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  1. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    I rate Sedgmen above Morris, but I don't rate Wright above Morris. I could understand signing Wright if it was to accommodate a rider like Berge, someone who's going to make a massive difference in the team. But its not achieving anything like that, it seems to be just on a hope that Wright will rollback the years to what he once was. And I just can't see it happening, I bloody hope I'm proved wrong and he turns out to be a big scoop for the season for us but I do feel like Morris has been incredibly hard done by our promotion.
  2. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Another strange signing for me and doesn't come up with a reason why we've dropped Ash Morris really. Suppose we'll never know the true reason behind the last two signings, but I think its really let down what could've been an amazing side. Firmly put Belle Vue in the driving seat for the title this year imo.
  3. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    I'd imagine he'll be coming in on a 3. Just don't get the signing at all, doesn't give us much more to play with if we'd signed Morris instead and our best option is probably still Ricky Wells.
  4. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    James Wright it is then. What a bizzare signing...
  5. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Wells and Ash Morris would fit
  6. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    So Buster owns 2 clubs and out of the interest of the sport he'd purposely strengthen another team just to keep them happy? Like... I can understand people being miffed but Jesus
  7. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    And rightfully so. But there's 5 other clubs in the premiership who did vote on the matter and a majority must have agreed to at least let Josh be apart of that list.
  8. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Oi Less of the old, spinny is dead self conscious about his age. I suppose main point im trying to make is a lotta people on here are making out as if its a Sheffield decision when its a collective effort between everyone who runs the sport. And I could be completely wrong but imo I reckon if this was your team or club you probably wouldn't be crying about it just as much. But thats just my 2 cents on the matter.
  9. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Honestly, don't even pretend you'd have the same reaction if this was to benefit Ipswich. Do I think Josh Bates should be a rising star? Probably not, but thats not my decision nor is it yours. Its down to the promoters and for whatever reason they've decided Bates should be apart of that list. So if you've got a gripe with the list or the requirement to be a "rising star" don't just bury your head in the sand and pretend its a Sheffield problem. Your promoter had some say in the list as did every other promoter in the league.
  10. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Im glad the Sheffield promotion were the only ones deciding who the rising stars were. Would've been a shame if those other pesky promoters would've gotten in the way. Also great to see its not just the Sheffield fans that are absolutely thrilled to bits to see Josh sign on as our rising star
  11. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Obvious signing as soon as the rising stars were announced. Long as Bates can stay injury free he'll be one of the best at 7. Be interesting to see how the rest of the team shapes up.
  12. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    Bad photoshop job here. Someone just trying to stir the pot.
  13. spin king junior

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Two massive signings for Plymouth. But what average will Bjarne and Crump be on? Can't leave them an awful lot to work with
  14. spin king junior

    Sheffield 2020

    So it seems the general consensus on here is Josh Bates should 100% be on the rising star list? Glad we all agree then
  15. spin king junior

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Which again, you'll con the very few hard-core fans left to buy in at those prices because we do care. But its going to be tough to convince any casual to buy in for that sort of money.

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