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  1. Glasgow warming up nicely for the second half of the season.
  2. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Kildemand rode in Denmark tonight.....
  3. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    He was strutting around like an arrogant so and so all evening with a daft grin on his face, quite an unlikeable chap really. Good on Lewi for not taking his crap.
  4. Bagpuss

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Lots of hype around at the moment about Sedgemen but a across the rest of the season is he likely to be any better than what you've already got? I'm unconvinced, especially as he has had seasons before where he starts well and tails off. One or two Lynn fans wanted him in place of Kerr or Jorgensen but I'm not sure he'd be an upgrade over fourteen meeting or whatever is left. Perhaps he was considered for both clubs by Buster but deemed not what was required despite some good current form.
  5. Bagpuss

    Edinburgh 2022

    Absolutely but I'd have thought 300 is probably the ideal if the right shape. But if the available area means a great racetrack that's 260m then who cares. BTW plenty of spread out processional racing on the little uns too. The secret is to have plenty of lines and room whatever the length.
  6. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Don't disagree but worth noting that Worrall has had a 3, two 4's and a 5 since he's been at reserve as well as some good scores so he's not been Mr consistency either. I think Iversen woulld have been replaced by now if it was going to happen, we have four meetings until he is hopefully back, let's hope the season is still alive then.
  7. Bagpuss

    Edinburgh 2022

    Great news. The piece says about the track being 'internationally certified' so you'd imagine it will be something more akin to Midenhall than Armadale with shorter straights and more sweeping bends. Congratulations to all involved. Hopefully there will be a stronger sport for Edinburghs new track to be part of along with Northside, Eastbourne etc with enough customers and riders to make things viable.
  8. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Alternatively Jorgensen may kick start his season and score lots of points. Personally I don't see Jorgensen and Worrall swapping being a big deal, but having to run R/R for Iversen very much is at the monemt.
  9. Bagpuss

    Programme content

    Now those I would buy
  10. Bagpuss

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Considerably worse than that according to the Met Office https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gbvn9cv4h#?date=2022-06-28
  11. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    We've seen Sedgemen start seasons well and then tail off before but based on tonight's evidence and his scores for Brum he could quite possibly strengthen our second string department.
  12. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2022

    What makes Lawson's contribution even more impressive last season is that he was in a dreadful team, if you are losing every week motivation can be very difficult. Makes you wonder if his knee injury affects him more than he is letting on as he started the season very well.
  13. Bagpuss

    Programme content

    Not bought a programme for years, agree with what iainb says about filling them in being a mood hoover. If I want to know rider scores during a meeting I load the updates up on my phone occasionally and have a quick glance, the meeting score is either on the scoreboard or heard over the tannoy.
  14. I'm sure some folk would disagree about Pocking but what happened in Vojens?
  15. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    I like the way Newcastle are carefully building their squad without spending ridiculous money on mercenaries.

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