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  1. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2022

    This discussion is certainly interesting…..but I’m not sure you can reference Dickson vs Brown. Dickson resigned so needed to be replaced. Cami has only had something like three seasons as manager, Stewart took over from Ian Steel in 2004 or 2005 so inevitably has far more experience. Neither of them were able to “manage” their teams to 2021 league championships.
  2. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2022

    Neither. It’s my opinion. They seem to follow the errors of the past of loading the top end and then having to fill the last few places with poor riders. Was it 2004 when the top five was Parker, Stancl, Grieves, Bentley, Jones? Potentially 5 heat leaders. Unfortunately, the reserves were Blackman and Campbell. Heat 1, Parker and Jones 5-1 or 4-2 every time. Heat 2 Blackman and Campbell 1-5 early time. Where did Glasgow end the year? Was it 11th? Also, who was the last rider who started his career at Glasgow who went on to much greater things? Was it Josh Grajczonek in 2008? I have nothing but admiration for what the new owners have done at Glasgow, but they have yet to put together a league winning team
  3. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2022

    I agree 100% His average reflects his attainment after he had recovered from the 7 broken ribs (which I think everyone knew about?) I would be surprised if Glasgow signed him but then the Tigers have had a history of signing underperformers including Ross Brady, Craig Watson, Eric Carillo plus all the disappointing Aussies in the past and that seems to have continued under the current owners.
  4. Wee Eck

    British Speedway statement

    I think your view is more accurate than Spiegal’s.
  5. Wee Eck

    British Speedway statement

    There’s not a problem with self interest. What is important though, is they have no interest in any speedway business. This is one of the reasons why the Ekstraliga in Poland is flourishing - one person at the top with no affiliation to any one team, who no doubt takes a percentage of all of the deals. But, like with Bernie Ecclestone and F1, better to get 75% of a £1m sponsorship deal than 100% of a £100k one
  6. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2022

    Sadly, it still doesn’t make him Scottish. It was the porn star moustache that he sported for a while that was the give away
  7. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2022

    Tully isn’t Scottish
  8. One of the criticisms from many fans is that teams don’t stay loyal to riders and riders don’t stay loyal to teams. In my view, both the team and the fans should stay loyal to both Dan and Joe, two lads who are still only 17 and have ridden all of their professional careers with Leicester. They have worked their way up from 125/150cc bikes through second halfs, British Youth Championships, NDL and CL but there’s lots more to come, I’m sure. Dan has an average of just over 5 after the reduction, which I reckon he’ll easily improve on in 2022. The way teams win leagues is by having riders improve on their start average. With a potential top two of Nick Morris and Richie Worrall, neither of whom are likely to increase their averages substantially, Leicester need riders lower down who have potential, and that surely has to include Dan and Joe. And, let’s face it, if Leicester let either or both go, then they’ll quickly get team places but I’m not sure where Leicester would find adequate replacements.
  9. Wee Eck

    British Speedway statement

    Are there any “city” teams where speedway does well with sponsorship? Edinburgh? Newcastle? Manchester? Birmingham?
  10. Wee Eck

    British Speedway statement

    I agree with the first part but not the conclusion. How many column inches have the Allied group obtained from using the Tigers as a “hook”? Have a look at https://www.scotsman.com/business/big-interview-gerry-facenna-co-founder-and-chair-allied-vehicles-2018412?amp for starters. The Tigers are not a pimple, more a beauty spot which have been used repeatedly to promote the Allied business. Secondly, the open market value of the land wouldn’t touch the sides of Allied’s investment in Glasgow speedway and the stadium. The trustees of Ashfield Juniors discovered this when they tried to sell it to a supermarket chain. They had been offered several million - something like £4m - IF planning consent could be obtained but it was discovered that covenants on the land made that virtually impossible. The Scottish Land Registry shows it was ultimately sold for £250,000 in 2014 I accept that the owners obtain significant amounts of personal satisfaction from their ownership of Glasgow speedway but, as you say, they are hugely successful, and part of that success comes from spotting an opportunity, and a relatively low cost one compared to the size of the business, for a novel route for marketing.
  11. Wee Eck

    Glasgow 2022

    You’re usually more sophisticated in your criticism What’s Steady done to you?
  12. Wee Eck

    British Speedway statement

    I think you need to read what I wrote. Glasgow speedway no doubt loses money. But I understand that the loss is more than covered by the commercial benefit to their other businesses. The discussion was about a workable business plan, and you only have to look at the success of the associated businesses to see that the amount of marketing benefit derived from Glasgow speedway is paying off. When Poole had RIAS as it’s sponsor, their sponsorship was a cost to the business but a marketing boost. It’s the same impact derived in a different manner.
  13. Wee Eck

    British Speedway statement

    The one exception to this has to be Glasgow. Yes, they have poured eye watering amounts into everything that goes on at Ashfield, but the amount of publicity for the owners’ core businesses has to provide a substantial payback. I can’t think of any one more professional in running speedway in UK than the Glasgow owners.
  14. Wee Eck

    Edinburgh 2022

    He also picked the wrong side in a disagreement, allegedly
  15. Wee Eck

    Ipswich 2022

    Musielak looking further north. About 180 miles further…….

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