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  1. I agree. But when some idiot attacks me. I'll defend myself.
  2. I already have. Do you practice being a complete moron or does it come naturally?
  3. He's been lambasted for it too. His parents even more !! I know little about Robert's set up. I'm really not interested in the whole world of a Speedway rider. I pay money to watch them, (or did) .I've never felt the need to know everything about them. The last week has shown he is part of the future.
  4. I think he sounds like Scotty..... The future is brighter
  5. So happy.... Cardiff weekend just get's better!
  6. The perfect finish... Lambert then Dan... Woohoo !
  7. If he doesn't, we'll have to go with it. I'm happy now Schlein is gone
  8. Superb. You'd think some would be enjoying it, rather than droning on in an attempt to point score..... But hey, strange folk!
  9. Dear god, some of you need to get out more!
  10. Got to have been on the pop to come out with that!
  11. Thanks Col. Why did I think Nicholls wouldn't be riding.. lol

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