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  1. spin king junior

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    If you consider Garrity a good signing then you're utterly delusional. Absolute unprofessional.
  2. spin king junior

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Christ alive. Y'all haven't half made a mountain out of a molehill. If you're going to walk into the path of a bike, then expect to get hit... And a headbutt? Where?
  3. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    Could've dropped Nicol and MacDonald and brought in Kurtz and Smith.
  4. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    One club is up for sale, the other isn't. I think there's an obvious answer to that question.
  5. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    Don't think proctor will be without a club for long at all. Obviously dropped to replace Bates at Leicester.
  6. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2019

    Double change Nicol and proctor out, sedgemen and Kurtz in https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/other-sport/sheffield-tigers-make-double-signing-in-final-bid-for-play-offs-487391
  7. spin king junior

    Too much pressure

    Can't win. Riders and fans alike have been begging to give the youngsters a chance but when given the chance they've ultimately failed to take the pressure of proper league racing. At the end of the day we as fans don't understand the full extent of what's happening behind closed doors and we'll probably never know. But I think on this one you can't blame the bspa.
  8. spin king junior

    Somerset 2019

    No one forced them to build the way they did.
  9. spin king junior

    Berwick v Somerset, Saturday 20 July 7pm

    Surely Somerset fans must be tired of Rory lack of effort? Just purely unprofessional, but no doubt Gary May will defend him once again.
  10. spin king junior

    Sheffield v Eastbourne

    I was under the impression they were massively over the limit? Perhaps there'll be more movement if the averages drop.
  11. spin king junior

    Sheffield v Eastbourne

    Or maybe it's a little bit apprehensive to judge someone on one incident and call them out for "insufficient experience" lads a talent. And perhaps if you'd seen him in more than one meeting, you'd see that. For a 16 year old kid he's pulled off some cracking moves round owlerton this season. If there's one problem with Kemp it's a lack of confidence as he was a completely different rider from the start of the season. But he's looking to come back to form now and pick up from where he started.
  12. spin king junior

    Sheffield v Eastbourne

    What was up with his performance yesterday? Scored 5, got a race win and worked his arse off to pass bowtell for 3rd.
  13. spin king junior

    Championship fours

    I was stood on the backstraight And didnt notice any issues with the audio. In fact, I stood in about 3 different place as I intially couldn't get a good view of the track because of the crowd, and still can't say I noticed any bother. The programme issue was unfortunate, but it happened and they responded quick with the print out. Whilst it's not perfect, it's at least something rather than nothing. I'll agree, the initial presentation was a bit much. But other than that, I can't really fault it. It was absolutely fine and they steamed through with the meeting after that.
  14. spin king junior

    Championship fours

    The semi was a bit naff, but they final wow! Some excellent racing. Credit to the track staff and those running the event as it ran about as smooth as possible. No hanging about too much at all, just cracked straight on with it. From a Sheffield standpoint I was very proud with our lot. Can't fault anyone as they were all busting an absolute gut all day long.
  15. spin king junior

    Championship fours

    2 guests, Where's castagna?

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