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  1. Phlipphlopp

    European Union - In Or Out?

    NI Ireland isnt in the eu. I said this before at the time of the glorious result to leave the Brussels mafia , ergo that to satisfy the GFA they had to leave the borders open regardless. Dodgy stuff has been going across the border for years but you only seem to be be worried about it now. Typical remainer pro eu luvvie claptrap , which we are used to from you.
  2. Phlipphlopp

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Just maybe the lawyer know more than Biden. Not a big ask really , the guy hardly knows what day of the week it is. He's an incoherent train wreck .
  3. Phlipphlopp


    You could win it next year then , if your liver has recovered
  4. St Nigel is the greatest politician in our country. We are lucky to have him. Unlike the crap you have in the nazi republic Just imagine having a crap defence minister like VDL , parachuted to the top of the eu , its laughable
  5. Never thought you were an IRA supporter. Iris is obviously , anyone who supports Celtic is anti UK
  6. Doesnt make any difference. Rule from the Brussels jackboot is over , for good, thankfully. Hope Putins gas is keeping you warm
  7. It would be a first , on any topic
  8. Indeed. Many acted against the national interest by colluding with the eu during the negotiations.Loads of Labour and Lib Dem front benchers (plus a few tories) were in Brussels every other day , asking the eu to take a hostile stance against the UK's decision to leave. Treason really and action should have been taken against them. In other news , i actually agree with my globe trotting mate Air Miles for once
  9. Phlipphlopp

    Energy Bills going mad

    The key is in the word 'van'. Not my personal vehicle. You and that third berk should get married , you seem very compatible
  10. Phlipphlopp

    Energy Bills going mad

    Are you thick as well ? I clearly stated it was a works van. And i dont like it one little bit. https://arrival.com/uk/en/news/ups-invests-in-arrival-and-orders-10000-generation-2-electric-vehicles
  11. Phlipphlopp

    Energy Bills going mad

    You really are a dickhead. At work i drive an Arriva elec van. My personal vehicle is not. Jesus you are either thick or stupid , or just forgetful . Which is it ?
  12. Phlipphlopp

    Energy Bills going mad

    Who exactly is going to buy electric cars when on the average wage ? Just wont/cant happen. More Iris wet dreams. I'll keep my diesel 4x4 thanks.
  13. Phlipphlopp

    Energy Bills going mad

    Just a heads up as you ain't wired up correctly. Renewables does not put fuel in vehicles.
  14. Phlipphlopp

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Maybe your eyesight isnt up to much. But seeing you insisted , the (i) highlighted in red is small case, the lickle dot above it gives it away. The (I) at the beginning hasnt got the dot above it , being higher case. Hope this helps.
  15. Phlipphlopp

    European Union - In Or Out?

    If you want to be a pedantic bellend , might i suggest you start your post with a capital 'S' ?

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