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  1. scaramanga

    Derwent Park

    lots of rumours going round as for new stadium only way it can be built and justified is if there is a general manager/team put in place to git it used as a function venue no way is it viable to spend the money needed for 2 sports teams averaging around 500 each through the gates we all know how corrupt polatian's and councilers are it could just be 1 big fiddle to get business's there involved in a over inflated price for doing work
  2. was always the same when we booked ross brady awful as a guest but always got double figures against us
  3. and 2 off the main tracks that make life difficult for others didn't nice to see Berwick finish so strong
  4. id have fancied our chances against anyone a few weeks back with ty you just don't know what the score is and without dan we are weaker Glasgow with cookie are a different team and Peterborough are stronger using well selected guests id agree lakeside look weaker than they did a short time back
  5. we can still dream cant we were in the playoffs so were still in with a chance never wanted to win it more than this year as the team were slagged off so much pre season then the few things that's gone on during season ive never seen such team spirit ever from a comets team
  6. just hope all come away safe guests or otherwise Newcastle not a good place for comets riders in years gone by
  7. if theres a team at Workington next year rasser suerly must be the first to be offered a contract wasn't there a rule in the past where you cant replace a replacement ? ht 13 Jordan stewart replaced ulrich then in rerun stewart wasn't fit so Garcia took his place ?
  8. but unfortunately most involved tero and the others were for minor places but there was still some entertainment from the meeting
  9. I don't thin the Newcastle meeting was as bad as some are making out yes it got a bit borining as result was obvious after a few heats but like you I don't mind seeing my team get beat if its a good meeting without any controversy
  10. it might be ht 14 or 12 not sure but its after ht 8 for sure
  11. jacko will probably know
  12. most of us go to be entertained not just go to see a winning side
  13. if unclaimed give it to dan
  14. for once I agree with you teams should always have a no8 in meetings like this and yes a guest from the first meeting can be picked redcar used karl Wilkinson in the 2nd meeting and he was much better rider than he was for Newcastle in the first ??????
  15. Much brighter now with no rain in maryport

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