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  1. Kept that one quiet .
  2. Both leagues are watered down . Only Doyle a world class rider in the Premiership. The best British rider not riding in his home league is a joke . Speedway is not value for money in this hard economic times
  3. With all the rising costs of fuel, shopping,council tax and national insurance going up . Will there be enough people be able to afford to go to speedway? My disposal income has been squeezed so can't see me going to sppedway evert week .I think all leisure activities are going to suffer
  4. bri1966


    What about Shane Bowes son Frazer?
  5. bri1966

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Great to have Roy on the mic.
  6. And you wonder why people stop golng. The powers that be have killed speedway rip
  7. bri1966

    Poole v Newcastle 25th August 2021

    It could happen. Ask Rye House fans who went to Exeter. We only scored 29 at home which was the biggest defeat I have witnessed at home in my 46 years of watching. By the way just for the record I think they will get more than they did at home.
  8. Been watching Danish league on YouTube. Very impressed with Ben. Wanted him at Newcastle. Looking forward to seeing him on Sunday
  9. Grieves line was also round the 3rd 4th bend.
  10. Where is the James Greives line around the 3rd and 4th bend? That was a painful watch. Anyone coming for the first time will think again about spending their hard earned to see a bore fest. Ps Roy is such miss between heats on center green
  11. Boring meeting _z_zzzzzzz
  12. Putting a tac sub in against Cook. Smh. Might get sacked
  13. One hundred and forty thousand people allowed to attend Silverstone Grand prix. Speedway promoters are getting shafted
  14. Two guests and rider replacement on first night. This is why speedway can not be taken seriously. Only the die hards going RN4L

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