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  1. Eyejay

    lakeside 2019

    I am totally with you on this one. I have been to watch the Hammers once at Rye and that was the double header with Peterborough. To me, it was not The Hammers. The Hammers are (Were) Arena Essex, and it really was not the same. Add to that the mess the sport is in and the muppets running it doing their best to ruin it, i have not missed it. I too have found other things to do - thanks for the memories.
  2. You should be a comedian... I am struggling to understand how Lakeside can be held accountable for the weather.....
  3. Despite the change in start time I would be amazed if this goes ahead. I will leave it until as late a possible before deciding.
  4. They must have read your mind... or your post! Start put back to 5pm. On Hammers site....
  5. Trust me, I think it is unlikely. As you put it we are suckers, and I am fed up with being taken for granted. I have been disillusioned with the sport for a while but this year it really has hit a low. I think The shenanigans in the Poole v Kings Lynn play off final where the rule book was openly broken to allow an over the points limit guest beggars belief. That to me is the straw that broke the camels back.
  6. Totally agree re the playoffs. Poole have been declared Premiership Champions despite finishing mid table. Farce. I would love to see a new body take over the running of the sport. Currently it is dictated due to certain persons vested interests and the rule book may just as well not exist. If it is to remain run by the current lot, it would be good to have half a dozen or so supporters voted on, to vote for things from a supporters perspective. Not everything, but things like race nights, competition formats etc would benefit from a supporter input. As things stand, I am not sure if I will bother next year. I have become very disillusioned with the sport especially with the antics of certain influential people.
  7. Eyejay

    Kent Laurels

    That is interesting ? Do they not run greyhounds on a Saturday night anymore ? Would have thought it was a very lucrative night for the dogs....
  8. Really pleased with the result, however complacency could be Hammers biggest problem in the return. This is far from over, if Panthers get the ‘right’ guests then it could be interesting.
  9. Eyejay

    Torun 2018

    I agree about a one off on breakfast time, but SPOTY reaches a bigger audience. A mention plus a look at how he achieved his title, ie some clips may just do the trick. Maybe breakfast time and SPOTY?
  10. Eyejay

    Torun 2018

    Totally agree with everything you say Steve. It is a shame because a British World Champion being given publicity in mainstream TV could just be what introduces a new generation of followers to our sport.
  11. Eyejay

    Torun 2018

    Absolutely, he showed real class there, as did the Polish crowd . Delighted Tai has done it, but The Poles and Bartosz Zmarzlik showed fantastic sportsmanship, real quality.
  12. That is true, you make a good point. I recall the Dryml disappearing acts, to the point one of them admitted they did not like Arena but were always prepared to race, but were advised not too by their teams management.
  13. The early curtailment last night for me was a surprise and the reasons given obvious nonsense, bearing in mind the previous week went beyond that apparently, although I was not there. At the time, I was not too fussed; I had seen 28 heats and I was COLD, VERY COLD! On reflection though, I agree it sets a bad precedent. The contest was beyond Hammers, but there were points to be won and money to be earned by riders, so maybe that was the reason. However, the worst thing for me about last night was the quality of racing, or rather lack of it. Opposing supporters loved to slaughter Arena for its lack of racing, what any of them would have made of last night I really have no idea. In 28 heats there was little passing all night, FTG was the order of the day. There were a couple of exceptions, but with the riders on display I would have expected much more. This was my first home meeting away from Arena, and I cannot recall a worse meeting than this at our old home. If The Hammers are to continue at Rye next season and this is the type of fare offered, then I will pass, thank you very much. Re this afternoon, it disappoints me that Hammers have gone down this route, however, it is within the rules, and it is a rulebook that has been manipulated many times by many others over the years. Does anyone else see it changing ?
  14. If the rain does not intervene then Panthers will go through at a canter.

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