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  1. If the changes are made individually, they can be like-for-like. If declared at the same time the 1-7 total must not exceed the 40 point team limit.
  2. NeilWatson

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    That'scertainly my recollection as to why it was done. The speedway track is around what always used to be called the 'main ring'. The secondary showing ring was behind the stand, viewed from the balcony. A new ring was established to the east of the track, but it couldn't be seen from the stand because of the bank. I suspect H&S played a part too....
  3. NeilWatson

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Nothing wrong with your memory Rob, the bank was much higher and steeper. It was reduced so that an additional show ring could be viewed from the Grandstand I believe.
  4. Comparing that night to last night’s meeting really does show how standards have slipped in all areas of the sport......
  5. 9.73 based on your figures
  6. The car track was a bit further south, it’s now part of the car park for the Arena. Your point is well made though, there is zero chance of stocks in the main arena in my opinion.
  7. No exclusion, unsatisfactory start called.
  8. I can’t comment on what happened at Coventry between Mick taking over and my appointment. What I can say is that I always treated Colin with the respect due to former Club Promoters and BSPA colleagues, as I did with everyone I dealt with in Speedwsy. Sadly that same respect isn’t being afforded to me as 3-time former Promoter at Peterborough.
  9. And continued to be, and still would be if we had a stadium to race in You couldn’t be further from the truth on my part
  10. RICKY WELLS, who lost his place at Belle Vue recently, will race for Peterborough tonight – against the Aces! Crendon Panthers race their final home meeting until September at the East of England Arena and the injury-hit side have booked the American international as cover for Aaron Summers. Summers crashed at the weekend when racing for Championship club Berwick and hurt his knee and back. He is expected to be checked over at hospital today. They have already booked German star Erik Riss to replace Hans Andersen and Belle Vue have secured Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen to cover for new signing Tero Aarnio. Peterborough cannot host home racing during August due to other events at the Arena and after tonight they go on a run of seven away meetings. Co-promoter Colin Pratt said: “We want to see the fans here for the last time until September for what I expect to be a good night of racing. “It’s going to be very hard because Belle Vue love racing at Peterborough and we have our injury issues, so it’s going to take a big effort by everyone. “We look forward to welcoming everyone for what should be a great night.” PETERBOROUGH: Erik Riss, Ty Proctor, Scott Nicholls, Charles Wright, Rohan Tungate, Ricky Wells, Josh Bates. BELLE VUE: Max Fricke, Jaimon Lidsey, Dan Bewley, Steve Worrall, Kenneth Bjerre, Dimitri Berge, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen.
  11. What Mr Pratt inherited was a 1-7 of Andersen, Cook, Harris, Wilson-Dean, Wright, Barker and L Bjerre, within budget and raring to go. The events since sadden me greatly (although from the sidelines as I’m no longer welcome at the Showground).
  12. NeilWatson

    Poole 2019

    Not forgetting £x,000 for rider pay.......
  13. NeilWatson

    Leicester 2019

    The CL declaration doesn’t take effect until Sunday 14th
  14. NeilWatson

    Leicester 2019

    Once the rider is declared, CL will take priority over NDL.
  15. NeilWatson

    Belle Vue v Poole Monday 1/7/19 BT Sports

    The post I was responding to (below) made four points My response was also in four parts What I was saying was that Vissing's CL average of 6.65 exceeded 6.36 (the CL points that would have been available to replace Ricky Wells had he been in the team). This all arose from 'Ouch' insisting that Belle Vue had been hard done by, when the rules had been correctly applied.

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