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  1. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    Mate. You're doing yourself no favours with that sort of attitude. There's not a single Sheffield fan on this forum that doesn't want this club to succeed. There's a lot of us who have been fans for life and supported through thick and thin. I've followed this club since I was 8 and I bloody love Sheffield speedway. And I'm more than sure everyone can appreciate what's being done behind the scenes. Marketing wise, the Bates' have brought the club to another level. The club is run incredibly well and the whole experience is world's apart from what other clubs offer. But the product isn't good, the racing hasn't been there great for a while now and with the move to Sundays, it's only seemed to have gotten worse. I'm not gonna even pretend I understand anything about what you guys do, I'm not gonna pretend like I know what the answer is and I'm sure 99% of the people on this forum don't understand a lick about track prep. All I know is the racing is rubbish and that's what I personally show up for- racing and to support Sheffield. We're all fans here and we only want what's best for the club. But we are the paying public as well, and ultimately if the product isn't good enough, then people aren't going to pay their money to go. End of.
  2. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    I'm sorry but the meeting was dreadful. Ignoring the result it really was a completely dull meeting with little to no passing.
  3. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    He rides Poland.
  4. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    It's a question of who? I think Kemp and Kennedy aside, they've not done what's been expected. Kasper in particular has been incredibly disappointing and we're in a position where Drew in a position where he shouldn't be and that's not fair on him. I'd say absolutely, Andersen needs to go, but I really can't think of anyone to replace him with. You can pretty much rule out anyone in the prem as with the conversion now we can't really fit anyone in.
  5. spin king junior

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Newman and thomsen out, Ellis and Parkinson-blackburn in?
  6. spin king junior

    Sheffield's Track Woes

    Glad to see someone come on here to clear the air. Does help the fans to give an understanding of what you're dealing with and hopefully with the right time and equipment behind you we can see owlerton back to what it once was
  7. spin king junior


    Definitely not. There's nothing more irritating then a commentator who doesn't know when to shut his gob.
  8. spin king junior

    Redcar Vs Sheffield CS 5th April 2019

    I can only see a Redcar win here. Started the season well and think they'll be difficult to beat round their place.
  9. spin king junior

    Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe CS 31/03/2019

    We've discussed this before amongst our group. We presume it's to allow people to make most of the facilities and may be a requirement with the stadium.
  10. spin king junior

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Belle Vue have colour sponsors. Seems to be just Peterborough and Ipswich so far...
  11. spin king junior

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    God help you if you end up with Newman or Morris at 1. I can see Birmingham being one of the teams making a change pretty early on.
  12. spin king junior

    NL Fantasy Team (for fun!)

    Time to go one better! 1. Hume 8.10 2. Brennan 8.41 3. Ledwith 3.50 4. Jenkins 7.04 5. Woodhull 4.86 6 d Thompson 2 7 Palin 2
  13. spin king junior

    Somerset 2019

    Got around 5.23 to play with so neither would fit.
  14. spin king junior

    Somerset 2019

    Josh McDonald? Simon Lambert?
  15. spin king junior

    Workington 2019

    I'd still argue in the case of losing your job I still don't see it as remotely the same. Yeah, riders might pick up places later in the season, but it's not a guarantee and life doesn't stop for these riders. Who are we to know these riders don't rely on these jobs? They live in the here and now, and for the likes of McDonald, Lambert and Campton you have to feel awful for. In Campton case, he's in the absolute worst position because it's looking at 2 years out with how the visas work. Again, I do feel sympathy and you know I'd be heartbroken if Sheffield closed. I am 100% sympathetic to their case, but you'll never convince me that the riders haven't been hit hardest by this.

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