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  1. Wee Eck

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    I think that’s exactly what my comment “it doesn’t say why Vissing’s was rejected” implies.
  2. Wee Eck

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    SCB Press release says both appealed. It doesn’t say why Vissing’s was rejected. Maybe it didn’t follow the required procedure? Cook’s appeal against his suspension has been accepted and the case now moves out of the SCB co-ordinator’s hands to a full SCB hearing. He still faces a ban and/or a fine depending on the decision of the SCB. And he again had the right to appeal that
  3. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Blobby up and out too early to have seen this morning’s SCB statement.....
  4. Wee Eck

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    SCB have lifted Cook’s ban pending a full hearing
  5. Perhaps his alleged bad behaviour had something to do with it? Or maybe BSI didn’t want him back?
  6. As Rory Schlien is eligible to ride in the British Final, would he also be able to try to qualify for the SEC?
  7. There is one rider who seems to get very little noticed this year and yet he is doing well enough that, although not number one at Swindon, with his average, he’d be number one at Ipswich, Peterborough, Poole and Wolverhampton. Could Troy Batchelor be the Robins secret weapon that will spur them on the league success?
  8. Wee Eck

    Reshape existing tracks

    I was at Poole last week too and the racing was the best I’ve seen in a long while. Heat 12 is on the BSPA site and shows how raceable the track can be. The NSS is far and away the best track, but it was designed in this decade for this decade’s bikes. Many of the others were designed when uprights were king and it shows
  9. Wee Eck

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    I beg to differ. No doubt, he’d have been bigged up but, when it came to racing, he’d have been last in every race even if he made a fast start. He’s nowhere near the level of even the weakest of the GP riders. You just need to look at the job that other “entertainer” Jason Garrity did a couple of years ago to realise Danny would also embarrass himself and his supporters. He can be great to watch, though not if you were a Scunthorpe supporter last Sunday, and should be encouraged at the level he’s at, not way beyond his current abilities.
  10. Wee Eck

    TV new deal?

    Returning to the actual topic - anyone hearing rumours about a tv deal for next year?
  11. I’ve just read that Henry Atkins has stood down from Somerset. This used to be a rarity but is this not the third or fourth young British rider this year? Part of this might be caused by the reduction in the points limit at the beginning of the year, meaning that too many riders came into the league before they were ready but it doesn’t explain Zach Wajtnecht and Jack Thomas taking a break. The up and coming riders need all the experience going but maybe it’s time to bring back the protected races that the Elite League used when they had the draft system?
  12. Wee Eck

    Leicester 2019

    Was being dumped by Edinburgh and being deprived of making a living also “nonsense”? Why does “if you want him, you’ve got to buy him” work when Glasgow want a Leicester rider and not the other way round? And don’t tell me that Stewart Dickson didn’t know the score when he approached the rider. He’s been around too long to make a mistake like that. I suspect he publicised it first, hoping that peer pressure would let him get the rider. The Glasgow management seem to be working towards making Speedway viable in the city, so deserve credit not criticism from less well supported and funded teams.
  13. Pointless competition with mostly processional riding promoted by a Polish company with largely second tier riders in front of a stadium less than half full. And people say Speedway in Poland is the future? If that’s the case, there is no future.
  14. Wee Eck

    TV new deal?

    The 2011 silencers were withdrawn after riders complained that the additional back pressure they caused led to engine over heating and blow ups. The current silencers are virtually the same as the pre-2011 ones, so have nothing to do with any perceived reduced quality of racing.
  15. Wee Eck

    Value for money

    So why then do supporters idolise riders and slag off promoters?

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