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  1. the hobbit

    I O W v Brummies NL 28th June

    Not if you’d seen him tonight. His head has totally gone up im afraid with Layne and . Aaran at reserve, we have absolutely no score power and no options not even sure either rider will be able to complete heat two at either Easto or Cradley without falling off so, at most, we will get only one point from their eight rides, possibly no score at all !!! We are screwed now Leon is in the team as the reserves simply will not score sorry
  2. the hobbit

    Nl Agm 14th December.

    this years green sheet NL Averages 2018 matches only National trophy and knock out cup do not count average earned after completeing FOUR national league matches, be they all home, all away or any combination the new average comes into effect 7 days after completion of the fourth N L match thereafter, all future NL matches up to 23rd of next calendar month go towards each subsequent new average which then takes effect from 1st iof each calendar month unattached 3 point riders can no longer go through the season guesting here there and everywhere without getter by an average. They now get an average after competing in 4 NL matches, no matter who they ride for during those four matches clear as mud!!!
  3. the hobbit


    Presumably because England are playing a World Cup match the same day as the World cup fixtures have been known for a considerable time, yet more evidence of the ineptitude of the people running our sport. They only realise at the last minute there may be a orobkemband once again, cancel at the last minute without any concern for the fans who have already made travel and accommodation arrangements
  4. the hobbit

    Brummies v Eagles Wed 7th June NL

    I think there will be a reserve switch fairly soon but despite Embleton being a good shout, I don’t think it will be him. I’m expecting it to be one of the lads who shone at our press and practice but it wasn’t available until the end of June
  5. the hobbit

    Birmingham 2018

    JPB is out with a shoulde injury which has left him with no feeling in his arm and, hand
  6. the hobbit


    Surely it’s now time for the officials to call time on this dreadful Stoke promotion and eject them from the League. That might allow Buxton to sign some riders and keep them going. At least the Buxton promotion want to run a team and want to fulfil their fixtures. Unlike this shambles at a stoke year in, year out .
  7. the hobbit

    Eastbourne 2018

    Just shows how with it the Eastbourne management are. Their new official green sheet averages are effective from today 01/6/18. Edwards is in the team
  8. the hobbit

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Forget the final score Coventry fans and praise your team for its efforts last night. coventry gave us a really hard match despite the final score line. They certainly came to win and were so determined early doors. We were given a gating lesson early on and so much so that several Bees rides were pulled back for jumping the start whilst several other got away with fliers Luke Ruddick in particular impressed. Tried his socks off. Some superb battles between Hume and Mountain. once we stopped throwing away silly points by needless falls, we were always going to win but, I felt you gave us our hardest match other than Mildenhall As for choosing Stephen Whitehouse, THANKS!!! We at Brum, have seen more of him than most have and frankly, he’s NEVER going to make it, not even at this level. Embarrassing lack of speed and technique. Over three quarters of a lap behind in each race and going backwards!! Having said that about Whitehouse, it just shows the stupidity of the rules. We snd others have deliberately scheduled all our league fixtures late do as to keep “star” reserves such as Flint and Kemp / Edwards, at reserve until late June, early July!! How stupid is the rule where National Trophy and!, KOC cup matches don’t count towards Official Green sheet averages? As suggested by Sings, there are not many options you could have used at number 7, but all of them would have been better than Whitehouse!! A good meeting, some great races and a really good show from BOTH teams
  9. the hobbit

    BRUMMIES v I.O.W. Wed 23rd May

    Yes via the internet radio WM is covering it on their digital service. Believe it’s listed on the BBC Sport app as a download
  10. the hobbit

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    Let’s not knock Jayne so much folks. Anyone who reads the Buxton thread regularly will know that she regularly interacts with fans, giving them information and insights into the what, why and wherefore of many situations. She has always come across as someone with the fans best interests at heart and, I wish more promoters were like her. I am a Brummies fan but due to work, wasn’t there on Sunday so I don’t know what really occurred but I’m sure that whatever may have been said by Jayne in the heat of the aftermath of the event, that when things have calmed down, she will do the right thing. I’m sure this will include making sure no fan is left feeling ripped off or, out of pocket Anybody who puts their heart and soul into an enterprise such as Buxton which let’s face it, is never going to make anyone rich, should be applauded so despite the rights and wrongs of yesterday the sport needs promotors like Jayne and, clubs like Buxton, If the comments attributed to Josh and Jayne on social media and on their official club website, are a little one sided, can any of you really say that your club has never been guilty of this, has never seen things only from their point of view? any real fan who has been around speedway for any length of time, knows how these things work regarding re-admission tickets, and the risks taken when attending meetings where there has been a prolonged period of inclement weather. yes, that’s probably why so many fans don’t bother taking the risk these days so ALL PROMOTORS should bear this in mind before they take people’s money and admit fans into the stadium if there is even the slightest chance that the meeting will be called off. The sport can’t afford to lose any more fans and at this rate, not even the hard core fans will bother attending away matches in anything other than the middle of a heat wave. Away fans are becoming as rare as rocking horse droppings at most meetings these days. what really concerns me most about yesterday is that it seams that Jayne was saying that the track would be ok after a few races which implies that it wouldn’t have been ok during those races!!! With there being several very young and very inexperienced riders in both teams, this could have meant one of more getting seriously injured. It only takes half a lap for even an experienced Grand Prix rider to get seriously injured JUST ASK MARTIN VASULIK If there is any risk to these young riders, their safety should always come first and the meeting should ALWAYS be cancelled Even if Josh and Jayne got it wrong yesterday, this Brummies fan is prepared to forgive them as I’m sure that when push comes to shove, they will do the right thing by the fans who were left feeling so annoyed and disappointed yesterday
  11. the hobbit

    Kent 2018

    Yes there was a trainee referee however he was being overseen by one of the most experienced referees around trouble was, the experienced referee was once again useless!!!! He ruined our first meeting of the season by continuously holding the tapes too long and last night, he was even worse. Riders from both teams were furious with him as they were held under the green start light for so long on, full engine revs at the start, that they were risking damaging their engines. There were some choose “expletive - delitives” being used to describe his performance by several riders after the meeting and in fact, during it as well!! At one point, he was loudly booed and heckled by the Home supporters It was almost as if the ref wanted to be the centre of attention he was but, simply because he once again showed his gross ineptitude !!! He’s bloody useless
  12. the hobbit

    British Under 21

    See me about ten yards first bend side of the start / finish line and I’ll give you a race card we stand right next to the little gate that they use to get onto the dog track Bilbo .
  13. the hobbit

    British Under 21

    Just check out the official Brummies Twitter feed for the most blatant hint you’ll ever see
  14. the hobbit


    Shane Hazelden was at the Birmingham press and practice today and looked sharp. He said he was on about 5.4 but thought that might be reduced to around 4.9 due to missing last season due to injury certainly looked to be over the injury and could do you a good job
  15. The club FORGOT to remind people via the official website and twitter feeds that season tickets didn't cover last nights meeting. As a result, it was decided that they had no choice but to let season ticket holders in without paying. I have no doubt that the fact that people thought they had got to pay, combined with the poor weather, contributed to a sparse looking crowd. Still feel that season ticket holders were shafted at the end of last season and that like me, many people haven't forgotten nor forgiven the club.

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