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  1. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Swindon 16 9 19

    It was but crowds for even the bog standard car meetings far exceed what we get for speedway.
  2. Bagpuss

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I don’t think you have the best track in the country but certainly the second best. The World Cup meeting in 2009 was superb, would be good to see an U21 final round or a SEC meeting at the EoES in the near future.
  3. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Plus the name calling is immature and rather irritating.
  4. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Already committed to watching the Europa League I reckon.
  5. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Seems odd that he has packed it in with one meeting left but by bringing in a guest who has never ridden the track and is unlikely to trouble the scorers I can’t see that Lynn are trying to gain an advantage. Why not Lambert or Ostergaard orsomebody who could beat the Poole reserves if it was planned?
  6. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    If you mean 2017 he was much better than he has been in his short stint this season. Coming in at reserve he should have been an upgrade on Andersen and Lambert but unfortunately he has been dreadful.
  7. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Swindon 16 9 19

    I’ve never got the appeal of oval car racing personally but you can see from the number of spectators in that video exactly why speedway has to play second fiddle to the stocks and bangers.
  8. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Some classic Shovlar on this thread and still people bite all these years later. Poole have a great chance of winning tomorrow and a more than fighting chance of winning the title. Everything else is arse covering and bait casting.
  9. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    It’s unlikely to be a good meeting because the shale is crap for speedway, nothing to do with doctoring the track. It will however almost certainly be smooth without lumps, bumps and holes.
  10. Bagpuss

    Peterborough v Wolves 17.9.19

    They’re not the same thing though.....one is carelessness, the other.....well I guess that could be carelessness too As a relatively new Father good luck to Sam and his other half.
  11. Bagpuss

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Ipswich had nothing to lose or gain so they were always going to go ‘through the motions’ on a track which had a few lumps and bumps. They may even have experimented with set ups etc. Can’t imagine any of the 28 riders not giving 100% come the Play Offs.
  12. Bagpuss

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Ipswich’s shape is a hell of a lot better than it used to be.
  13. Bagpuss

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    To be fair to her she said yesterday that neither Boris or Steptoe are capable of running the country.

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