because you can never be sure who is going to represent your team anymore. Guests, doubling/trebling up, three or four clubs in three or four different countries - its laughable. You may just as well have an open pool of riders from which the home and away team managers choose seven each on the night (God, please don't take me seriously, BSPA.....!!!). Oh, and I fully agree with the comments about Wilkie. Saw him ride many times and he was Belle Vue through and through. Good luck to the man and his family.
  7. Only three for me really. Other sports fans laugh at me when I tell them a rider can score more for coming second than for winning the race, and a rider can race for three or four different clubs. As well as that, clubs can 'borrow' other clubs star riders! 'Jeux Sans Frontieres'?
  8. A terrific site - one of the very best for all us amateur historians, and programme collectors looking for results. One of the problems with this technology though, isn't it? Once Microsoft, Apple (in my case), or any of our other TechnoMasters decide they are are no longer going to support the platforms on which we've invested countless hours, that's it. I fully understand Brian's disillusionment with the sport in general as well. I've been to one meeting since Newport closed. Thanks for all your efforts Brian. I've spent many enjoyable and rewarding hours on your site, as well as contributing a few bits and pieces myself, and I'm glad it will remain with us for the time being.
  9. As others have rightly said, Torun is indeed a fine city - probably my favourite Polish destination; (I think it's designated a World Heritage site). However, at opposite ends of the country, I also love Gdansk and Krakow, and whilst you won't see a GP at either, they both have league tracks. From Gdansk you can explore the Baltic sea coast, (including the Hel peninsular), the historic shipyards and Malbork castle. From Krakow, there is of course Auschwitz, the salt mines and maybe a trip over the Tatra mountains into Slovakia. We've done both of these destinations independently, but we've also travelled with Travel Plus and I cannot speak too highly of them; James and his crew really look after you!
  10. 2ndBender

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    See my post, no. 125.
  11. 2ndBender

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    Right hand side of the castle as you're facing it, 150m or so up North Road and just on the right. Makes sense really. They have a temporary ice rink and ferris wheel there around Christmas time. Still only 10 mins walk to the stadium.
  12. 2ndBender

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    I can't imagine the fan zone being in the Wood Street area this year. What used to be the bus station is completely fenced off and awaiting/undergoing redevelopment. Come to think of it, there's not a suitable area in the city centre which could realistically accommodate the fan zone, unless they get permission to put it in one of the parks.
  13. Although not strictly a flea market, Cardiff indoor market in St Mary Street (5 mins from the stadium) is well worth a half hour browse, especially if you haven't experienced a traditional British market before. It has hardly changed in 60 - 70 years. Further afield the open-air Welsh National Folk Museum at St Fagans is pretty special. However, you will need a car or bus to get there from the city centre and it will take up quite a few hours out of your day. You probably wouldn't have time to do that and the Bay unless you started really early! Whatever you decide, you will have a great day.
  14. I live in Newport which is an easy 15 minute train ride away. I NEVER drive into Cardiff on a Saturday and I wouldn't dream of doing so on GP day - but then I am fortunate to live close by. As you are doing the Pairs on Friday night, I would personally try to get accommodation in the Bristol area - Chippenham seems a bit too far. You can get an easy train from Bristol, via Newport, to Cardiff. As others have said, head for Cardiff Bay for food and a sense of Cardiff's maritime history. There are many excellent restaurants in the city centre too, and if you are a beer drinker you MUST visit the Urban Tap House, (exactly opposite the Stadium gates) for the best beer in Cardiff!
  15. 2ndBender


    Wow, June01, that was quick....! I never, ever thought to check that site. It looks like his tragic death happened a mere TWO DAYS after the Rovno meeting. How very, very sad. Thanks for plugging a gap in my database.

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