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  1. Shame. Shamek was such an exciting youngster. Thanks for the info Henry. It goes to show that talent alone is no guarantee of success at the highest level. Still, he and his brother have made longish careers in the sport at a pretty good level.
  2. Ryan Fisher a future world champion? Much as I liked him when he road for the Bees I never heard that claimed for him. Maybe crashing his van at a testimonial meeting at Brandon but paid to that. Certainly a champion character! Also was David Howe that highly rated when he was young? Rated as a good prospect but a world champion? Maybe I'm wrong. Saw him at Cardiff and was well off the pace.
  3. Just been passing the time watching some YouTube videos (thank you Clean Cut Sports!) and particularly enjoyed the precocious talents of a young Przemysław Pawlicki . The commentator observes that he was certainly a future world champion in the making. What happened to the exceptional Shamek? Why didn't he even make the GPs? I've looked of Wikipedia and it only goes up to 2010 in his case. I know his brother has been making a name for himself. Also what other riders at a young age were considered future champions? I don't mean the great riders like Leigh Adams who just didn't make top spot but the shining lights who suddenly faded out of sight - I am sure injuries accounted for some unfortunately.
  4. Great to see the Brummies carry on (wish I could see another Midlands side returning - Coventry). I wish you all the best for the coming season. I do feel that good riders might be in short supply and this could affect the Brummies team. If that's the case, and the side is not top quality I do hope that this won't deter the fans. It's also very good news to hear of track work - competitive racing is a must if the sport is to survive. Merry Christmas to all and I look forward to seeing a Brummies team racing at Oxford (just moved nearby - great timing!).
  5. bluebee

    Eastbourne Speedway

    Well I am pleased to read this after all the despondency on Estbourne threads. I hope that there is no carry over of ill feeling when the new management get going. After a worrying season at least there are some faint of signs of recovery in speedway's prospects. With Newcastle running and the revival of Oxford on the cards, speedway moves on. Fingers crossed for the Brummies and I still hope - probably vainly - for my beloved Bees to return. I do hope the BSPA can make sensible decisions for the future. Cots need to be reasonable and there needs to be a concerted effort to develop home riders - all promoters need to pull together for the benefit of the sport. Perhaps the problems we've had this season might focus a few minds - I hope so.
  6. It was OK but we were definitely spoilt by the racing on Monday. There was not enough on the outside for a consistent passing line and the inside line was strong throughout. However, the best riders made something of the track. Tatum thought at the beginning that the outside was going to develop later in the meeting so the track had been prepared for racing.
  7. If only there were more ready to underpin it with cash! What tonight showed was that close meetings with racing that's not first from the gate will attract the fans. I can honestly say t of hat the meetings I have attended this season very few, if any, were like this. Speedway has the home advantage problem - if only more were like Belle Vue and to some extent the Showground. I hope Lynn and Ipswich do better next season as well. There needs to be persistent competition throughout the season I fear that we're going to have a riser shortage next season and that may create further problems - we've seen clubs struggle with rider demands this season. I do hope the powers that control the sport take a rational view. This final has shown us what a great sport speedway can be.
  8. Hope Bewley stays in British speedway. He may not be the best team rider but he is a fantastic racer.
  9. Well at least they turned up! Not the case for many teams this year.
  10. Well done Peterborough! C commiserations to Aces. But the absolute winner is speedway. Fantastic two matches to end the season. If only this level of speedway could be at every match the the sport wouldn't be in the trouble it is in.
  11. Hope trhis makes Eurosport rate speedway as a spectacle. Needs to be promoted. Wish every track was as good and fair as Belle Vue
  12. The fat lady hasn't sung yet!!!! Reckon it could set it up nicely for Thursday.
  13. bluebee

    Electric Speedway

    Thanks Iris. I think I'll file that picture along with the pictures I have of the Reading Racino or the jetpacks they said we would all have on Tomorrow's World
  14. bluebee

    Electric Speedway

    Sorry must go now. Interesting debate and some could points made by you all. Hope the same level of rational debate can be held in more influential circles.
  15. bluebee

    Electric Speedway

    The elephant is the increased requirement on the National Grid which renewables will not meet. whatever the improvements in the technology. Not everything is scaleable or we would still have large ships driven by wind power. Hydrogen is not that easy to manufacture. We can't go back to coal - it's too dirty. The only foreseeable answer is small scale reactors but the green lobby don't want that. They want us to reduce our carbon footprint. Think medieaval and you've got something close. As for manufacturing inevitable moving abroad why is that inevitable. The reason for its movement are: low taxes, lax regulatory regimes and of course lower energy costs. Cheap labour also helps but automation deals with that on the whole. My point is that we need to think more seriously a and realistically bout energy production and not just think a mass of turbines down the east coast (estimated at 25 miles deep to keep up with current demand) is going to be the solution. And I can't see electric bikes on shale. Why bother with the shale? It's dirty and dusty.

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