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  1. bororedlion

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    I think that the post is insensitive and says more about the people who feel its appropriate to post something like that about one of the good guys of speedway and one of the speedway family . Shame on you !
  2. bororedlion

    Redcar 2022

    Maybe Redcar fans aren't deluded and coming to the tapes with a team more than 1.5pts under the limit they're realistic enough to know that winning the league is a bit of a stretch .They also might enjoy watching speedway more than going on a forum bigging themselves up or slagging the team off unlike the other clubs posts on here.
  3. bororedlion

    Redcar 2022

    Have to agree, When it comes to the play offs you need at least one reserve capable of hitting double figures especially if taking extra rides . For me to come in nearly 1.5 pts under limit leaves us weak .Also think Roynons average is over inflated as most of decent scores were when he was at reserve.
  4. bororedlion

    Redcar 2020

    I don't think it would be a great loss?,Ive been really disappointed with Jake this year don't think he's got to grips with the track this year and not had the greatest of seasons with Ipswich or Redcar expected more of him seems to have gone backwards .Going back to Scunthorpe would be the best move for him in my opinion .I Would take Riss or Kerr over him along with Wright and Toft.
  5. Yes i realised that just thought Princess 1874 didn't warrant a serious response to it . I was surprised it wasn't followed up by "Ill see you after school or my dads bigger than your dad" Threatening behaviour and bully boy behaviour has no place in speedway or society and im sure Edinburgh speedway would not wish to be associated with idiots like this.
  6. I think your on the wrong site ?This is a speedway forum To the best of my knowledge not a dating site for hooking up ! At least you both have a shared interest in the play offs .
  7. bororedlion

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    Birmingham have a really good home advantage , A track that's dangerous and one that might not see them come to the tapes next season . I must be in the minority because I have really enjoyed having a fair race track with no home advantage at Redcar especially this season where both teams can give it a go !! I'd rather watch close competitive meetings than see meetings that are basically over by heat 10 because of home advantage. Maybe british speedway wouldn't be in the state its in if all tracks were as fair.
  8. He's not the one having to ride it ! He should "Go Fund himself " Going on what some people say does this mean going forward they should be no such thing as rain offs as the riders should ride regardless of the track conditions and risks involved ?
  9. I saw a guy with 666 on his head I think it was down to him .
  10. Unfortunateley Rather that ,Than any rider been killed on that track which is only a matter of time with the poor track preparation ! Which has been going on for most of the season .Only Redcar Complain?.Look on the Liecester speedway website what Nick Morris thought of it,after they rode there.
  11. bororedlion

    03/09/21 1930 Redcar v Kent (Champ)

    Maybe find out all the facts 1st doubt he's earning a fortune with kent in the NDL or Redcar only had 2 meetings and dropped by Kings Lynn earlier in the season. How he's obtained his equipment is irrelevant as long as it was legal !!! . The poor lad has been a victim of crime which could greatly impact his life and lively hood or is it by the same token if you live in a nice house or drive a nice car you deserve to be robbed ? At least if he's still in need of tools he could maybe contact you for some assistance ?
  12. bororedlion

    Redcar Bears 2014.

    I remember when I first went to speedway in the late 70s at Cleveland park ,People used to say what a friendly bunch speedway fans were . How things have changed ! I find it absolutely appalling that so called fans question 2 riders who risk their lives riding in a sport that has its fair share of fatalities and both had their careers and livlihoods cut short through injuries on the track. Since the return of speedway to redcar i go to as many meetings home and away as possible as i am proud to support the team riders and club but no longer stop after the meetings as I used to in the Cleveland park days.They are many good people at Redcar but I do not wish to be associated with a certain element of the fan base at Redcar which i ultimately believe will be the down fall of this club as they try to drive yet another promoter out . I understand the frustration of some fans with the penny pinching and suppose Mr Havelock arriving every week by his yacht he moors on the Tees or His Private Jet with all this money he's Making off the fans is rubbing our noses in it . How ironic that the fans who wanted Glyn Taylor out and Brian Havelock in have now turned on him. I have no doubt that who ever runs Redcar Speedway will never please a certain section of the crowd.

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