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  1. No1) I agree with The prices at the hotels get hiked when there is an event on. I can't see the time of year will make a difference.... As for local interest? oh please!
  2. For me and hubby, Cardiff is a weekend away with our mates, it's not just about the Speedway. We don't have any interest in Football, but a lot of our friends do, so with five of them already saying it will depend on the Footy fixtures, or a flat " No, I won't be going" which I completely understand, it's going to be a damp squib, cheaper no doubt, but it isn't that attractive at the moment. I'm sure when we know what the proposed schedule is and it when it gets nearer the time, people will jump on board, but for now, my enthusiasm level is non existent........
  3. Is there a link to book hotels once you've bought your ticket this year?
  4. Yes, Cat 2 have gone up too. We won't be buying tickets until the footy fixtures are out next year now anyway! We certainly don't feel the need to have the same seats....
  5. Nothing as bad as yesterdays ref!
  6. It's also annoying and frustrating that they haven't bothered to explain why they've come to this decision. It' not hard!
  7. Three of my group have already pulled out. It's the new Football season, more will follow no doubt. I think it's a terrible move unless it is down to stadium a availability?
  8. http://speedwaygp.com/news/article/6793/september-21-for-cardiff-2019 Any official word on why it's September?
  9. I agree. But when some idiot attacks me. I'll defend myself.
  10. I already have. Do you practice being a complete moron or does it come naturally?
  11. He's been lambasted for it too. His parents even more !! I know little about Robert's set up. I'm really not interested in the whole world of a Speedway rider. I pay money to watch them, (or did) .I've never felt the need to know everything about them. The last week has shown he is part of the future.
  12. I think he sounds like Scotty..... The future is brighter
  13. So happy.... Cardiff weekend just get's better!
  14. The perfect finish... Lambert then Dan... Woohoo !
  15. If he doesn't, we'll have to go with it. I'm happy now Schlein is gone

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