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  1. bri1966

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    I can only see a bears victory here over the two legs.
  2. Boring boring boring blaming the track . It was smooth as a baby's bottom. The track was worse when you won earlier in season
  3. Poor entertainment. All races over by 2nd bend
  4. bri1966

    2nd leg play off final

    The second leg should only be 13 heats
  5. Four guests for the team that top the league. WHAT A JOKE PLAYOFFS ARE RUBBISH.
  6. Just seen website. Yes we are full strength and Starke takes guest booking
  7. The stop start season starts again. The Diamonds should be well up for this after Thursdays thrashing of the Tigers.Are we at full strength? Who is Panthers guest?
  8. Speedway getting worse every year .I need to get Marty Mcflys car and go back to late 70s early 80s .
  9. How many riders have been injured at every track over the years ? From memory didn't see the ambulance on track last season . The problem with Howath and Riss they were going into are tight bends too fast which caught them out . Like to see the bspa publish how many crashes at each track .l bet Newcastle will not be top
  10. Hope he never gets his gating gloves. Fabulous entertainment
  11. Really enjoyed that meeting. A special mention to Josh Pickering , edge of your seat stuff. He was superb
  12. bri1966

    Championship Predictions 2018

    Sheffield to retain title

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