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  1. Poole 2018

    That's what I just said to himself.... I met Starry some years back now when the Bees were visiting Poole. A very different guy when you meet him. He certainly knows how to wind people up on here though. Best wishes Mike, hope to see you back causing trouble soon
  2. Coventry 2017

    Then why are you behaving like you have Starman's brain! Or are you big deliberately obtuse?
  3. Agm

    I thought one of the reasons for going with fixed race nights was to get the bigger stars to ride. Then they go and set a limit on how many over 8 riders a team can have.... Isn't that counterproductive? Sigh!!
  4. Coventry 2017

    He'll be here in a mo, saying he knows what it means, but will refuse to say what.....
  5. Coventry 2017

    Have you been resident in cave for the last few years? Come on Steve!
  6. Agm

    All this anticipation. Only for it to end up the same as it is every year......
  7. Poole 2018

  8. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    The Monster Joe influence!!
  9. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    They keep rolling the news, it's there, honest
  10. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Hancock, Pedersen, Holder, Vaculik http://speedwaygp.com/latest
  11. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    I have no doubt that, that monster Joe will have a huge say.......
  12. Well done Swindon, you deserved that win! Stonking come back
  13. Has Rosco been on the Temazepam? I want the real Rosco back!