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  1. Workington 2018 .

    makes more sense that
  2. Workington 2018 .

    thanks for info paul funny how you ride fridays and we ride saturdays but this rearnged fixture is sunday when we have free dates so is bomber not in poland next sunday
  3. Workington 2018 .

    funny thing though the 1 who arange's fixtures never seams to leave big gaps for a certain team now does he anyone would think hes biassed towards his own team suerly not in speedway
  4. Workington 2018 .

    3 comets out in action tonight and all had a good night kyle qualified for under 21's dan top scored for belle vue and ty proctor had a decent start to his 2018 season pitty theres no speedway at workingtonj Saturday when the boys will be full of confidence
  5. Workington 2018 .

    you don' get it jenga in his day done a lot more than most will ever know people talk about bidding behind keyboards it works both ways jenga and his family at 1 point were a important part of Workington speedway and knows more than most about behind the scene running speedway running a 50/50 draw and supprters club are a important part But dont come close and as for keep going on the replys I'm making are defending my views at all the posts the likes of you and "shady" are posting you are as much to blame if not more for keeping this on going
  6. id think this will be re run on a weekend when bomber isnt in poland
  7. Workington 2018 .

    ask dan about the gift jenga made jenga like yourself has giving a awfull lot of his time and personal savings to try keep workington speedway going over the years
  8. Workington 2018 .

    comments are a result of the poor service FANS are not to blame for the poor service this is doing no one any good learn from mistakes and correct them take onboard any comments made and if you feel you have a point to make in defense or even better apology post/say your piece BUT DONT BLAME the people passing there views over for destroying your buisness the people who made the errors are the ones to blame lets put it all to bed and try improve it rather than everyone fall out and damage the it even more than whats been done unless thats what your trying to do i hope speedway continues but i definatly dont expect you to carry on pumping all your own money in just to keep it going id like nothing more than to have the large crowd and atmosphere from years ago by all accounts the van on the pits end was back to being good again not heard any comments about the cafe on the back straight from saturday there was still a few walking round with drinks/food it would be nice if someone could pass a comment we have a 2 week break now so it gives time to look into getting something in place i used the cafe almost every meeting last year and even though the tea coffee wasnt top notch it wasnt as bad as the opening night and i never had reason to complain about the food last year not once so dont try blame me for things going wrong
  9. Workington 2018 .

    we have spoke face to face as far as help I've done my bit in the past more than most who turn up on a Saturday night and pay my entry money every week dont blame fans complaining for damaging businesses get it right there's nothing to complain about But blame the ones who get it wrong not the ones who complain about poor service we all want speedway to do well and be profitable that way the future is secure and potential there for investment if you cant find a generator big enough try speaking to a hire firm like a plant or split the load on 2 different supplys if you need help ask the right people dont just guess
  10. but we all know what happened in the past workington bend over backwards to acomodate others and get shaffted by others when it suits others
  11. that would be my thinking aswell but if bomber going poland on the saturday they wont come probably wait till workington got riders missing before accepting a date
  12. the hold up has nothing to do with ty or workington just like others that are waiting for documents to be returned by the departments that are hllding things up
  13. arnt sponsered riders only allowed to ride for 1 club no guest bookings or double up teams
  14. not sure if proctor is the last to get cleared but theres been plenty in same position inclueding the mighty poole and chris holder as far as were told the visa is in place its some document to back it up totaly stupid
  15. as with the others in the same situation guests have been allowed but lets wait and see what happens id expect the bspa had given the go ahead for a guest otherwise it woud have been r/r or a nl guest but the main thing was it was a decent meeting much better than the cumberland open