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  1. Will you be doing your race card this year 2020...please
  2. hrhbig

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Remember when Poole Town played at the stadium, farcical situation with the corners of the pitch being grass on pallets , that were put in place to make the pitch regulation size
  3. shame that a uk gp could not be arranged ?? BV?
  4. must be hard riding in Poland, to only be on £202 a point
  5. hrhbig

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Gotta stay at home and keep safe at the moment, no mail order places ??
  6. hrhbig

    Poole Pirates 2020

    where would I find a successful new speedway??
  7. Was wondering does anyone know that if the season is delayed , how will it affect the riders, as I understand that they are in the main self employed, and a good few are from overseas, how will they cope with no work/pay.
  8. hrhbig

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Some of the hardest riders I ever saw was when the Russian team came to Poole , versus Great Britain, they started by going on the green light straight through the tapes, , once that was sorted they set about demolishing the fence(not air) and the GB team, can still picture Nigel Boocock in mid air with his bike on the pits corner, they (the Russians) just kept getting up and riding on until I think they ran out of bikes, was sure that they would kill themselves or someone else.
  9. hrhbig

    BSI lose GPs

    sorry Bournemouth sell out , because it has a very small capacity
  10. hrhbig

    Poole 2020

    someone who cant work out a misspelt word
  11. All that seems important is that all teams are equal at the start ,and that the solution is having "the correct averages", seems to me that the more you "dumb" down a product the less chance there is of it being successful
  12. It was Poole's to lose, and boy did they manage that, but a three man team was not what the "top of the league" should have, good luck to Ipswich, I think they will need it.
  13. Is this really Poole v Ipswich, just had to double check
  14. hrhbig

    Warsaw 2019

    Checked it out, definitely a senior moment

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