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  1. Bagpuss

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    The home tac sub strikes again.
  2. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    Clarence Park, St Albans.
  3. Unused fireworks and hot water available too.
  4. Bagpuss

    Ipswich 2022

    Madness for any club to run on a night when folk wont come. Remember Rye House?
  5. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    This is what really does my head in about modern football and the social media/internet forum age we are in. Sport by it's very nature has winners and losers, but people cant seem to accept that one team can just be better than the other on a given day, it has to be about blame and pinning the defeat onto somebody. I'm obviously a Norwich fan and I've given up with the Facebook/Twitter pages now as it starts at 2PM with criticism of the team picked and then if (when) we lose it goes on for days after, idiots wanting the manager sacked or hammering certain players because of who they are rather than how they've played. Then you've got pundits going OTT to justify their salaries, going to town on teams who have lost. I obviously want my team playing g at the highest level possible but I hate the Premier League and everything that goes with it and what it turns some of our fans into. Folk wanted Farke sacked last year when we had a little wobble but were still in the top two and some want him gone now after four games! There is no sense any more, people play FIFA or FM and think they understand football but in reality know two fifths of F all.
  6. Bagpuss

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    I could be wrong but didn't Poole get special dispensation to use Nick Morris in the final to avoid Ellis appearing for both sides?
  7. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    And there it is
  8. Bagpuss

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Theres a lot of whittling going on about Pedersen, I expect he will score really well everywhere should he drop to reserve.
  9. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    As long as it doesn't cost them qualification. Never a red card for me and without that I suspect they win comfortably. Should have seen the draw out anyway, what was Lingard thinking?
  10. Bagpuss

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    The question has to be who would you have signed instead? And is the comment about keeping Becker happy knowledge or hearsay?
  11. I don't disagree but I'm not sure a 15 point max that he should be getting with his eyes closed anyway would sway anyone's thoughts.
  12. Bagpuss

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    I think you can blame Crump's season purely on that crash at Wolves.
  13. Chris Whitty and Theresa Tam aren't 'health ministers'.
  14. Bagpuss

    belle vue v kings lynn 13/9/21

    Take a bow Connor Mountain, that score puts one or two of his team mates to shame. Riss needs to be gone for 2022 unless he is on a bargain average.

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