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  1. How many riders have been injured at every track over the years ? From memory didn't see the ambulance on track last season . The problem with Howath and Riss they were going into are tight bends too fast which caught them out . Like to see the bspa publish how many crashes at each track .l bet Newcastle will not be top
  2. Hope he never gets his gating gloves. Fabulous entertainment
  3. Really enjoyed that meeting. A special mention to Josh Pickering , edge of your seat stuff. He was superb
  4. bri1966

    Championship Predictions 2018

    Sheffield to retain title
  5. First time on the track for the Diamonds. Not a bad effort. Why people winge after one meeting baffles me. Give these lads a chance. My best years following the Diamonds was when we were the Federation Specials and they didn't win much.Just be glad we have speedway . Keep the faith.
  6. bri1966

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    R.I.P Ivan a true legend
  7. Boring meeting apart from Howath s pass
  8. We will be going into October and Newcastl and Glasgow still haven't arranged their quarter final ties.Dont know if Scunthorpe and Peterborough have completed their ties . Its a total mess as this competition always seems to become year in year out .
  9. 5 points at Edinburgh doesn't look too good for championship
  10. Could Ipswich not use Rory in heat 13 instead of mountain? I.r rule like Newcastle used against Workington
  11. You should listen to Roy. You might learn a thing or two

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