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  1. BIRMINGHAM: Adam Ellis, James Shanes, Zach Wajtknecht R/R, Ashley Morris, Tero Aarnio, Paco Castagna, Nathan Stoneman. SHEFFIELD: Danny King, Drew Kemp, Ty Proctor, Broc Nicol, Kyle Howarth, Zaine Kennedy, Josh MacDonald.
  2. The track shape has not changed & yes you can park at the One Stop with no charge
  3. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham v Berwick 8/5/19

    IT'S OFF
  4. Brummies_Ste

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    BIRMINGHAM: Ulrich Ostergaard, Tobias Thomsen, Zach Wajtknecht, Ashley Morris, Kyle Newman, Paco Castagna, James Shanes.EASTBOURNE: Edward Kennett, Ben Morley, Alfie Bowtell, Lewis Kerr, Richard Lawson, Georgie Wood, Tom Brennan.
  5. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    James Shanes now a Birmingham asset signed from Poole
  6. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    BIRMINGHAM have appointed Terry Chrabaszcz as their new track curator for the 2019 season.He takes over from the outgoing duo of John Priest and Arthur Browning who will both be enjoying retirement.Chrabaszcz already has experience of working on the Perry Barr circuit having been a member of the track team during the Brummies’ previous senior league racing days.Co-owner David Mason said: “First and foremost we would like to wish John and Arthur all the best for the future.“They’ve spent many, many hours over the past few years ensuring Birmingham have had a quality racing surface on racenights; they’ve done a great job and we hope they come and visit us at points throughout the season.“Once we knew they wouldn’t be with us for the 2019 season we wanted to get someone with equal amounts of, if not more, experience than them.“Terry ticks all the boxes; he’s worked on the Perry Barr track before, he’s local which is a big bonus, and he’s got so much knowledge and expertise when it comes to track preparation.“He’s worked on numerous tracks up and down the country over the years and the way he turned Stoke around last season was unbelievable from what I’m told.“Obviously we’re moving up into the Championship this year and this calibre of rider prefer a totally different surface to the National League boys.“So we’re going to be putting some more shale down before the start of the new season and there’ll be plenty more dirt out there if the boys want it.“With the team of battlers and entertainers we’ve got plus the fact we’re going to have a new approach to track preparation, I really do believe we’re in for some breathtaking racing and some fantastic meetings this year.”
  7. Brummies_Ste

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    This what Jack tweeted on Nov 30th Really enjoyed my 2 years with the Bellevue Colts! It’s gunna be hard to not be involved with Bellevue next season, me and the club are on good terms, just the new rules with the NL has lot me my job, all the best to them next season!
  8. Brummies_Ste

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Its nothing new been going on for a long time btw Argos is female
  9. Brummies_Ste

    2019 NL Season

    Jack Smith the 1st victim of the low 36 point NL Belle Vue Colts cant include him so Jack looking for new team 2019
  10. Brummies_Ste

    Wolves 2018

    Meeting Off Rain
  11. STOKE: Tom Perry, Adam Extance, Connor Coles, David Wallinger R/R, Max Clegg (Captain), Arran Butcher, Paul BurnettBIRMINGHAM: Tom Bacon (Captain), Callum Walker RR Jon Armstrong, Leon Flint, Danny Ayres, David Holt, Josh Embleton
  12. FIRST NAMES CONFIRMED for our ‘Rivalries Renewed’ three-team tournament season finale: - James Shanes (Brummies) - Leon Flint (Brummies) - Max Clegg (Wolves Select) - Tom Perry (Wolves Select) - Drew Kemp (Heathens Select)
  13. Brummies_Ste

    Mildenhall v Birmingham

    Leon is ruled out after his crash last night so its nowR-R for Leon & Ethan Spiller takes the no 2 position in place of R-R for Callum1) Georgie Wood (G)2) Ethan Spiller3) Max Clegg (G)4) Leon Flint R-R5) James Shanes6) Sheldon Davies7) Nick Laurence (G)8) Connor King
  14. Brummies_Ste


    1 NATHAN STONEMAN (Kent)2 BEN WILSON (Buxton)3 DREW KEMP (Mildenhall)4 CONNOR MOUNTAIN (Coventry) 5 ALFIE BOWTELL (Isle of Wight)6 RYAN KINSLEY (Mildenhall)7 TOM PERRY (Belle Vue)8 JACK THOMAS (Kent) 9 LEON FLINT (Birmingham)10 KYLE BICKLEY (Belle Vue)11 MAX CLEGG (Stoke)12 BEN MORLEY (Isle of Wight) 13 HENRY ATKINS (Plymouth)14 MARK BASEBY (Eastbourne)15 GEORGIE WOOD (Eastbourne)16 JON ARMSTRONG (Coventry)
  15. Brummies_Ste


    James Shanes is in Germany that day for the world long track final so its only Leon Flint for Brum
  16. BUXTON: Ben Wilson, Lewis Whitmore, Connor Coles, Tom Woolley, James Cockle R/R, Kieran Douglas, Corban Pavitt.BIRMINGHAM: Georgie Wood, Callum Walker R/R, Joe Lawlor, Leon Flint, Max Clegg, Sheldon Davies, Josh Embleton, Tom Spencer No.8. COVENTRY: Max Clegg, Jamie Halder, Luke Ruddick, Danny Phillips, Jon Armstrong, Luke Harris, Ryan MacDonald. Buxton not given admission prices on there site previews So hope Jayne comes on here & gives the details.
  17. MILDENHALL: Danny Ayres, Josh Bailey R/R, Ryan Kinsley, Jordan Jenkins, Drew Kemp, Matt Marson, Sam Bebee.BIRMINGHAM: Tom Bacon, Callum Walker R/R, Jon Armstrong, Leon Flint, Ben Morley, Josh Embleton, Nick Laurence.
  18. Brummies_Ste

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    3 current no1's in the Heathens team CRADLEY: Alfie Bowtell, Jason Edwards, Kyle Bickley, Jack Smith, Ellis Perks, Richard Andrews, Taylor Hampshire.MILDENHALL: Max Clegg, Josh Bailey R/R, Ryan Kinsley, Jordan Jenkins, Drew Kemp, Matt Marson, Sam Bebee.
  19. PLYMOUTH: Ellis Perks, Ryan Terry-Daley, Henry Atkins, Richard Andrews, Tim Webster R/R, Adam Sheppard, Kelsey Dugard.BIRMINGHAM: Tom Bacon, Ethan Spiller, James Shanes R/R, Leon Flint, Tom Brennan, Saul Bulley, Josh Embleton.
  20. Brummies_Ste

    Coventry v Birmingham & Stoke 9-9-18

    FOLLOWING an SCB decision on the Birmingham team for today's meeting (1pm), the teams will now line up:COVENTRY: Connor Mountain, Jamie Halder, Danny Phillips R/R, Luke Ruddick, Jon Armstrong, Ryan MacDonald, Luke Harris.BIRMINGHAM: Danny Ayres, Callum Walker R/R, Jordan Jenkins, Leon Flint, Ben Morley, Josh Embleton, Sheldon Davies, Tom Spencer (no.8).The meeting starts at 1pm and is followed by Coventry v Stoke.

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