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  1. If that was his best equipment i'd hate to see his worst !
  2. When is this carnage and waste of time going to stop ? We have riders moving an inch and red lights. Riders making perfect starts and red lights. Isnt it time to stop this rubbish , and go back to red light for tape touching only (apart from 1st bend incidents). If some want to jump let them , the exclusion for touching is on them. Its really grinding my arse now to the point its hardly worth watching.
  3. Why didn't the ref let that go when SN penalised himself ?
  4. Phlipphlopp

    Betting in 2019

    Vue are 21/20 @ -6 on bet365
  5. Phlipphlopp

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Bet365 have this down as an 2030 tapes up. Is this correct ? And if so why !
  6. A rule change i'd make next year for the semis and final. If you lose the toss in the first leg , you get choice of gates for the second leg. Surely that would be sensible ? Oh hang on , speedway doesnt do sensible.
  7. Have you ever seen a ref change his/her mind ? Nope , me neither.
  8. Losing the gate toss did for them early on. As i said earlier. But yes they've pulled it back a bit.
  9. Contentious ,but that gate toss has won Poole the title. 1 and 3 far superior gates early doors.
  10. Are you having a laugh ? Perhaps you should worry about your own blue groove bumpy dustbowl rather than the usually immaculate OTA. Such irony.
  11. Phlipphlopp

    Bob Dugard RIP

    A great loss , speedway guy through and through. Often used to jump on the County Ground tractor back in the day and do 360's with the grader. Most def Mr Eastbourne speedway. Condolences to his family and friends.
  12. Phlipphlopp

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    They should at least rip the starting gates up to make it a fair contest. If ya on gate 4 , you might as well forget it. Thanks for your answer though.
  13. Phlipphlopp

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    Do they grade the track ? The blue groove is there every race.
  14. Phlipphlopp

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    Has a match ever been run without any overtaking after the first bend ? This could be history , stay glued lol !
  15. Phlipphlopp

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    He didnt move before the tapes went up. Visit Specsavers asap

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