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  1. rocketrod

    AGM November 2018

    By the law of averages then I’ll be guesting for Leicester in April.
  2. rocketrod

    AGM November 2018

    Maybe the bspa will introduce a doubling up fan rule !!!
  3. rocketrod

    AGM November 2018

    It’s a double edge sword. Riders need meetings to pay for their machinery and running costs. They necessary don’t care who they ride for as long as they get paid on time. if you have a sport where there is a shortage of riders to fulfill 3 leagues , riders will grab what they can and promoters will be happy as they will fill their teams. A team has to be competitive within the points limit. It’s not about signing your assets year after year it’s about who fits the points limit. Therefore all it’s doing is leaving itself open to manipulation of the rules to gain an advantage. That’s sport. The paying spectator has to have a certain degree of realism that this is the state of British speedway now. And now crowds are dropping it’s time for the promoters to come clean so to speak and unite for the good of what punters they have left. Now this might be the pie in the sky bit. If the doubling up is dropped , the might lead to costs coming down for the riders as they will need less outlay for their machinery and travel costs. Might lead to less accidents due to rider fatigue. Which in turn leads to a more consistent septet turning out for teams.
  4. rocketrod

    Why win the league ?

    It’s not really broken as such, everyone knows the format. The reward for finishing top has a reward albeit a small one. Kings Lynn and Peterborough and even Mildenhall have still had fantastic seasons , it’s just the unfortunate injury situation that has done for them. For every team with bad luck there’s always someone else who will benefit not just speedway but in life itself if you think about it.
  5. rocketrod

    AGM November 2018

    For premiership league. If there’s only 6 teams Start the season May bank holiday . Run cup matches , shields etc up until mid July then have league programme with one round each with the grand final done and dusted by middle of September. Create like a t20 cricket concept of fun. If we can’t get gp riders to do league racing why not have some kind of challenge after the match where the 2 top point scorers race off to have a best of 3 against a gp rider say Bartosz Zmarslik etc
  6. rocketrod

    Warsaw 2019

    I used Dotpay
  7. rocketrod

    Warsaw 2019

    I chose the credit card option from the list. Find your card provider input your details. Then got a confirmation email but it’s in Polish but from what I googled it looks ok.
  8. rocketrod

    Warsaw 2019

    Got my tickets (I think as you never know on a different system ) on credit card. A few of the popular blocks have gone already.
  9. Thanks so much for the advice and information
  10. Can anyone shed some light on Krsko. As in what airport and what the journey to track is like Places to stay etc??? thanks.
  11. Please enlighten me , oh wise man
  12. Far from it , I’m a speedway fan and a neutral with no team since Hackney closed. I was in awe of Harris last ditch pass last night. Read my post again. I said it was an accident and I wasn’t have a dig but Harris throws his bike to stop it from crashing into him as he goes down. Unfortunately for Doyle it goes straight in his path and causes him to crash.
  13. the most obvious one which was an accident and I’m not digging him out is when Harris threw his bike clear in Melbourne Grand Prix leaving Doyle no where to go and he suffered an horrific injury. That’s what happens with 4 riders entering a corner and that’s my point no one goes into a race wanting to injure a rider or to get injured. They want to win a race.
  14. Probably the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. You don’t like him fair enough but to say his injuries are self inflicted is idiotic. By that reasoning all speedway injuries and deaths are self inflicted, because everybody bullies be it first bend or any other part of the track, it’s called racing. it’s desire to win that’s why he is a world champion.

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