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  1. Not Rye House, but I remember going to Poole in the late 50's and the fence was made from old air raid shelters, solid steel sheets, and you bought a pair of "gas goggles" as you went in, and ducked like you said when the bikes came round, went home looking like a black and white minstrel character it was not shale in those days. the fence is still there only it is the outside of the dog track now, those were the days.
  2. hrhbig

    Swindon Stadium

    Remember wooden pallets with turf on them, that were put on the Poole speedway track for football matches to make the width, god knows what the corner kicks must of been like
  3. A spectacle it was not, both meetings being quite ordinary, but remember that Poole have in the past suffered the same fate as King Lynn did tonight, so congrats to the Pirates, and condolences to the Stars...maybe next year.
  4. Who are the Speedway Control Board and the BSPA, to sanction this when you could have decided the best option
  5. hrhbig

    Poole 2018

    Just signed for Vetlanda
  6. Who brought up this subject on this thread???
  7. increased employment, best economy in Europe, maybe you could explain the advantages, (euro rates excepted), for remaining in an unelected elitist system, that has become politicised way beyond the original trade organisation.
  8. Best I ever saw for doing things on a bike was Peter Craven, just jaw dropping good.
  9. hrhbig

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Remember 81, what an atmosphere there was at Wembley , electric, however if you needed the toilets, they were Neanthedral. I stayed with my sister and the news later was that the Police could not believe that 90,000 plus people could attend Wembley and no arrests were made.
  10. hrhbig

    Bt Sport Coverage

    According to what I have read BT are not happy at the moment with subscribers leaving, and the company on dodgy ground as they paid too much for Football rights, causing them to struggling a bit financially, so cant honestly see them doing anything about Speedway coverage until the decision is made about the Footy, but equally I could be totally wrong...hope so.
  11. hrhbig

    Poole 2018

    Remember the first time I was booked for an MRI, in the basement of Poole hospital, I was a slightly larger lad in those days, and as the slide moved into the machine my shoulders jammed in the "hole", which led to total panic upon my part as my head was locked in place, but the rest of me was trying to escape. Next one I had (me a bit smaller or larger hole) they gave me headphones to listen to music, hah fat chance, as you say with all the clattering and banging did not hear much, but at least they got a picture this time. But good luck with your results, hope its all OK.
  12. hrhbig

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    Think its now called BBC White City, sort of in the corner of Westway and Wood lane.
  13. hrhbig

    Poole 2018

    I am merely pointing out that you said "Kurtz was the lowest scoring number one in the Premiership barring Rye House", assumed that the discussion was about 2017 averages etc., if so no mention of KL.
  14. hrhbig

    OAP concessions, why?

    If these charges are introduced , I could offer, at very reasonable prices a "smuggle your stuff in service" (four course meals excepted)
  15. hrhbig

    Poole 2018

    Did not realise he rode for King Lynn in 2017 as number one , cant remember him scoring much

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