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  1. TeamBouchard

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    Possibly in future years (if there are indeed any future years for speedway) we could simplify the process of the play offs. Rather than waiting until the 'magical cut off date' is reached in September, the 'hastily organised meeting of promoters' should be held immediately the two teams who can't make the play-offs are known (Ipswich/Kings Lynn this season which has been known for weeks). Then simply use mileage between tracks to set up the semi finals rather than faffing about for weeks to see the finishing order. This means the play offs could be in August with better weather, bigger crowds. Scrap any fixtures unridden, saving promoters ££££'s. Could be a winner for everyone. Today's announcement is just another reason why no one outside of the sport shows any interest in it. The one 'sport' that genuinely makes it up as it goes along, year after year after year!
  2. TeamBouchard

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    Long Eaton, Halifax, Sheffield (1970's), Kings Lynn (1970's), Buxton.
  3. TeamBouchard

    highest avg rider

    Ivan Mauger 11.67 for Belle Vue, 1969.
  4. TeamBouchard

    Reading v Nottingham Outlaws Juniors 3/9/1979?

    That's brilliant, Arnie. Many thanks for the comprehensive and informative response.
  5. This Anglia League Junior fixture was originally scheduled for 27th August. I have the Reading v Wolves programme from that date and the Outlaws fixture was not programmed. I've now got hold of the Reading v Eastbourne prog from the following week, 3/9/79 with the Outlaws Juniors fixture/race card included. They were on second after Reading v Rye House Juniors. To compound the mystery, the programme I have is marked 'did not arrive' alongside the Nottingham name and no results are added. Does any Reading fan have a fully completed programme from 3/9/79 and can confirm if the Outlaws fixture was run that evening. I have a score of Reading 13 Outlaws 3 from the Yearbook. If it wasn't run on that date, could anyone suggest when the Outlaws Juniors fixture was run at Reading? I am trying to complete my prog collection to include meetings where Long Eaton/Nottingham Juniors rode in the 2nd half and the 1979 season is proving to be a nightmare with lack of info on the internet and in the Speedway Stars. Cheers.
  6. TeamBouchard

    Scorpions v Birmingham 09.08.19

    James Shanes replaced Nick Agecroft in heat 11. Speedway updates is incorrect.
  7. TeamBouchard

    Halifax v Long Eaton 14/10/67 - postponed

    A good mate (and Halifax fan) has searched his programme collection to give, what hopefully is the definitive answer to this query. The programme for Halifax v Newport on 7th October 1967 advertises the next fixture at The Shay 14th October, as v British League Select (with riders from Long Eaton, Wolverhampton, Poole, Newport, Oxford etc.).
  8. TeamBouchard

    Halifax v Long Eaton 14/10/67 - postponed

    Will do, Steve.
  9. TeamBouchard

    Halifax v Long Eaton 14/10/67 - postponed

    Thank you for the research and replies, chaps. The history of speedway is littered with these anomalies but hopefully, one day, we can get to the bottom of this mystery. My next port of call is to visit the Central Library in Nottingham, where they keep all copies of the local paper on microfilm to see if the postponement of Long Eaton's intended visit is reported.
  10. Re-reading some 1967 Long Eaton programmes in my collection, I've seen reference to the fixture which I had overlooked in trying to put together a reasonably definitive LE programme list. Checking Speedway Researcher and the Speedway Star issue containing the 'match report', both confirm that the fixture was 'rained off'. It was the final fixture at The Shay that season and was not re-run as the following Saturday was the BLRC at Belle Vue. A good mate - and Dukes fan - has checked his collection of progs and does not have the 14/10/67 issue. Interestingly, the previous Dukes programme refers to the fixture (on the back page fixture list) as a Challenge Match against a British League select. The issue of Speedway Star prior to the fixture simply refers to an 'open fixture'. Can anyone confirm a) that Long Eaton were to be the visitors on 14/10/67 and b) if any programmes survive. I am assuming that the rain off and the fact it was the final fixture saw all the programmes pulped. Hopefully someone can help. Cheers.
  11. TeamBouchard

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    I've seen a comment elsewhere that Buxton have apparently objected to Gary Flint being included in the Brummies team. Can anyone confirm the situation?
  12. TeamBouchard

    Your Memories Of Swedes In Bl (1970-89)

    Richard Hellsen was a great servant to British Speedway and his efforts for my team, Long Eaton were particularly noteworthy. He would always be a member of my 'Dream' Team' and here are my thoughts about a great Invader which I contributed to the excellent Speedway Plus website some years ago; "When the signing of Richard Hellsen was announced during the last weeks leading up to the start of the 1989 Station Road season, I have to admit to being somewhat under-whelmed. After another desperately poor season, was this the 'star' that was to propel the Invaders into the upper reaches of the League? Well, he might not have achieved the turnaround in fortunes of the team. but over the next couple of years, the loyal Invaders' fans were to be ever more grateful to him for regularly 'carrying' our once-again inadequate team. We quickly became accustomed to that right leg sticking out in celebration (or was it a blocking move?) as he came off the 4th bend and it was obvious that he was a proud rider whose maintenance of racing standards was all important to him. He was another in that seemingly long line of Station Road heroes who made it worthwhile attending meetings even though a disappointing result was inevitable at times. He could trap and made it hard for many of the young stars who were half his age. Of course, he lost a few battles over the way, but he was worth the admission. No one who was present will forget a classic third bend dive under Station Road Public Enemy No. 1, Andy Galvin, which saw our Southern 'friend' physically shifted out. Only a small snapshot in a long watching career, but which meant so much to committed Invaders fans as it paid back, in a split second, many of Galvin's antics at our track. Rick returned in the mid-90's and possibly enjoyed his racing even more as, by then, he had others to do the brunt of the scoring. It was great to see Rick team-riding on many occasions with Jan Staechmann and overall, I think he was a fantastic rider for Long Eaton."
  13. TeamBouchard

    Long Eaton At Melton Mowbray Speedway 27/8/1950

    Thank you for the very informative replies to my question. Extremely helpful.
  14. TeamBouchard

    Tv Times 27/7/63

    I reckon the descendants of Laurel and Hardy are now running (or should that be ruining) British Speedway!
  15. Does anyone have any details of this 'meeting'? I have found reference to it's staging in the LE programme from 31/8/50. It may of course, have been some form of team match with Long Eaton riders 'guesting' rather than a bone fide Long Eaton 'team'. Quote "Our trip to Melton on Sunday was very successful and a large crowd saw our lads put up a good show. Johnny Jones was outstanding in scoring 11 points in the TEAM racing, being beaten only by Wild Plant, the Fleetwood flyer. Johnny also won the trophy which was donated by our managing director, Mr S H Lush, and presented by Freddy Siggins. Bill Humphries scored 9 points, Johnny Higham six points and Ken Lush three points. Ken also rode well in the Trophy races, winning his first heat and getting second place in the other. Unfortunately, he parted company with 'the model's in the final when well placed. On the return journey THREE of the coaches got lost......." There is reference on Speedway Researcher to three 1949 meetings at the 'track' but no reference to this particular staging. The quote seems to suggest that perhaps Long Eaton were one of the 'teams' riding that afternoon and that has aroused my interest. Any info, programme scan etc, would be very welcome!

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