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  1. Wee Eck

    End of season average.

    You are well ahead of me on this - I haven’t read the article. But your point is the article says he was offered a team spot at Edinburgh but turned it down because, although he would earn well, he’d end up with a high average at the end of the season? Dear me! As you say, a complete lack of ambition. Second strings sometimes do themselves out of a job because their average doesn’t fit, but that’s surely a rarity for heat leaders?
  2. Wee Eck

    End of season average.

    First of all, I’m not sure there’s a connection between him not going back and worrying about his end of 2019 season average. I suspect that, had Edinburgh wanted him, he’d have gone back, so maybe he’s looking for an excuse. But, I do take your point that it suggests a lack of ambition when a rider in February 2019 is worried about what his average might be in a year’s time. Whatever he ends up as, he should surely be determined to be the best available whether that’s a 5 pointer, a 12 pointer, or anywhere in between. Very few good riders miss out on team places at the beginning of a season
  3. Wee Eck

    End of season average.

    Not sure I follow that. From what I can see, last year, he started at 8.52 and ended at 8, 7.8 if he’s allowed the 2.5% reduction. Maybe it’s because he’s not improving is why he didn’t get a place at Edinburgh? Maybe there are other reasons?
  4. Wee Eck

    Poole 2019

    That’s a huge accusation. It’s a different company so are you sure it’s the same people?
  5. Wee Eck

    Poole 2019

    See below
  6. Wee Eck

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I enjoyed the article on No Limits and am pleased that someone is doing the work of the BSPA in organising proper youth training, rather than just track time. But I was disappointed to read this on Twitter: Maybe if Dean had had a chance of some training, he could have become a decent rider? Or maybe not EDIT: Sorry couldn’t post link
  7. Wee Eck

    Poole 2019

    I think you almost got there, then formed an inconsistent conclusion Many a rider has fallen for the “Poole Speedway pays best” and have looked for excessive deals. Poole have consistently offered a fair rate but said that (a) they’ll get paid on time and (b) they’ll have a chance of picking up additional sponsorship. That’s what the attraction has been, and probably still is. Even though there were no race suits this year, many Poole riders carried sponsorship logos from businesses that also support Poole like County Crest, Wessex Marine, Sunshine Service Centre and Meridian Lifts. If Poole have decided not to pay what they believe are excessive demands, it doesn’t automatically follow that either of your two assumptions - lack of funds or diminishing interest - apply. Indeed, it seems more likely that, by making sure the business remains profitable, there is a greater chance that someone will buy it as a going concern On the specifics, I’m not convinced about Allen. He spent a lot of 2018 moaning and seemed to sparkle in heat 2 then fail to live up to expectations. Starting the season on 5.07 and ending in what should have been an easier league on 4.56 - an average lower than Auty, Newman, Covatti, Summers etc - doesn’t sound like someone worth paying a lot for.
  8. Wee Eck

    drop outs

    That both riders were out regardless of what the AGM decided. At least one of them was telling other people in October that he wouldn’t be in the 2019 team
  9. Wee Eck

    drop outs

    You are rather a rude person, aren’t you? I’m trying to have a serious conversion correcting your misunderstanding of the BV management’s decision making process, particularly that the only “bigger picture” in not re-hiring Cook and Tungate was for the benefit of BV, exactly what they should be doing, and you seem to think that they and they alone have the good of the whole of British Speedway in mind when they make team building decisions. More fool them if that was the case. But, of course, it’s not. As I said before, you should ask them why they did it as you won’t believe me or probably anyone else.
  10. Wee Eck

    drop outs

    The fact that you can’t justify your accusation that I don’t understand how things work says even more. To make it easier, what about Jason Doyle - in Swindon’s retained this - being “released” by Leicester after three full seasons? Let’s face it, Cook and Tungate weren’t released because of any “bigger picture”. The BV management chose, solely for the sake of BV, not to re-sign these two riders. You need to ask the BV management how big their picture was
  11. Wee Eck

    drop outs

    Tell me more. My understanding is that, if you have loaned a rider, you have first call but only if the team holding his registration doesn’t have other plans. But that doesn’t either force you to use them or actively release them. Under these circumstances you are not really releasing them, are you? Do you think Poole “released” Chris Harris, who’s not on their retained list, because of the “bigger picture” or because they didn’t want him?
  12. Wee Eck

    drop outs

    If only that were true.....Tungate and Cook weren’t theirs to release Matt Ford also generously releases riders he doesn’t want
  13. Wee Eck

    Eastbourne 2019

    Why would BSPA have unpaid debts? I thought they were just the administrators, funded by the clubs?
  14. Wee Eck

    Belle Vue 2019

    2 full seasons surely? i thought he rode for Birmingham in 2016? I hope you’re not talking drivel
  15. Wee Eck

    Belle Vue 2019

    There are no wrong answers, only opinions. I make my point, others make theirs. If I don’t agree, surely I’m allowed to argue my case, I’m the same ways others can argue against me. I’d never call someone else’s opinion “drivel”. That’s not only uncalled for, but just rude. Of course, that also is only an opinion

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