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  1. Loving all the ex world champions and esteemed keyboard riders on here commenting that Tai should have slowed down to block Emil.
  2. Good news alex woke up this morning from being sedated to let the swelling on the brain go down. Will take a couple of weeks for brain function to return to normal but so far all indications are there’s no permanent damageThey operated on his broken leg yesterday.
  3. Very bad crash for Alex Davies, compound fracture of leg. Broken collar bone and is being sedated for brain swelling. Not in danger but will be laid up for a while.
  4. rocketrod

    Polish Geography Help.

    Thanks very much for your help.
  5. rocketrod

    Polish Geography Help.

    Thanks for your reply. I’m willing to hire a car or get a train from a match to Krakow. I’ve looked at google maps etc for distances and I know some are about 4 hrs drive or more. But if there’s like a derby match or a team with unbelievable experience then I’m happy to travel.
  6. hey has any of you that go Polish matches any advice or help for me please? I'm need to be in Krakow for Tuesday July 3rd. I want to take in a Polish fixture on the weekend of the 30/1st July. Which of these fixtures will give me the best experience etc I am open to fly into any airport, my only travel plan is to be in Krakow for Tuesday. Cash Broker Stal Gorzów - MRGARDEN GKM Grudziądz (1 July ) Betard Sparta Wrocław - Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów (1 july ) Włókniarz Częstochowa - Fogo Unia Leszno (1 July ) Get Well Toruń - Ekantor.pl Falubaz Zielona Góra (1 july ) Łódź - Gniezno Gdańsk - Rybnik Piła - Kraków Lublin - Daugavpils Thanks in advance........
  7. Try downloading a VPN it will unblock geo content
  8. rocketrod

    Poland 2016 Season Extraleague News

    Apologies if this is up already maybe someone can show me where. is there a list of what airport is best for getting to all Polish tracks and train links etc . I wanna do a few fixtures this year and would appreciate any info from those that know or regulary go..
  9. Rohan Tungate is booked for both meetings..
  10. rocketrod

    Torun Gp Tickets

    im led to believe all 16 riders are wearing same suits just adjusted to their sponsors.
  11. rocketrod

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    As a neutral i just hope we see two top meetings to end what has really been a disastrous year for the sport.
  12. rocketrod

    Aussie Speedway Season

    Does anyone know if the speedway gone wild live coverage of the last round can be viewed over here ?
  13. rocketrod

    Radical Suggestion For The Elite League 2015

    What about 3 a side junior matches after the main event, see the best of both worlds then
  14. Perspective check...The top 3 tonight are the best in the world,and you would expect them to be top 3 every year. The rest of the speedway nations that compete are really only ever gonna fight for the last place in the final,tonight that was G.B so in reality getting there is an achievement in itself.Ok tonight we were well behind, but you cant say that the team or manager let anyone down,On the whole it was a good campaign.And an improvement on last year The real test is going forward and pushing to be in the top 3, Progress for me too ,i've just realised how to take the underline off my text
  15. I'm thinking we should embrace the Nige and Kelvism's in a game of Grand Prix Bingo.... So members of the forum send it say 16 Nige and Kelvism's my contribution is "Greg Herbie Hancock".."How On Earth Did He Stay On The Motor Bike" We put them all on a bingo type card, and one by one during a grand prix we tick them off until we get a full house and reward our smugness with a beverage of our choice, hot or cold, alcoholic or non alcoholic whatever you feel is apt. We then branch out to Elite/Premier league bingo on sky..Happy Days

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