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    Birmingham v Kent 4/8/2021

    That statement saying the crowd is only a third pre covid is a lie ! I have been to all the meetings this season & I'm not blind.
  2. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    He thought he might not get paid so has gone on strike
  3. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Plymouth

    Well i don't know where you live but i am 3 miles from Perry Barr & there was 2 very heavy thunder storms in the afternoon, so saying there was no rain in Brum is not correct.
  4. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Plymouth

    You hit the nail on the head. The Masons just turn up on a Wednesday from there base in Sussex & expect to see the stadium full without any promoting of the meeting apart to the diehards who will still turn up anyway.
  5. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Plymouth

    We can dream
  6. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Plymouth

    BIRMINGHAM Speedway have reluctantly made an early decision to postpone tonight’s Championship meeting with Plymouth.
  7. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Plymouth

    BIRMINGHAM: Chris Harris, Valentin Grobauer, James Shanes, Ashley Morris, Erik Riss, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas. PLYMOUTH: Adam Ellis, Dillon Ruml, Zach Cook, Zane Keleher, Bjarne Pedersen, Alfie Bowtell, Jack Smith.
  8. BIRMINGHAM Speedway have put their season on hold with immediate effect.Club owners Peter and David Mason have revealed ‘things have to change’ with numbers at Perry Barr for the club to become viable.Like other venues, the Brummies are restricted to the amount of fans they can allow in the stadium and as a consequence they are suffering heavy losses.The situation has not been helped by the pay on the door option being temporarily suspended due to Covid regulations.They are holding out hope for an increase in audience numbers after June 21 to enable them to continue with their Wednesday night action – but for the time being the Brummies won’t race again until July 1 at the earliest.Peter Mason said: “The constraints with which we are working in are making it impossible to run as a sustainable business right now.“We are desperately trying to make it work and we are determined to keep this club afloat, a club with such a rich heritage and a focal point of the city, carrying the Birmingham name.“A lot of people fought over many years to bring the sport back to Birmingham and we don’t want to be the ones who oversee its demise. On the contrary, we are determined to make this work and provide a bright future for this wonderful sport and wonderful club with a very loyal fan base.“But right now we are working with our hands tied behind our back. I must thank everyone who has worked with us to get us this far and we don’t want to let all the hard work go to waste.“That said, things have to change for us to continue at Perry Barr throughout the rest of this season.”David Mason added: “A large part of our following is from the older generation, some of which are in their 70s and 80s and do not shop online. Many don’t even have access to a computer and this has badly affected our crowd levels.“We were advertising pay on the gate until this was blocked 24-hours before the meeting and this decision alone cost us valuable revenue and we drove away from the stadium knowing we had lost thousands of pounds.“That quite simply cannot continue and we are taking this decision to protect the long term future of the sport at Perry Barr Stadium.“We would like to thank our fans and we need them more than ever before if and when we can restart from July 1. It’s absolutely vital they stay with us and as summer holidays approach we will be actively looking at encouraging more youngsters to the sport.”
  9. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v scunthorpe 14.07.21

    BIRMINGHAM: Chris Harris, Ashley Morris, James Shanes, Kyle Newman, Richard Lawson, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas. SCUNTHORPE: Adam Ellis, Simon Lambert, Theo Pijper, Tero Aarnio, Thomas Jorgensen, Jordan Palin, Josh MacDonald.
  10. Brummies_Ste

    Redcar V Birmingham

    REDCAR: Charles Wright, James Sarjeant, Jake Allen, Jordan Stewart R/R, Michael Palm Toft, Drew Kemp, Jordan Jenkins. BIRMINGHAM: Chris Harris, Stefan Nielsen, James Shanes, Ashley Morris, Rory Schlein, Paco Castagna, Jack Thomas.
  11. Brummies_Ste

    Redcar V Birmingham

    Rory Schlein and Stefan Nielsen guest in place of injured duo Erik Riss and Valentin Grobauer in Friday’s return to action at Redcar. But some of the Brummies team have not raced for a few weeks so maybe rusty Got my excuses in early
  12. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Would any club run against the England Football team in the euro semi final. I think we all know the answer !
  13. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies v Tigers 9/6

    Well Jenkins is guesting !
  14. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies v Tigers 9/6

    Jordan Jenkins rode for Redcar at Perry Barr last week is the 8 day rule not in operation now ?
  15. BIRMINGHAM are opening up opportunities for fans to purchase tickets for home meetings on a Tuesday night at the stadium.Boss Laurence Rogers will be at the club office in the pits from 5pm – 6.30 over three Tuesdays in June – 1, 8 and 15.Rogers will assist fans who are unfamiliar with online ordering and will have forms to fill in for him to input and complete the process.Tickets must be booked by midnight on a Tuesday before a Wednesday night home meeting and the service is a lifeline to some older fans.Entry will be through the blue gates where the car park is and the old car wash was and fans need to turn left and follow the path round into the pits with the office based at the bottom.Said Rogers: “I know there are fans who will have these problems so we thought we would do what we could to help them.“We are also at the stadium on Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 9am if anyone wants to pop in then otherwise I will be there on Tuesday June 1st, 8th and 15th to get the forms completed.“
  16. Brummies_Ste


    At least 60 minutes will be adverts.
  17. Brummies_Ste

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Jack Parkinson-Blackburn has today announced he has signed a 2021 contract with a team in his words who he has always wanted to ride for. Suspect it will be NL If he has decent machinery BelleVue will have a gem if as i suspect that's his destination
  18. Brummies_Ste

    Polish Speedway on TV

    551 is indeed the correct channel no on Virgin But its not included in the sports package so you have to pay an extra subscription to receive it. Which I wont be doing.
  19. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Posted from Brummies official site THE third instalment of 'Brummies in Your Living Room' will go live on Wednesday night (April 29).Following on from the success of the Edinburgh and Sheffield meeting broadcasts , the next fixture coming your way is the Brummies' Championship clash with Newcastle from June 2019.In association with ReRun Productions, the full meeting will be available online.The link to view the meeting will be posted on the club's Website, Twitter and Facebook pages at 7.30 - and the action from Perry Barr will again be streamed into your living rooms.Brummies Team Manager Laurence Rogers said: "The first two re-runs have proved very popular indeed and I think it's good we're able to keep giving people their Speedway fix."This Wednesday we've got the Newcastle fixture - and again this was a terrific meeting."I think even the neutral supporter will want to feast their eyes on this one as not only was it another intriguing contest but some of the racing that night was first class."Note: Supporters will only be able to view the meeting by clicking on the links directly or by typing the link details precisely into their SmartTV internet browser.
  20. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    BIRMINGHAM supporters will be able to relive another night of high drama this Wednesday (April 22).In association with ReRun Productions, last June's Championship home clash with Sheffield will be available online.The link to view the meeting will be posted on the club's Website, Twitter and Facebook pages at 7.30 - and the action from Perry Barr will again be streamed into your living rooms.Brummies Team Manager Laurence Rogers said: "We had a great response to the first online broadcast last week and with our thanks to ReRun Productions we’re able to bring supporters another this week.“It’s another exciting meeting as well with some great racing, plenty of incidents and drama and it was a real tight tussle.“I’m sure our supporters will feel the same, but I can’t wait to watch more Speedway from Perry Barr on a Wednesday night - even if this one does include a highly embarrassing moment for myself on parade!”Note: Supporters will only be able to view the meeting by clicking on the links directly or by typing the link details precisely into their SmartTV internet browser.
  21. Brummies_Ste

    Poole Pirates 2021

    He was banned because of very late payment of rent to the stadium owners while he was the Birmingham promoter The following season he was the Cradley promoter but was not allowed to enter Perry Barr when Cradley visited or on any other occasion .
  22. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    There are 3 ways to pay for a ST Cash Cheque Bank Transfer
  23. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Jack Thomas signing no 6
  24. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2020


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