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  1. tills

    Please Ask Leigh Adams Questions

    Can I be a little bit greedy and ask the following:- 1. What was the best advice you were ever given by a speedway rider and who was it? 2. From all your speedway races what has been your most memorable and why and which has been the worst and why? Thanks
  2. According to the paper its on sky sports 3 @ 12 noon and again on sky sports 2 @ 7.00pm
  3. Hi I think it was for the 1st Jan 09 - only think though so appologies if I'm wrong
  4. tills

    Latvian Gp

    Meeting is at 5pm our time - just set recorder
  5. tills

    A Race Against Time

    My moan is about the fact that I put petrol in the car, paid my admission money to go and see Ben ride a full meeting. Only to be told after the meeting had been won that Ben was now leaving to get to Coventry for their home meeting, (It was now 15.30. I don't drive but even I know that you cannot get from Rye House to Coventry in an hour for the Coventry meeting starting at 16.30.) What about us paying speedway supporters that had turned up at Rye in the expectation of seeing the meeting to the end with the riders who started the meeting (none being injured thankfully.)

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