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  1. obrien48

    Parallel Championships

    Just coming back to this, what about pursuit races like in track cycling where the riders start on opposite straights?
  2. obrien48

    Wimbledon Stadium: Some Important News

    Sent my emails, hope it has an effect!
  3. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    gorzow emil 9/2 £10k Vaculik £10k greg 14/1 £2500 freddie 33/1 £2500 special patent bet emil 9/2 mataj 20/1 greg 14/1
  4. obrien48

    British GP 2013

    On a different note, the Eurosport coverage has already completely totally eclipsed Sky's attempts. At last the Cardiff GP is televised properly! Hope the racing lives up to expectation. hearing that atmosphere coming through the tv now and GUTTED we didn't go! DAMN!
  5. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    British GP Odds Tai Woffinden 7/2 = 400 Emil Sayfutdinov 4/1 = 400 Nicki Pedersen 7/1 = 600 Greg Hancock 16/1 = 200 Accumulator Woffinden Emil Hampel Pedersen Holder Aj Lindback Vaculik
  6. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    Woffinden 8-1 - 50 Gollob 8-1 - 50 Hampel 5-1 - 20 Sayfutdinov 4-1 - 17.50 Sayfutdinov No
  7. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    Johnson £25 Lindback £25 Woffinden £25 Ward £25
  8. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    Here are my picks Gollob 7/2 £20 Hampel 6/1 £20 Jonson 16/1 £5 Woffinden 66/1 £5
  9. obrien48

    Gp Rider Sponsorship

    I was wondering if it's time that FIM/GPs started to speculate in regards to national media coverage for instance could they pay TalkSport a sum to guarantee the results are mentioned over the weekend and monday mornings? Surely, with some national coverage such as this they would be able to recoup it with a few new sponsors? Perhaps the results segment could be sponsored to help pay for this.
  10. obrien48

    New Zealand Gp.

    Nice to see you using my graphic internetman - at least someone likes it!
  11. obrien48

    New Zealand Gp.

    'WOLFY WINS and the union jacks are up! The pommies are going mad!' - I was cracking up! Really enjoyed the commentary and not an (English) cliché in sight! Edit: F*ck me some people are never happy - you all finally got rid of Pearson and you're still moaning - AT LEAST IT WAS ON TELLY! Get real.
  12. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    Did anyone see AJ as top points scorer after 20 heats? I didn't! He's a curse that man! Everytime I bet on him he flunks and vice versa! YOU'RE AN ENIGMA AJ! Was going great guns until Holder knocked out Sayfutdinov and Lindgren on countback Grrrr... still - had £5 e/w on Hampel for the meeting (real money) so happy as larry! Does anyone think we should have a seperate discussion thread for this game? I'm happy to start it if so...
  13. obrien48

    Gp Betting Game

    Tai Woffinden (Great Britain) 100/1 £5 Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 33/1 £10 Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia) 9/1 £15 Darcy Ward (Australia) 11/2 £20 Top scorer free £50 = Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia) 9/1 oooo cant wait! Good luck everybody.
  14. obrien48

    Mcs - Speedway Card Game

    To be fair you're way off the mark, MCS approached me to stock the game in Speedwaystore, the game is far more than 'top trumps' and looks like it's had a lot of time spent on it. You have the right to an opinion of course but there's no need to belittle the product.

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