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  1. magnificentseven

    Wolves 2019

    Thought we might try and get Nicol in but he's off to King's Lynn
  2. magnificentseven

    Wolves 2019

    I think Wolfsbane is referring to Jacob's piece in the Speedway Star in which he indicates that he was less than honest with the promotion about his injury.
  3. magnificentseven

    Wolves 2019

    Hopefully not for Wolves - we don't want him back until he is fully fit
  4. magnificentseven

    Wolves 2019

    I think most fans understood what a big step it was for him to take on the number one spot. The problem was that the promotion bigged him up for the task and were confident he would do the job which raised everyone's most people's expectations.
  5. magnificentseven

    AGM November 2018

    Really disappointed to see Somerset dropping down to the Championship - was my favourite away trip.
  6. magnificentseven

    Somerset 2019

    Really disappointed that the Rebels have dropped down to the Championship as it was my favourite away trip.
  7. magnificentseven

    Thursdays - Use them or lose them!

    Peterborough are up for sale - if they are struggling with costs in the Championship I can't see them being interested in additional costs of a Super League. See my comments above re Wolves and Swindon - we will have to agree to disagree on those. Would be hell of an outlay for King's Lynn on their current crowd levels and potential lack of top riders in their asset base so we will have to agree to disagree on that one too.
  8. magnificentseven

    Thursdays - Use them or lose them!

    How many teams are you talking about here? Poole maybe - but surely the fact that Matt wants to sell is an indication that costs may be building up - and if no buyer found is there is a doubt? Swindon? - will they have a track? Can they afford top league racing? Doubtful on both counts Wolves - maybe but CVS is well known for cutting his cloth to suit and may be looking at cutting costs and unlikely to want to run two teams as he's done that before and lost out. Belle Vue? maybe they could be interested as they would want to be at the top level. King's Lynn - must be a doubt over their interest in an exclusive top league club as unlikely that NKI will be back and also maybe doubts over Lambert - their asset base would be better suited to a larger lower standard league. Leicester are already rumoured to be wanting to drop down so unlikely to be interested in a top league. Somerset - probably in a good position to choose as they have their own track and own assets but unlikely to want to run two teams and more likely to want to run in a larger lower standard league. By my reckoning that's 3 maybe 4 teams that would be interested in a top league and that is clearly not going to work. Unlikely that any current Championship clubs would be interested in a top league other than maybe Glasgow and that would be financial suicide given the lack of local derbies.
  9. magnificentseven

    Thursdays - Use them or lose them!

    Sadly it is time for British Speedway to think of itself and form a league based on costs that are practicable and riders who are available here for the majority of the time. The likelihood is that this would inevitably lead to a weakened league in terms of top riders but it would at least survive and hopefully over time would recover. Drastic action is required and we cannot keep adapting to solely accommodate the top riders as the sport cannot cope with them as it is.
  10. magnificentseven

    AGM November 2018

    Maybe if there was one big league with more meetings the riders wouldn't need to double up make enough meetings to make it pay.
  11. magnificentseven

    Wolves 2019

    Lots of speculation already without knowing the set up of the league. A major restructure is required if British Speedway is to survive - doubts about Poole, Lakeside, Peterborough, Swindon - doubts over which league Leicester will ride in. Realistically there needs to be a bigger league of some sort and the realism of that is that there will have to be a watering down of teams - unpopular but very necessary if team speedway is to survive in this country. Fixed Race nights has been a disaster - crowds down at tracks that had to change from their traditional nights and Rye House's demise almost certainly down to them. I wouldn't be surprised to see Morris at Wolves - he rides the track well and seems unhappy at Swindon. In order to make any future set up work effectively though I could see only two or maybe even one of Morris, Schlein, Thorssell and Masters being included. Of those I would personally go for Morris and Schlein - Thorssell has been poor and Masters seems only happy riding at number 4 which will not be possible going forward. I don't particularly rate Howarth - his average may not have moved much but he seems to have gone backwards this year and away he has been dreadful. However under a new set up we may have little choice than to keep him and he is likely to be the 3rd or 4th ranked rider in any team. Any new structure is likely to see two young British riders at reserve of say NL status - if he is fit I would include Tom Bacon as one of those as he has done well for us this year and Drew Kemp the other one. After that it is likely to depend upon who is available and maybe someone like Jonas B Andersen who did well at home may be up for consideration.
  12. magnificentseven

    Somerset 2019

    Too many Championship Clubs remember being stitched up last time an attempt was made to make a large league.
  13. magnificentseven

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I will be surprised if NKI decides to ride over here next year now he's back in the GP's.
  14. magnificentseven

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Rumour I heard from a source that would know is that Leicester want to drop down next year.
  15. magnificentseven

    Somerset 2019

    From what I've heard they might not be the only team wanting to drop out of the top league.

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