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  1. http://youtu.be/warVWM3TXt4 4 Teams Tournament including Darcy Ward and many other rising stars that race regularly in the UK and some riders looking to get to Europe Inc Tyson Snow in heat 6 defeating Dave Watt and sam masters in the 2nd quickest ride of the night Enjoy
  2. lance52m

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    the unedited version of the entire U21 meeting, will put riders names, results and times etc later in week depends on normal work Sit back and enjoy, there is some great solo races in the support class 3 lap races involving Kyle Newman, Damien Koppe, Joey Ringwood and Mason Campton, worth the price of admission on their own Cheers
  3. lance52m

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    The 350cc Final followed by the U/21 500cc final
  4. Am Sure Marcus will get things done properly for the benefit of the SPORT, if he can get in the clique Cheers
  5. It's a pity they can't name and shame those involved, wonder if it's the same that was involved in the U/21 title selections, my very reliable info says it is. Thank You Marcus for allowing the general speedway public to see some of the rising UK speedway stars, they will be sorely missed in QLD next season
  6. lance52m

    "from Cinder To Shale

    Video of Ian Paterson's Collection "From Cinder to Shale" i was fortunate enough to be allowed a visit in 2004. i have yet to find another collection anywhere to even come near this one It is a must see for all speedway enthusiasts
  7. The Young Guns Side consisted of 5 English riders; Kyle Newman (3); Brendan Johnson (4); Josh Auty (5); Adam Wrathall (6); Kyle Howarth (7) Enjoy
  8. Some more bright prospects from the "Australian" Junior Solo ranks
  9. Maybe you need to identify some young 12 to 14 year old junior riders and send them to Australia for your winter where they can see and learn from the Australian Junior Speedway that seems to be producing all these good riders, or get the SCB to do something to develop junior speedway before there is no junior riders in the UK at all. If you had some decent junior system that might make it harder for all the young Aussies invading your speedway teams cheers
  10. Some very hard riding from the young juniors at North Brisbane 5th June 2010, think the referee should have pulled it up after the first hard contact ???
  11. Nick Morris' in his final 125cc Junior Speedway ride before leaving for Glasgow, i consider myself lucky enough to have seen Nick in his very first meeting at the Pioneer Park Speedway Brandon all those years ago.
  12. The final from the Australian 350cc junior speedway title Cheers
  13. Another great day of speedway from North Brisbane with a excellent crowd and great weather, not too hot and a little breeze made it a comfortable summers day. In a fitting tribute for the contribution to speedway by the Boocock family both in Australia and overseas, Mr & Mrs Nigel Boocock where sent on a Grand Parade lap in a royal horse powered coach. Some great racing witnessed by a large saturday afternoon crowd watched as the meeting went right down too the last race of the day Winners of the event North Qld 44 Points New South Wales 43 Points International Young Guns 41 Points Sth Qld 22 In the final heat of the day won by Josh Auty (UK), Josh Grajczonek (NQ)held on for 2nd place ahead of Anthony Perks (NSW) to give the (NQ) 4 man side using rider replacement a 1 point victory over NSW Full points etc will be posted later

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