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    Perfect Night's Speedway

    It has to be Hyde Road on a summers evening in the very early seventies. I can still remember the smell of the place and the dust. There was a gang of around 15 of us all around the ages of 13 and 14. There was a rival gang lead by Duncan Meredith, later to ride for Ellesmere Port. We eventually became good friends - although I have not seen him for about 30 flippin years. I'm going on a bit so I'll get to the point. The perfect nights speedway would have to be exactly as it was then so: Track: The previously mentioned Hyde Road. Race Night: Saturday Team: Ivan Mauger, Soren Sjosten, Tommy Roper, Dave Hemus, Chris Pusey, Ken Eyre, Eric Broadbent. Promotor: I can't remember who it was. Manager: Was it Dent Oliver? Announcer: Was it Bernard Tennent? March Music: Again I'm not sure of the title. However, we would all sing a delightful rendition of something called Mary The Cripple to the music as the chaps it white overalls marched, and I use the word very loosely, over to the pits.

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