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  1. magnificentseven

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    Even if he is fit we need changes . Morris has lost his spark since going into the team. Heeps shows no sign of improvement. Would be hard on Howarth but he may need to be sacrificed to get a better balance at the bottom end as I can't see any changes being made at the top end unfortunately.
  2. magnificentseven

    Rye House 2018

    Thursday still wouldn't have helped Rye House
  3. magnificentseven

    Somerset v Wolverhampton 13/06/18

    Hopefully Heeps at reserve at was was his home track in 2017 should help us
  4. Alarm bells ringing for Wolves. We are really missing Freddie as Jacob is struggling away. Heeps and Greaves struggling too. Time for a shuffle of the pack.
  5. magnificentseven

    Belle Vue V Wolverhampton 06-07-2016

    The Wolves fans have had enough experience of Klindt to know what they will be getting. It comes to us all in the end Fourentee - no probs
  6. magnificentseven

    Belle Vue V Wolverhampton 06-07-2016

    Add in the parking charge of £3 - free at Wolves and Belle Vue is more expensive. The free car parking on the street is not secure and the risk of having the car broken into is very high - happened to me once and one of my colleagues too. Not worth the risk.
  7. magnificentseven

    Belle Vue V Wolverhampton 06-07-2016

    Quite correct. One of the more expensive admission and programme prices coupled with parking at £3 makes the prospect of watching the meeting on Sky far more preferable. The stadium without doubt has great facilities but Belle Vue Speedway is now most definitely a luxury when other options are available. Unfortunately the added attraction of Klindt guesting is unlikely to swell the number of Wolves fans Wolfie
  8. magnificentseven

    Wolverhampton 2016

    According to the Fixture List on the official site we now have 2 ELB Matches against Swindon as they are listed on both 18th August and 29th August
  9. Quite correct - Freddie is in the GP qualifier. Haven't managed to find any mention of the line ups anywhere - I assume they are keeping them quiet so that Wolves fans aren't put off from travelling. Wolfie
  10. magnificentseven

    Wolves V Belle Vue 20th June

    Personally I don't think he did too badly - his score doesn't tell the full story. In his first ride Cook gave him a nudge on the first bend which wrote his race off. In his second he was yet again the victim of another tight first bend. In his last two rides he was quite competitive. Wolfie
  11. magnificentseven

    Bell Vue V Wolves Friday 17th June

    I thought Hansen was guesting in place of Peter Karlsson? Wolfie
  12. magnificentseven

    Wolverhampton 2016

    From a rider who was quoted at the start of the season as saying he wanted to be Wolves' Number One you would expect him to beat Kennett and Bridger with his previous experience of the track. It was very disappointing the ease with which they passed him - he was either too slow or hadn't learnt a thing about the track craft in his two years there. Wolfie
  13. That might explain why he has been riding like a Premier League rider then Wolfie
  14. magnificentseven

    Wolverhampton 2016

    He seems to have lost all confidence. Last night's performance was very poor - he looked like he had never ridden the track that had been his home track for 2 seasons. I think the clock is ticking. Wolfie
  15. Might just be a cock up on the BSPA averages sheet but a major one if it is. Very strange that it hasn't been mentioned anywhere. Wolfie

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