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  1. NeilWatson

    Somerset 2020

    Good question. In a perfect world the enquiring Promoter would move on and look elsewhere.
  2. NeilWatson

    Somerset 2020

    Any Promoter worth his salt should know which Club holds a rider’s registration. Permission should be sought from the ‘owning’ Promoter. Loan fees are on a fixed scale based on the rider’s average.
  3. NeilWatson

    Poole Pirates 2020

    That’s correct (although there’s no guarantee the rule will be the same in 2020). Don’t forget the conversion factor is 1.6 next season which would give Klindt a CL average of 11.89......
  4. Seems sensible to me. With judicious juggling of the reserves Danny could ride with Iversen three times and Jake Allen once, and Heeps could ride with Allen or Iversen in each of his races. Ipswich need heat advantages to have any chance, this line-up gives good opportunities for that.
  5. Peterborough have announced their team for Sunday with Richard Lawson at 1 and Kyle Newman at 6.
  6. Each rider will get a tyre.
  7. What difference twelve months makes... Last season the Peterborough v Lakeside Championship Shield semi-Final was on the same day as the NDLRC; on that occasion Ben Morley and Alfie Bowtell were required to race at Leicester in the NDLRC in accordance with the rulebook.
  8. The Newcastle fixture is now confirmed on Sunday 20th October.
  9. In that scenario I agree the senior riders should be available to their CL Clubs, but the NDL riders should not, according to the rulebook.....
  10. Difficult to ‘force’ a rider to appear in the NDLRC, somewhat easier to prevent him appearing elsewhere the same day
  11. The rules state the NDLRC takes priority. What will actually happen remains to be seen.
  12. NeilWatson

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    The rule regarding race nights does not preclude CL teams racing on Monday or Thursday (nor PL teams racing the other nights. However it does give rider priority to the appropriate league.
  13. When the precedent was set to allow Richard Lawson to ride for Ipswich rather than Eastbourne, Eastbourne reported that “The usual protocols that guarantee that Premier have protected fixtures on a Monday and Thursday, and Championship have priority on all other days, have been rescinded and amended by the BSPA as an exception in the interests of the sport.” As you say, commonsense has Wright and Ostergaard in the North East if the cup final goes ahead next Sunday (it's currently a provisional fixture), but we will have to wait and see!
  14. NeilWatson

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I'm sure you know this really Steve, but Peter Adams is a Promoter at Wolverhampton.

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