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  1. martinmauger

    William Dunlop

    As above, much respect. RIP....
  2. martinmauger

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    S'right, I know folk who travel to watch live darts in a packed room where you can't actually see the action but watch on a TV screen. Like you would at home. Can't really knock the arrows game as it is very popular though it does absolutely nothing for me...
  3. martinmauger

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    True. This ^^ would almost double my hypothtetical fortune. Sigh....
  4. martinmauger

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    " My next door neighbour asks, "What's speedway?" ". Like many others no doubt, if I had a pound for everytime I've been asked this, I'd have an awful lot of money. A true tale I've told before: not one person I've 'actively encouraged', not exactly forced (!), to watch speedway - either in the flesh or on the box - has said "what a load of rubbish". The only semi-negative comment, ever, has been "it's just motorbikes going round a track". One fine day a lady at work and her family chanced upon beach racing, at Mablethorp I believe it was, and she and her family (husband, 1 boy, 2 girls) stayed until the very end. She even asked when telling the tale "was it the speedway you are always going on about, it was very exciting. we'd love to see it / that beach racing again". Not exactly extensive market research but, again, many could probably tell smilar tales.....
  5. martinmauger

    Bradford To Return ?

    Thanks for clairification re: Odsal shale, knew about the structure built on the old pits high above turns 3 & 4. Pretty sure Bammy was promoting stocks at Bradford in 1985, but of course he was defo running Belle Vue, speedway & stox, at that time. Knew about Eric Boothroyd + the Hams running Halifax then onto Bradford, I used to watch there before Hull's return in 1995. What a rivalry that was. I heard rumours about the Dukes' possible return sometime earlier this year, assumed it was to be in Halifax area. Only in this thread did I learn about the possible return of speedway to Bradford at Odsal. Hope so, viewing from the home straight stand used to be brilliant, would be interesting from turns 3 & 4 too....
  6. martinmauger

    Bradford To Return ?

    "the track, its currently covered in tarmac around the rugby pitch but it is still there underneath, the tarmac could be ripped up to accommodate a new FIM track ". Is that correct, as I thought when speedway returned to Bradford in 1985 the shale was laid on top of the tarmac as stock car owner / promoter at the time , the late Stuart Bamforth, wouldn't allow the tarmac to be removed as Odsal was intended to be used to stage FIM speedway events, don't think running a team or a Dukes relocation was considered at the time. Not arguing, just being a track anorak and wanting to clarify. As for the Yorkshire Dukes, I was heard rumours of this project few months ago and got the impression the proposed site was nearer Halifax than Bradford. Not being "I heard a secret and know more than you know", how I wish I could remember more of what I was told re: the potential location but I can't (!). Either way, I wish both / either ventures the very best of luck, West Yorkshire always was a speedway hotbed and could become so again. Would rather a new speedway project in East Yorkshire though ....
  7. martinmauger

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    This ^^, plus meetings dragging on for too long. At Hull in 1970's / 80's non supporters club members could travel on supporters club coaches but paid a bit more. Join the club and your next coach trip discount pretty much paid for membership so quids in. Well prob 1 quid in. We took 15 coaches to the league decider at Coventry in 1979 and 7 to the 1981 World Final at Wembley and we didn 't even have a rider to support as the late, great Ivan Mauger sadly DNQ. Signing Ivan in 1978 certainly helped with away support, mostly there was a coach to every match anyway but Ivan's arrival guarranteed at least one and more often 2 coaches. Best visiting support to Hull at that time was probably Coventry, often bringing 2 coaches for a mid-week match. Think a few away coaches ran when Hull retuned in 1995 but fans made their own way to away fixtures. I miss the camaraderie of those away trips....
  8. Adding my 2p's worth: the competition went better than I thought, Polish crowds didn't necessarily agree, flippin' brilliant watching GB battle all the way to the very last race. Agree it the final heat was more about who didn't finish last than who won the race, sadly some might say, but it was a pairs comp so probably 4, 3, 2, 0 scoring might have been better for the final heat, if not the entire compeition. And I enjoyed the tension/ excitement of the 'absolutely, positively must get a result' so-called pressure heats, and only have the one Final. We don't know the GB thoughts / tactics before the last Fnal 2 heat, but possibly riders aren't used to others slowing down in front these days to block and / or the charteristics of modern engines don't permit it safely. We saw the Zagar / Manzares incedent and in Final 1 there was an almost a repeat with GB v Smolinski, we could debate forever. I will say GB as a team rode the best they could and should be proud. Rossiter did the right thing using Lambert as much as he did, while there was no guarrantee Cook would have done better, Rosco couldn't risk maybe using a heat to risk it. He had 2 riders going good, so use them. I don't buy '2nd is the first of the losers', you can't win all the time and 2nd is still very good': use the silver medal as motivation to turn it into gold next time. Finally, Tai is obviously the more experienced at this level of the 3 GB riders, and it showed, and was on his own track for the Finals the others will no doubt learn from the SON, but whether some like him or not: he rode freakin' brilliant....
  9. Speaking as a neutral, apart from GPs & SON, it matter waaaay more when you have someone to follow. Ok, competition of 2 halves, another meet to go then go to last heat, whatever, who cares some awesome racing & GB ARE LEADING !!!! Not often we can say that, enjoy it is my advice....
  10. martinmauger

    Niche Sports TV - Promoting Speedway

    Oh and forgot manged to view the clip; a mystery as I watch speedway on Youtube all the time. Anyhoo; not perfect, as mentioned some framing & sound issues, but a good first effort. TV, &video filming and production is nowhere near as easy as many folk think so much to think about and remember, the OP asked for some feedback and got it, looking forward to the next one....
  11. martinmauger

    Dull Danes

    Nielsen & Gundesen were two very different riders with different styles, both started relatively unspectaularly results-wise but then acquired the same habit of winning. All. The. Time. If only either had 'defected' to become a Brit in 1980's, woulda made a heck of a difference. At roughly the same time Tommy Knudsen arrived, a very good rider but not quite the standard of those two. Then came along Jan O Pedersen, more Gundersen than Nielsen, but arguably even more exciting to watch. And another winner.....
  12. "THE Jury is still out of a number of issues with the SON. Firstly, the title of the competition is a nonsense. It tells the greater public nothing, especially from a media point-of-view. It is a World Championship and should include the word world." S'what I've said alll along, no-one (non-speedway folk) I've spoken to about the SON, and I tend to speak about speedway a lot (!) had any idea what it meant until I told them. Most then said "why not call it World Pairs then?". I said that too. The dust will need to settle before more permanent plans are made, hope the return to SWC myself, so what if the Poles kept winning for fun, the Danes did before and England / GB (albeit featuring Aussies & Kiwis!) did before that. Too bad if you are not good enough to qualify with and race the 'big boys'; it's called competition for a reason, to find the best. Onto tomorrow & tonite then: so Rosco is gving Woffy Cookie & Lambert a run in the practice to see who is going the best to finalise his plans for the event. Hope they all go well and GB can give the rest a run for their money if not get a medal position if not win the thing why not, innit to winnit. You never know, though mostly we do....
  13. Just seen this (don't post or read as much as some), not criticising I meant they didn't have ther 'grid-table' like graphic across the bootm of the screen as in the GPs showing e.g. Red Gate1 Tai Woffinden GB ??Pts, White Gate2 So and So ??Pts, Blue Gate 3 Robert Lambert GB ??Pts, Yellow Gate 4 So and So Else ??Pts. Y'all know what I mean....
  14. martinmauger

    Dull Danes

    I'd say Peter Kildemand is an a-typical Dane for riding style and that Martin Smolinski is a bit of a character....

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