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  1. What a fantastic track Bydgoszcz is. Great meeting with some excellent racing. Series bubbling up nicely.
  2. Bagpuss

    Polish Speedway on TV

    Easy to remedy, watch it delayed and whizz through the bits between races. I’ve watched speedway that way for years.
  3. Personally I thought Buzz turned back to ride a narrow back straight and caused the clash with Smektala who was minding his own business on the inside but can see why the Lezno man was excluded. Why was Pedersen being a plonker towards Smektala after heat 15?
  4. I’m sure I heard Heckenbuck last night too.
  5. Bagpuss

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Certainly looks the part so far this year and while it's early days he looks like he could really break through to world class status if he carries on in the same vein and can avoid injuries. Seems to have his feet on the ground too going by his interview. Could be a man in demand next season.
  6. Track obviously caught some riders out but still a pretty good meeting. Robert looking very good once again but good to hear from his interview that his feet are on the ground.
  7. Bagpuss

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    This is certainly a matter of communication rather than a failure to issue refunds, no club should be obliged to do that until the season is officially cancelled and as things stand that isn’t the case despite what various know alls may say on forums and social media. Very possible that a shortened season might take place this year. However it wouldn’t have been hard for the BSPA to come up with a generic response for clubs to reply to enquiries with in relation to season ticket monies and people would feel a bit more informed and valued. Sadly communication and customer care has generally been poor for years as far as British Speedway is concerned.
  8. Indeed, another excellent display from him this evening, picking off some quality riders from the back. Excited to see what he can achieve tomorrow evening and beyond in the SEC.
  9. Bagpuss


    Still rebuilding three years after winning the league?!
  10. Sorry mate, you’ve lost me......I was pointing out that KierStarmerFan just posts things to get a reaction, take no notice of him /her. He/she has been doing it for years under various usernames.
  11. Forum’s resident wind up merchant / nutter / wally, mate.......best ignored.
  12. This. You can’t blame some of the Brits for earning good money from riding in both British leagues, as frustrating as it is that they don’t / won’t try to push on in foreign leagues. Hopefully seeing what Robert and Dan are trying to do in Poland will inspire some of the youngsters coming through to strive to do the same.
  13. The Madsen / Chugunov race has been put on Facebook in a couple of places and you’ve got people moaning about the track and saying they’ve seen better racing at Lakeside I honestly think some British fans just aren’t prepared to enjoy Polish speedway which is a pity for them. It’s not been brilliant but there has been the odd superb race and enough good ones to make it worth watching.
  14. I think the key point made is that ‘he generates speed from nowhere’. Zmarzlik usually gathers momentum during his races. I agree with acef, without proof nobody can accuse him directly but what people can see with their own eyes is enough to raise some suspicion and keep an open mind.
  15. I’ve never been a fan of team riding a lesser rider like that, if it’s my team I’d much rather the heat leader clears off and secured a likely 4-2 than risk a 3-3 trying to get a 5-1. Excellent meeting, easily the most enjoyable so far. So pleasing to see Robert riding like that and really impressed with the spirit and determination Rybnik showed.

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