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  1. liverpool chad

    Carter Where Does He Rate With The Great British Riders?

    I don't think it's a strange representation of the events of heat 15 at all. I have not seen any video footage of the race and can only go off what my memory tells me. And this is that Kenny Carter, who was quite a handy gater, misses the gate and is trailing Dave Jessup. I think that if you remember correctly, thats what happens. Erik Gundersen, who was on fast equipment on that evening was lying in third. Erik Gundersen then passes Kenny Carter who is visibly losing power and eventually grinds to a stop. I think that if you remember correctly, thats what happens. My interpretation of the events is that Erik Gundersen who was flying on the said evening was passing Carter irrespective of any engine trouble. But even if Carter had finished second in heat 15 and then gone on to win his last race, which he duly did, that would of put him on 13pts, and 13pts means no world title. My inference of his engine "mysteriously" dying is that based on the evidence it was mysterious. I don't think up to that point i had ever seen Kenny Carter have a spluttering engine. Couple that with the fact that Kenny had Ivan Mauger in is corner, and Mauger was renowned for having strong engines and for not taking anything to chance, particularly in a big meeting, then i can only conclude that it was mysterious. Mysterious in that i would not of expected that to happen.
  2. liverpool chad


    "they're having a right old ding dong. Peter Collins has carved them to pieces this afternoon.- White City, Inter Continental Final 1977.
  3. liverpool chad

    Carter Where Does He Rate With The Great British Riders?

    Kenny Carter never stood on top of a world championship podium in an individual event when the qualifiers from the British Final were joined by the best of the Americans, Scandinavians and Australasians. So YES i think we can accuse him of not stepping up to it in World Championships. We are talking about a rider who was lying either first or second in three, yes, three World Finals. But after the heat twelve interval he completly lost his focus. Wembley in 1981, he misses the gate and was lying third when his engine mysteriously died. Los Angeles in 1982 he misses the gate and was lying third when he chose the wrong option and ran out of room in his tussle with Bruce Penhall. Norden in 1983, he misses the gate and was lying third, Kenny, not being renowned from the back, settles for third and with it goes his last chance of becoming World champion. Now that's got nothing to do with being quote "desperately unlucky" it's more to do with someone who has a mental block and is lacking the trackcraft of a Collins, Olsen or Mauger when plan "A" backfires. Kenny Carter was lying third when he stopped at Wembley in '81.
  4. liverpool chad

    Was Bob Kilby The Greatest Gater Ever?

    Ivan Mauger, Hans Nielsen and for a time, Anders Michanek were the best for mine. Cyril Maidment, Olle Nygren and Michael Lee were not too shabby either. Peter and Phil Collins and Jan O' Pedersen were three of the worst gatters i ever saw.
  5. liverpool chad

    Carter Where Does He Rate With The Great British Riders?

    I don't think Carter would of had any idea where Collins was going to come from, when Collins was at his peak (1977 season) The likes of Olsen, Mauger, Louis, Jessup and Ashby would regularly lead Collins for a lap or so with Collins riding inside then outside leading to them looking over there shoulders to see where he was, If they looked left Collins was going round the boards, if they looked right Collins was cutting back inside and he was gone. And i don't think Kenny Carter was any better around Hyde Road than any of the above mentioned riders, although he was good around there, as he was at most tracks. Kenny Carter, IMO never for-filled his potential. Be that due to his mental state, his injurys, his lack of respect to his fellow riders or a potent mix of all three, he never stepped up to the next level at the big world championship events. I would put him up there with the likes of Nigel and Eric Boocock, Martin Ashby, Gordon Kennett and Les Collins. But not in the same class as Peter Collins, Dave Jessup, Michael Lee and Mark Loram. And nowhere near the greatest ever Englishman, Liverpools very own Peter Craven With regard to another one of Liverpools sporting sons, Chris Pusey. Chris was a very good rider who was looking like he too could go all the way to the top. But he had a bad injury in the mid seventies and was just a pale shadow of his former self after that.
  6. liverpool chad

    Jim Airey How Good Was He.

    I only ever saw him ride at Sheffield, Halifax and the old Belle Vue. But he was fantastic around all three tracks, Some of his races with Tommy Roper, Ivan Mauger and Sorren Sjosten at Belle Vue were worth the admission fee alone! and at Halifax he would have some right ding dongs with Boocock and Alan Jay. But Sheffield was his stomping ground and he took some beating round there.
  7. liverpool chad

    Great Races That People Remember While Watching Speedway?

    The greatest race that i ever saw was the run-off for the KO Cup at the old Belle Vue in 1973. Peter Collins had top scored for Belle Vue with 10 and Anders Michanek, if my memory serves me, had 12 for Reading. With the aggregate scores level after the two meetings both riders had a run off for the cup. Peter Collins had a broken hand, and had both the clutch and throttle on the right hand side of his handlebars. Anders Michanek was riding Bernie Leigh's bike, so both riders had their own disadvantages. What followed was the greatest four laps that i have ever seen! Both riders passed each other going into and coming out of every bend for the full four laps and neither one got anymore than a bike length in front of the other. Going into the last bend michanek took the lead and seemed to be blocking Collins on the exit of the pits bend, but Collins cut back and beat him on the line by a wheel, and no more!!! Other good races were some of the ones between Peter Craven and Ove Fundin, Peter Craven and Barry Briggs, Jim Airey and Soren Sjosten always had belters at Sheffield. Sverre Harrfeldt and Dave Younghusband had a titanic battle at Halifax in the late sixtes with both riders passing and repassing for four laps and as they came down the home straight it looked like Harrefeldt had won it, but this being Halifax the refferee gave it to Younghusband!
  8. Falcace, I for one do not think you have been disrespectful in your arguments against Tommy Jansson becoming World Champion. But the one question i will ask you is, Did you ever see Tommy Jansson Ride? Because, to use Peter Collins as a comparison is very unfair! In the years 74-76 Peter Collins was a bit of a freak of nature, in that, he rode in a style and manner that belied his years, and not many, if any riders of a similar age could be compared to him! Which also begs the question, Did you ever see Peter Collins ride in that era? I have had my say on the subject of whether or not, Tommy Jansson would have become World Champion, and have stated when i feel he would of won it, and why i feel he would of won it at that time. Some people have not agreed with me, thats fine, its all about opinions. But i have based my opinions on what i saw Tommy Jansson do on the track, how he rode and developed in the years when i saw him from 72-76. I think you have to of seen the rides in question yourself to form an opinion of whether or not they would of become good enough to win the big one. The way you put your opinion across, it just begs the question, did you see Jansson or Collins, for that matter, ride in the years in question? Because if the answer is, No, then you are only relying on statistics and damed lies, as they say.
  9. liverpool chad

    Vojens Grand Prix

    Hancock was 10/1 with William Hills! I could'nt believe it Good nights racing and well done to Greg, who has one hand on the trophy now.
  10. Hi Sydney, We seem to behaving our own private discussion on this subject. "Malcolm Simmons should of won in 1976", you say! Well heres a turn up, i thought the only person who thought Simmo should of won in 1976 was Simmo himself!!! So it just goes to show, you never know. Never had Simmo down as a title contender in any year to be honest! Good in the British rounds of the individual championship, British finals etc but when it came to world finals Simmo only made it to three and other than '76, only won one race in his two other finals. He never looked like a World Champion to me, even in his best year of 1976 that silver medel flattered really, there were better riders in that final, Crump, Mauger and Plech, who had the wrong set-up, should in all honesty finished above Malcolm Simmons. He was second best to Collins on more occasions than not in 1976, just look at their head to head record! Simmo may of said he made a mistake, but lets be honest here, Malcolm Simmons was out thought and out rode by a man, who at the time was pound for pound the best rider in the world leading up to, during and after that World Final. Peter Collins had more track craft than Simmo and a better set up than Simmo, so Malcolm can shout until he his blue in the face, but there was only one other genuine contender in '76, and that was, as was the norm come World Finals, Ivan Mauger. If Collins and Simmons had 10 races on any track, then Collins could of given Simmo a 30yrd start and he would of taken him from the back 7 or 8 times between early '76 and september'77! But had Simmo given Collins the 30yrd start then Simmons was not capable of passing Collins and IMO the result would of been 10-0 to Collins. On the subject of Michael Lee destroying Peter Collins. Well Lee beat Collins on many an occasion, but not too many from the back and he certainly never destroyed him! And i do believe Tommy Jansson would of been past his best by 1984. Lets look at the facts (as hypothetical as they may be) Tommy Jansson was just coming into the best form of his career in 1976, still not good enough to rival the likes of Mauger, Collins and Olsen on the world stage but a good 10+ man in the BL and certain world finalist. Forword to 1977, One of the best in the world up there with the Maugers and Collins's but just falling short on the big night. Good solid 10:50+ average in the BL. Onto 1978, Still up there with the very best and more composed on the big night but still laid back enough not to let the nerves get to him. A genuine title contender in 1978 and a possable 11:00 average in the BL. 1979 at his peak 11+ BL average, winner of some of the WC Qualifying rounds but outfoxed by Ivan Mauger who was untouchable that Sunday afternoon in Poland! 1980, in his own back yard on a track that would be suited to his style, he should of and IMO would of walked away with that title in the same way as Anders Michanek did in '74. He now becomes the man to beat! In 1981 he is still at the top but in the BL his average drops back down to 10:00 and the various engagements he now attends starts to take its toll. The young guns are now starting to flex there muscles! Bruce Penhall and Dennis Sigalos hit top form as does Englands Kenny Carter, From Denmark Ole Olsens prodigies Gundersen, Nielsen and Knudsen start to find there form. All have the desire and equipment to take them to the very top and see Tommy Jansson as the man to beat! Michael Lee is Still Looking for his first World Title having narrowly missed out to an unstopable Jansson in 1980. Theres now just one or two to many to beat and Tommy Janssons time as the best rider in the world is now questionable. Hes been at his peak since 1978 and at the end of 1981, although still in the top three or four riders in the world and capable of still being World Champion he now looks up to Bruce Penhall and Michael Lee as the best in the world. 1982,83 see both Lee and Penhall dominate world speedway, Jansson is still there or there abouts but the careers of Lee and Penhall are on the up and Tommy's is on a steady footing. 1984-85 Bruce Penhall as gone to Hollywood and Michael Lee is in the middle of all his troubles, Tommy Jansson is still a 10:00 man in the BL and still wins individual meeting in Europe but on the big nights Hans Nielsen and Erik Gundersen see their careers on the up and Tommy Jansson, after four or fives years at the very top sees his career on a very slow decline. At this time in world speedway 4 or 5 years at the top is about right with so much talent coming through. So while still a consistent BL man and solid rider for Sweden, Tommy Janssons ability to win the big one will now just fall short!
  11. I think your memory is playing tricks on you Sidney! In 1976 and 1977 there was'nt a rider on the planet who could touch Peter Collins! He truely was out of this world. The accident at Belle Vue the week before the '77 World Final in Sweden was the only reason he never won more world titles. Had that accident not of happend, then people could argue that PC could well of won it again in '78, but the sparkle he gone by then, but even so he was still one of the best three or four riders in the world when all said and done. Michael Lee on the other hand was the master of his own downfall. Had had talent in abundance and one world title for him his also a poor return for his skill and trackcraft. But as my son would say, "the cartoons in his head were playing overtime". To rate both Jansson and Lee FAR higher than Peter Collins is a very bold statement to make, and one can only assume than you saw very little of Collins on the track if anything at all. Of all the greats that i've seen, Craven, Fundin, Moore, Briggs, Knutsson, Mauger, Olsen, Lee, Penhall, Nielsen and Rickardsson, Peter Collins is the only one who has left me truely in awe of some of his racing. I remember in the seventies at King's Lynn, Collins would take the micky out of Lee by waving him through on the straights and then pass him on the bends and waving at him as he went by for the full four laps, Michael Lee did not have i clue whether Peter Collins was going to go inside or outside on the bends but he knew he was going to pass him, and Lee coud'nt stop it happening! And it happend three times that day. Back to Tommy Jansson, Would'nt of troubled the rostrum placings in 1976, good chance of a placing in 1977 and good shout at the title in '78, rostrum place in '79, nailed on champion in 1980 for mine. And would of been past his best by the time Erik Gundersen and Hans Nielsen were conquering the World.
  12. liverpool chad

    Golden Helmet Memories

    I remember Belle Vue vs Sheffield being snowed off in April!!! that would of been around 1978 or 79. Saw a few Golden Helmet race's at the Shay. I remember Peter Collins beating Ian Cartwright 2-0 and breaking Eric Boococks track record in the process. I also remember Kenny Carter and Gorden Kennett ride in the slowest race i ever saw, both riders suffering from spluttering engines in the third race between the two of them, Carter winning 2-1. And the one everyone seems to talk about, when Michael Lee beat Kenny Carter 2-0. He won both races by half a lap, broke the track record and then beat Carter again (twice i think) in the league meeting. Lee was on fire that night and his only defeat came from John Louis. If i remember rightly, Michael Lee's average around Halifax was about 03:50! which makes the result al the more spectacular.
  13. liverpool chad

    Prague 2012

    I hope so! I know the racing is quite dull, but the weekend as a whole is not to be missed! Some excellent restaurants, good bars, beautiful architecture and a City that is quite easy to explore on foot, although the walk up the hill to the castle sometimes takes its toll on some! The journey back to town on the tram, after the meeting always reminds me of standing on the Gwladys Street end in the 1960's! GP could be better but the weekend is always a good one.
  14. IMHO, and i've said it before, both on this forum and in conversation with other speedway supporters, Tommy Jansson was the best rider never to be world champion! At the time of his sad passing, Tommy was just coming into the best form of his short career, but still nowhere near what he could of achieved. A 10:00 plus average in the BL, Golden helmet holder, and winning various individual meetings. I feel Tommy would not of been good enough to trouble Peter Collins in 1976 or in 1977 at Ullevi where PC should of collected his second world title! But Tommy would of been in with a shout of a place on the rostrum in 1977. The following year at Wembley is where i feel Tommy would of stood a great chance of being world champion, especially with Peter Collins not making the final. But once again Wembley belonged to Ole Olsen, but IMO Tommy Jansson would of been more than good enough to win that year. In 1979 no one was going to stop Ivan Mauger at Katowice in Poland, and had Tommy qualified, a place on the rostrum would of been a fare achievement. 1980 for me was the one that would of had Tommys name on it! No disrespect to Michael Lee, Dave Jessup or the late Billy Sanders, but at this stage in his career Tommy Jansson would of been at his peak, and bear in mind this was a rider who looked like he was riding on rails! everything looked effortless, Tommy Jansson had the trackcraft to make a racing line where others could'nt make it work, he was one of the best at letting the bike do the work and rarely got into trouble on the track. Couple those attributes with a smooth flat track on a dry autumn evening in his native Sweden, and Tommy Jansson would of taken some stopping! The following year at Wembley Tommy would of been there or there abouts. But 1978 and 1980 could of been differant had Speedway not been robbed of one of it's brightest stars The three saddest happenings in speedway for me were the tragic death of Peter Craven, the untimely accident to Peter Collins in '77 and the tragic and untimely passing of Tommy Jansson. So yes Tommy Jansson would of become World Champion and IMO on more than one occasion. RIP TOMMY JANSSON.
  15. Yes good call. Ronnie Moore was a very talented rider and very good to watch. But for mine, Craven Knutsson Fundin and Collins just IMHO had that little bit extra track craft than Ronnie Moore! But now that i recall, maybe they did'nt!!!

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