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  1. Well done Robert - the boy is a born winner.
  2. Just to offer a different viewpoint Proctor has been brilliant this year at Lynn, his performances have exceeded expectations considerably and like the rest of the team he has bought into the teamwork approach and has been fully involved in the team spirit and togetherness.
  3. This is the downside of Play Offs. Yes they can mean big crowds and a ‘grand finale’ but when it’s a case of deciding league titles between teams full of guests it becomes a bit farcical.
  4. I’d also argue that if Proctor doesn’t make it then we can cover for him pretty well with all bar Lambert able to take a R/R ride, assuming of course we don’t lose another rider on the night.
  5. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I respect everyone’s opinion on here and bear no grudge against Batch, it’s all water under the bridge but just felt I had to reply to Daniel’s original post. All I will say is that I was a paying customer that night against Poole and I stood on the first bend where we have a good view into the pits and I know what I saw and heard and the body language that was on display before and after the race where Troy fell. And I don’t think Puk is the ‘messiah’ but comparing the two riders is like comparing chalk and cheese.
  6. Bagpuss

    Play offs

    Buster is stepping down this winter is he not? Or did I dream that?
  7. I think our key men are Proctor (if fit) and Jorgensen at 3 & 4, what they score will have a big say in how successful or otherwise we are.
  8. Can vouch for the Windmill, good grub.
  9. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    The original point was about both riders getting booed.....Batch can’t be surprised at receiving that treatment for pulling out of a meeting he clearly didn’t fancy and then guesting for somebody else the next night before putting in zero effort for Lynn at Leicester on the Saturday. Pretty sure it was said on Radio Norfolk by Dale that no chances were taken with Niels’ knee after an extended assessment period which resulted in the extensive grading. I’m quite happy to believe that he pulled out as a precaution and then found the next morning that it wasn’t too bad and that he was able to ride in a very important play off meeting for Smederna. I also believe that had it been a Lynn meeting on Tuesday that he would have ridden in that too. As professionals Batchelor and Iversen are chalk and cheese.
  10. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    The difference is that Batchelor guested rather than having a play off meeting for a team he actually rides for, plus it would seem that at the time Lynn took absolutely no risks with Niels with next Monday on mind. Can see your point but for me the two situations are quite different. Batch used his crash as a cop out as he didn’t fancy the track, and didn’t put any effort in during his last meeting for the club at Leicester. And of course the main point that Niels has been a top bloke and team man for many years whereas Troy has always been a plank.
  11. I preferred the race from a couple of weeks ago but that may be because of the extra camera angles and watching it ‘live’. However last nights was still an incredible race going by the video. Must be a nightmare leading a race later on in an NSS meeting with both opponents all over you, impossible to know where to ride as there are so many lines of attack.
  12. He’s a shadow of the rider which started the season though.
  13. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Get off the forum and enjoy your holiday Seems like all the grading on Monday was to give Niels extra time to see if he could carry on.
  14. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Robert only had two rides in Sweden tonight, presumably he is feeling the effects of last nights crash? Hope there isn’t an injury involved and that he is fit for Monday evening.
  15. Nobody at Lynn thinks it’s a gimme, and it’s silly to think that just because we picked Belle Vue. Would expect us to keep this close but it depends on the fitness of our three heatleaders who could all go into this meeting carrying injuries.

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