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  1. Wee Eck

    Kent v Belle Vue 5th Aug

    I think the result answers your question. The doubters were proved right. in other news, congratulations to Redcar’s Archie Freeman on his paid max. First ever in the NDL?
  2. Is there any better walk on music?
  3. I think you’re just making yourself look silly now. It didn’t happen, and GB got silver. Would they have done better if they could have got someone else in quickly (who might not even have had a ride)? Who knows. Not me and not you. The decision was taken not to bring in a replacement (no doubt with difficulty and at uncertain cost) and the decision proved right. Do you really believe that GB would have won gold if any of the under 21s had been in the pits? Because I don’t.
  4. He was there, of course. But I doubt he’d fit into Tai’s race suit!
  5. I stand by what I said - you’re comments were after the event hypothetical. Tai was not withdrawn until yesterday when it was clear his injuries were too severe for him to ride. There was perhaps a two hour window between the decision being made and the mid-day sign on at the track. Who would you suggest GB could get to Vojens in that time? The only possibilities were Brennan, Flint and Kemp but all had already left Denmark, as had all their kit. Tai’s injury was unfortunate but GB made the best of a bad job. Few had us as potential medal winners, even with Tai but we ended up second. There should be pride in the success and appreciation of the turnaround in fortune for GB since Vicky Blackwell and Rob Painter took over the management of the team. British speedway at international level is exceeding expectations, considering how poorly the domestic sport is run. Could have, should have, might have beens have no relevance. All that matters is what happened and where that will take us. IMO!
  6. What questions would you ask? Tai was only ruled out after a trip to hospital in the morning. Where would you propose finding a rider able to get to Vojens with his kit and his pit crew at such short notice? The under 21 riders all went home yesterday morning with two of them racing in England last night. Management did the best they could do with what they had and no amount of hypothetical questioning will change. There wasn’t a big crash to rule out an Aussie and a Brit and there’s nothing to say that, if that had happened, the one remaining Aussie would have won. Australia got better as the night went on and were deserved winners. The Brits overcame the loss of Tai to take silver. That’s what happened. Anything else has to be pointless mithering. Who gave the Brits, even with Tai, a shout over Poland or Denmark?
  7. I’ve not read through all the thread so maybe missed it, but why is no one slagging off Mark Lemon for not using Jason Doyle, in the same way that some tore into Neil Vatcher for not using Flint last night? The under 21s did a great job and chose not to change the pairings, same as Australia did tonight.
  8. I assume you’re on the wind up? The Poles are head and shoulders ahead of every other nation. Czechia included a rider who’d scored 15 for his country in the full version of the SON semi last night so (a) could mix it with the big boys and (b) had very recent experience riding the track. GB came next ahead of some major speedway countries, Sweden, Australia, Denmark and Latvia. It’s not many years since the position would be “and the plucky Brits bring up the year”. And for those that think Flint should have had a ride, think on this - the management decisions brought GB bronze which was probably the best possible out-turn. Would we have done better if Leon had had a ride? Meanwhile, the Aussies decision to go straight to Europe, bypassing UK isn’t really working out, is it? Rew and Bowes were so out of their depth. Battling hard, perhaps, but lacking basic skills. Come to Britain boys and learn how to ride a bike on all sorts of different tracks before trying to make a living on the fast ovals in Poland. Final point for now - is it correct that the team coming last gets replaced next year? That would be a big blow for Sweden
  9. Wee Eck

    UK speedway slowly dying

    I agree that it’s far better run in Poland but think every other European nation plus Australia, New Zealand and the USA are struggling just as much, or more than UK
  10. I know - nowhere. There is nothing planned for 2022. Something might happen in 2023 but the multi million dollar losses of New Zealand and Melbourne are making it difficult to find a venue. For Discovery to hold an event in Australia, they’d have to agree to pay a venue - the complete opposite of how they do business. But, if they chose to do that, then they’d have plenty of takers, happy to put on a financially risk free event
  11. Maybe it’s all a smokescreen and Vojens was always the preferred option of DMU? As they’ve got a GP there already, they were unlikely to get the SON at the same venue unless something went wrong. Or maybe they heard Arnie’s Army were headed to Esbjerg and felt the need to defend themselves? Don’t I just love a conspiracy?!
  12. Arnio dropped and replaced by James Wright
  13. Wee Eck

    Edinburgh 2022

    On the basis of the press release and “in the know” Blobby’s comments, the process has been in train for some months now. Edinburgh have always been skilled with PR hence the recent “we’re out of Armadale and looking for a new home” press release of a week or so ago. There’s much more impact going from “we’re all doomed” to “we’re all saved” than just an announcement of a change in venue. But, will their prodigal son return to the blue and gold as a final swan song? Or maybe he’ll move from his current track to one nearer his home?
  14. Wee Eck

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    You had said the turbo twins were paid well from tv money in the early days of Sky. I was merely pointing out that neither were riding then (nor were Magic or Hancock) as Sky started broadcasting about 10 years before. By the time they came along, the share per Elite club wouldn’t have covered the cost of one of them let alone both.
  15. Wee Eck

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    The turbo twins weren’t racing in the early days of Sky tv. They only started riding together in 2010

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