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  1. red5

    Ben Barker

    No concrete news yet on Bens condition, more tests later today and a statement will follow in good time, Many thanks for all the good messages and comments.
  2. Too much testosterone there last night for me, but a good Cabaret act to make the evening entertaining. But the facts are clear and I was there, what you had is a little young villain Greaves that was acting above his station, and trying it on with Sergeant at the start line. Trying to score points overhim ready for monday. Irrespective about the start if it was the big boys its a racing incident. But when the ref makes a decision to exclude a rider for dangerous riding in a race lap 3, there is obviously some thing wrong. What the Serg did was also wrong but that was pure frustration on his behalf, yes there was the stand off and a punch thrown by Greaves (wrong), then the bike being kicked over (wrong0 but the guy getting run over was an accident, Serg was riding a bike back to the Pits (no Brakes it say on the adverts)and there is a mechanic in front of him running down the ramp. Not rocket science over he went. Was he a mechanic or a hanger on, Had he signed his release to be in the pits and why was he on the track area. ( all questions that need answering). Who ever grabbed Sergent off his bike when it was moving was wrong and should be punished big time, some one got hurt from this. The incident with the crowd was all wrong and Grieves should go out of the meeting no iff's ands buts. The fans Crowd are the people that pay the wages, no fans no meeting, He was out of order and nothing other than an immediate ban for the Cradley rider, and yes I mean Swindon on monday. Mick Horton has a responsibility to look after the supporters in every way and for a rider to jump the fence and go into the crowd is dangerous and threatening and should not be tolerated at all. So sorry he has to go away and get his head out of his back end, learn that some things you cant do in life. Serg is not an innocent party but that should be to the BSPA to judge. It would be worth finding out how many in the pits were working mechanics and how many were hangers on, and who had signed the disclaimers.
  3. Guessing that SCB is Mystic Meg in disguise, Talking through the wrong end again. Unless he has contacts at Walsgrave Hospital and they know something other. BB is going back to Fracture Clinic today for assessment on damage. Then intensive physio. And I was there !. He will be back shortly but when all is good and not before,
  4. red5

    Coventry Bees 2014

    So at last Mr 110% returns to his home base, always good to watch and love him or hate him always the same. Whats on the label 110% and British to boot. Amasing how the haters forget all the good times that BB gave Coventry, never failing to give it all and always a team player.# Get off his back and show support and cut the crap.
  5. There is a fighting chance that Brummies can be saved but everyone has to be honest, until the Debt Load is known in full the painting of a glossy picture is easy. There are creditors yes ! but who and for how much is the main facts. It is an old way of looking at it, but if Bham shuts the chance of anyone getting paid is NIL. But with some good negotiations to allow the team to continue with assurances there may be light at end of the tunnel. If the Debt load was guaranteed to be paid over a period TM might get involved and carry on till end of the season. Basic maths are, if it closes now creditors will get nothing, allow it to go on and you may get something back.
  6. The Crowd of loafs were out of order last nigh, it's all good a bit of Booing as banter as sorts we all expect that but when some one who has worked hard to get in the final and then gets knocked it is definately out of order. There is no point booing some one who has fell and could be injured. Unacceptable.
  7. First time for me, Given up on Sky and no Eurosport, so an added bonus pre World Cup to see Speedway on TV. Excellent coverage, seems like a joing venture but well deserved thanks to Quest. How about starting a petition to make this happen again. What will it take to get our sport back on the tube and show what the sport has to offer.
  8. From the Pits to watching the pits, The Ronniw and Rosco cartel was so evident last night, it was all set up the minuite it started to rain, Rosco to Ronnie we wont ride in this it' dangerous. Lets wait 15 mins and see if it gets worse Ron, that way we wont get to ht 10. So what does every one do follows suit, Troy doesnt want to get his kevlars wet so he wants to go home. This was only the second time I have been to Bham this year and it showed that the BSPA monopoly do not want Bham to do any good. Sky delayed the meeting when any other time they would have been at heat 3 before the meeting started, made to move forward to get the meeting finished. Overall a p--s poor performance by Sky the mafia and the paying public got robbed. Shame on all of you
  9. Agreed with most of the posters on this topic, but the onus lays with BSPA. It needs a complete re look at the Team GB set up or team England what ever you wish to call it. Firstly, it needs to be nothing to do with BSPA they are only interested in them selves. A separate manager that takes overall responsibility for the programme. Funds need to be set in place for an independant company to go get sponsorship and that is set aside from the Rugby office vultures, and under control of the manager. Teams shall be sorted out early in the year and be part of an organisation. Each rider shall at all times display Team sponsors decals on Kevlars and Bike. Each rider wil recieve a set amount of funds to have Engines to a standard and to be maintained. Each riders mechanics will be suitably dressed with Sponsors decals. The manager will organise tests and have access to a training track for testing, Kings Lynn and Stoke perhaps Coventry. The riders will recieve mentoring at all levels, Phil Morris and perhaps Mark Loram, and or an engine builder. There can be access to a Sports therapy, psycologist. The team will be jointly mentoring each other as a Team GB member, Seniors will help the juniors and all around. It is not rocket science, only needs funding and as always this is the crux, but you will never get anywhere if the Team owners are looking out for them selves only. We have plenty of tallent and ability but it has to be channeled, but you got to have something to sell to sponsors. Comments please
  10. Oh yes there we go again, you were happy when he rode last year with a broken back for you giving 110 % all the time, but some of you have short memories.
  11. I wish people would get off the back of riders strugglin, DK and BB have spent a lots of money on equipment over the winter and they have all been strugggling with set ups, everything is different to last year,and it will take time. It will come for BB same as Danny last night, just got to be patient
  12. Looks like there are doubters and followers at Birmingham now. FFS sake it is the start of the season and all things are not right but they will get better. Not many of the boys have had any track time yet, what with rain offs and that, If you were on the testemonial circuit you will have had practice if not you are stuffed. There is a new format as well and getting to know your new team mates is going to take time. Last year Danny and Ben were the dogs Bo----oks and had a good time , now both have got to start again. Yes we are not GP riders but on the day they can and will beat the best. Why not just shut the F--k up and go and support them before you lose the team all together and thats another track gone.
  13. Whilst we all know that who ever is the best on the night will get a wild card for Cardiff (excluding Tai Bomber) do we not now think the British Championship should change format a bit. What ever ! it seems a norm, that Wolves gets the meeting some may say good n but there are riders that just dont get along at Wolverhampton so is it fair that it is a one night wonder. Why not do as the Aussies do it, over one week and have three meetings for the final. Monday Wolves,Wednesday Kings Lynn, Friday or Saturday Coventry,all good Stadiums with a capacity for spectators and all based on a points system and winner takes all. This way we are covered for weather (Rain offs), Riders get a chance to bounce back after a bad evening some where and or 1 engine failure. The fans get a chance to see more racing with a meaning. Outcome a more Representable Championship, and yes the winner also gets a Team GB call up. A good common sence idea but will BSPA agree.
  14. red5

    Rosco Team Gb Boss

    While I think that Rosco will have his heart on his sleeve with the job, and give it all that he can. I think there was a bit of old boys network again. Best of luck to him but I bet somewhere the BSPA will be pulling strings as usual, and at any meetings the Blazer brigade will be there in force parading around like Peacocks. But I bet if Rosco asked for some funds to cover a load of testing around Europe to get a team gelled and firing on all cylinders ready for action, to so be called promoters will be gone with a cursary sorry old boy. Looking forward or back, I feel that if Phil Morris had been given the job provided he was not involved in a league team, he will have had all the opportunity to travel and watch many riders in both leagues, Working with the under 21's as well, he would have continued his programme of development correctly with out haveing to use favorites. The Team needs sponsors as an entity, both Snrs and Jnrs, money for development and training, Team bonding, Group sessions, access to a track regularly for try outs and bike testing. What ever happens it all depends on funds, give the boys a pay check as well. Best of luck to Rosco but his hands will be tied somewhat, and I think we may have missed the boat with Phl M. perhaps they should work together and consolidate the effort.
  15. Interesting reading all the posts about whos good and whos not, You have the debate about Team GB and USA, wells V barker, Bomber V Fishdog etc etc. No one has mentioned about the engines they ride. take it that there was money behind USA, they had Greg working with Billy on what engines for the big tracks and so forth. Team GB had Cooke turn up probably with his regular bikes, nothing special. where as other nations had probably different bikes and engines. Danny would have been the same, you cant expect our boys to ride against the best with regular equipment, Bridger is riding in Poland so he might have been a bit more savvy. Barker was called up for the overseas meeting and had two days to get there and or find engines for a big track. with bikes that had just probably done 4 meetings and needed refreshing. Bomber and Tai had bikes spare and engines to cover for where ever they ride and they are good. We cant expect riders to have Bikes and engine on hand just in case they might get a call to do two extra meeting and to a different specification etc. It needs the BSPA to sort out, Rent engines from a propper engine builder for the meetings, that way there can be no excuses. Riders get the call and here you go put this engine in, have the tuner there working with them to get the best effect and results. We also need some test matches against opposition home and away, seven man squad and give every one a chance to perform on the big tracks. Team GB V Poland at Peterborough and Wroclaw. we will never get the best out of our boys basing on results that some one is good at Bham , Edinburgh, Ipswitch or Belle View. It has to be on results from bigger tracks whee you will see how big the Ba---s are, who is different on big tracks. Team testing at Kings Lynn or Peterborough, a track man changing the track through the day Slick and Grippy. All this costs money and someone has to front up for it, you cant expect riders to front up with £8,000 pounds of engines based on that I might get a call. As to the manager it has to be Phil Morris, he works with you youth and can bring them along to the tests for the experience, gives everyone some running time and the likes of Mark Loram to be there as a coach. So you have a TEAM there to work with the boys all through, engines and chassi work. No good bringing along Rosco as he has a full time job and is not motivational. Put it in place now and start working to the future even down to a three yer plan for moving the team on as a package. Very lastly riders that are selected to the team have to leave their egos at the Pit Gate, we are a team and thats it! if you dont want to be in it or it's for me then off you go. Team GB is why your there nothing other. Any comments please.

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